Globus Hystericus – That annoying lump in the throat

What it is and how to overcome it fast!

globus hystericus lump in throatDo you have a lump in your throat?

Globus Hystericus is probably the most troubling of all symptoms of an anxiety condition.

Most anxiety sufferers who experience Globus Hystericus, often also called Globus Pharyngis,  believe, wrongly, that it is the sign of something entirely more sinister or threatening.

Globus Hystericus manifests and is described mostly as:

  • an inability to swallow effectively
  • a feeling like a lump in the throat
  • a sensation of tightness in the throat
  •  a feeling of ‘blockage’ in the throat
  • a feeling of swelling or tension in the throat
  • a feeling of being ‘strangled’
  • a sensation of soreness or tension at the back of the tongue

Globus hystericus is a natural and expected experience during high anxiety and its activation is a natural autonomic response to threat. Indeed, globus hystericus is precisely what its name translates as… ‘hysterical ball’.

Everyone is probably familiar with experiencing this whilst emotional… often people experience it when overly happy or sad for example but it also manifests when anxious or distressed.

Its activation formed part of what we call the ‘dive reflex’, a remnant of our amphibious ancestry, that activated when diving into water in order to prevent the inhalation of water into the lungs.

During an anxiety disorder, some people experience Globus hystericus, mostly as  a feeling of a lump in the throat, for extended periods of time, sometimes even months or years in extreme cases.

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The only cure for globus hystericus is anxiety recovery.

Whilst many treatment options such as cognitive therapy and medication are commonly used, they are not at all curative and in some cases their use can mask or exacerbate anxiety.

Globus hystericus will deactivate when anxiety levels move back down to become ‘fear’. Fear is an emotion, anxiety is the inappropriate manifestation of that emotion. Anxiety is never acceptable.

Therefore, fear is a normal and expected human experience which activates at varying levels in response to varying levels of threat.

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Anxiety is a disorder and can be deactivated or ‘cured’.

Despite most sufferers having experienced treatments, sometimes over years, that have not provided a curative outcome, this does not mean that a cure does not exist. Globus hystericus, like all anxiety disorders, can be cured but the sufferer must understand and carry out some very specific ‘actions’, which are very simple indeed, in order to activate anxiety (and Globus Hystericus) recovery.

For over 17 years we have been curing Globus Hystericus and anxiety disorders with incredible success… our success rate at curing clients who do the Method is 100%… but how?

What we do is called LAR Therapy and it is the only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

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What we do is actually very simple… we show clients how to send signals to the brain, through the senses (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin), that make the brain realise that the level of fear they are experiencing is WRONG… in doing so, the brain switches off anxiety and returns itself to normal fear responses.

It is the most natural, simple and wonderfully satisfying process… rather like eating to satisfy hunger.

This is why LAR (Our therapy) and The Linden Method have become the world’s ONLY accredited, dedicated anxiety recovery therapy.

I know we can help you… but how?

health anxietyIn 1997 I devised a process that cured my own anxiety and globus hystericus completely… it stopped my inappropriate thoughts and every bit of panic, agoraphobia, health anxiety, depersonalisation, derealisation and every symptom I tolerated for over 27 years.

My globus hystericus just STOPPED. I didn’t need to address it separately… it simply left me.

Since that time, I have helped millions of people with globus hystericus to create the same recoveries… over 180,000 people through my home learning programs alone.

Now, that same process is an accredited therapy called LAR and TLM is the programme that delivers it. The programme that will remove your globus hystericus FULLY.

The programme has a 100% success rate at reducing anxiety levels from severe to normal in university led trials and it is used in practice and recommended by doctors world-over.

By implementing a very simple structure and by applying some very simple rules, which require no real effort, are invisible to all others and which remove anxiety at its source, you will recover very quickly indeed.

HOW will we cure your Globus Hystericus?

By, literally, switching off the mechanism that causes the thoughts to be generated and by correcting anxiety levels ‘systemically’ in the autonomic nervous system.

In plain English… you will learn how deactivate the neurology that causes your obsessions and all inappropriate fears and phobias.

Will it work?

It can’t fail… this is just like eating to satisfy hunger… a preset process controls these thoughts… what we show you deactivates them.

This will remove your globus hystericus… This will prevent you from suffering ever again.

I was asked yesterday at our Retreat – “How does this work? If psychology, counselling and medication can’t cure me… how does your programme create 100% recovery?”

Because we KNOW what causes anxiety, we KNOW what causes obsessions, we KNOW how to deactivate inappropriate fear and we are truly excellent at it as you will see from the testimonials across all our pages!

We are here for you.

Our team are BACP member mental healthcare practitioners trained to deliver anxiety recovery working within strict guidelines. They will NEVER write down notes, divulge information or judge you… again, because they were you once and also because they are strictly regulated by accredited governing bodies and have thousands of hours experience helping people just like you… over 260,000 in fact… to recover.

No one will know you are following our programme… they will just see you recover.

Is it easy?

Well, put it this way… this same process is used by children under 10 to overcome their anxiety disorders so, yes, it couldn’t be easier. The treatment and recovery is the same in every case.

Believe me, you are NOT alone.

We have helped thousands of globus hystericus sufferers to find total and long-term peace from their conditions. This is so scientific, so simple, so accessible… you will soon see why this process is taught to practitioners as the new treatment for anxiety disorders and depression… you’ll feel it working and you’ll probably want to help others when you have recovered.

There are millions of people on the streets of the world experiencing globus hystericus but none of their doctors, psychologists or other practitioners have been able to explain where it comes from or what to do about it; why, because they have absolutely no idea! That’s where our experience takes over.

So many people go to their doctor with a feeling of restriction, a lump in their throat or tightness when they swallow and often the doctor either sends them away with medication or sends them to a specialist… this can go on for years… in my case, decades.

So how can I help you?

In The Linden Method, I will show you exactly what to do to erase globus hystericus

I will explain exactly what causes it and how to switch it off in minutes

The Linden Method program is accessible in the next 5 minutes

It includes unlimited recovery guidance by phone and email

It works or your money back

Simple, specific guidance on how to remove globus hystericus

In The Linden Method, you will get specific guidance about overcoming globus hystericus and every other thought and symptom you experience. This simple to understand resource will provide you with the information you need in order to understand your anxiety’s true nature and to remove it fully, quickly and simply.

We are not some ‘fly by night’ ebook sales online con… we are an accredited learning centre containing accredited mental health professionals (with a difference) – we focus on true and full recovery.

NO CBT. NO hypnotherapy. NO mumbo-jumbo. NO medication. NO endless talking or analysing.

Just plain and simple scientific tactics to put in place today in order to finally end the nonsense you tolerate each day.

I was you once and now I live a full and fulfilling anxiety, obsession and panic free life, just like all my recovered clients. Tens of thousands of them.

I assure you that if you follow my guidance, over the next days, not only will it all make complete sense, but your globus hystericus and every thought, symptom and sensation will evaporate… because that’s just the way the brain and body work!

Do The Linden Method or call one of our Specialists to find out more… don’t worry, you don’t have to talk about your thoughts or symptoms if you don’t want to… just explain that you want to address your anxiety disorder and they’ll lead you to recovery.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world access to materials and support is the same and our clients are equally and evenly spread around the world!



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