On-site Recovery Courses

imagesWe have a group of pre-designed courses for on-site delivery in your organisation covering:

  • Stress recognition
  • Anxiety disorder recognition
  • Stress recovery courses
  • Anxiety disorder recovery courses
  • One-to-one Coaching
  • First Aid – When an employee needs direct, fast help

*First Aid – This option is often used when a key employee develops an anxiety disorder whicj requires fast, high level intervention to avoid losses. Often accessed by sports-people, actors, musicians, executives etc.

Anxiety disorders addressed are:

  • generalised anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Agoraphobia
  • OCD & Pure O
  • PTSD
  • Health anxiety
  • Anxiety related phobias
  • Obsessional behaniours
  • Eating disorders

Formats available:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Digital delivery (intranet or our own portal)
  • Home learning packs
  • White-labelled versions of the options above
  • Telephone and email support for the above options

Access can be provided through a number of fees structures

  • Per-capita yearly contracts
  • Individual client/employee
  • Event
  • Corporate contract

Expected Outcomes

  • Fulfil corporate duty of care
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increase employee morale
  • Reduce sickness leave
  • Minimise the risk of absenteeism related litigation
  • Minimise wider effect of absenteeism on your workforce
  • Financial savings associated with teh above
  • Happier workforce and work environment


For more information about the above products and service, please contact Jules Farrington-Griffiths on +44 (0)1562 742004 or HERE