OCD? Panic Disorder? GAD? Agoraphobia? – WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

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OCD? Panic Disorder? GAD? Agoraphobia? – WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

NO MATTER what a ‘specialist’might tell you, there is only ONE anxiety condition!

OCD, GAD, PTSD, Panic Disorder etc. DON’T EXIST!

Sure, you get the symptoms that tell you that you are panicky, obsessive etc. but as stand alone disorders, those conditions just aren’t real and anyone who states otherwise is talking nonsense. Let me explain why.

What causes a cold? A virus, yes?

When you have a cold, do you say “I have nasal disorder, runny eye syndrome, coughing disorder or sore throat disease” when you go to the pharmacy? No, you say “I’ve got a cold!” You don’t pick out features of your cold as separate disorders, do you?

So, why do you do it with high anxiety?

Having high anxiety is like being ‘over happy’ or ‘over jealous’… it’s an emotion, like any other, the only difference being that it manifests as a range of more unpleasant sensations and thoughts because it activates the ‘fear response’.

BUT is it an illness?

What do you think?

Of course it isn’t! It’s an emotion that is used in self preservation.

The emotion of fear is adaptable – it has to be because wemove from positions of safety to danger throughout our lives, sometimes in minutes and it is vital for our safety that we are prepared for actions should a danger rear its head. In a high anxiety conditions, you are simply primed for ‘action’ all the time because your anxiety control center ‘THINKS’ it is in danger.

But why?

BECAUSE – your brain registers your anxiety symptoms as THREAT and responds with anxiety… this anxiety produces sensations, the sensations are detected as threat and so on… you are STUCK in an anxiety ‘feedback loop’… nothing more!

You have high anxiety and as sickening as it might be to admit it, THIS and only THIS, causes all that heartache, sadness, frustration and also the range of symptoms you experience.

To CURE an anxiety issue… we stop that feedback loop… it’s that simple!

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