PTSD – Improved access to curative treatments

PTSD – Improved access to curative treatments

PTSD Care in the UK must be improved… our services prove that improved care

ptsdThis recent BBC item about Lance Corporal Johnson Behaddy highlights a problem which stretches across healthcare mental healthcare provisions in the UK for veterans, active military personnel and civilians alike.

We see this clearly every day and sadly, with increasing regularity. The stories of the majority of our UK clients are similar. They are often pushed from pillar to post with little reassurance, structured care, support or advice. Most are prescribed inappropriate medication and few receive referrals to experienced advisors.

The military is clearly no exception to what is becoming more prevalent in the civilian world. Forces personnel are returning from war zones and immediately, or over time, developing anxiety disorders, most commonly PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD can be difficult to diagnose, our clients complain of flashbacks, nightmares and night frights, panic attacks, generalised high anxiety and depressed thoughts. Most are worn out from dealing with their symptoms and thoughts and feel depleted, desperate and alone.

What do we offer?

Our qualified staff has perhaps treated more anxious people than any other organisation in the world, having helped 160,000 people worldwide to recover. There is nothing my team hasn’t heard.

We help people of all ages and receive many referrals from the NHS, private practice, psychologists and PCTs. Service people from the police force, prison service, fire service, navy, army and air force have used our programme to rid themselves of a wide range of anxiety related conditions with amazing results.

PTSD is no exception. The disorder responds well to our programme structure and the support from our psychologists, counsellors and life coaches provides those clients who require it, with constant, seamless, accessible support when they need it. Reliance on weekly sessions provided through other means, coupled with medicinal treatments are often ineffectual, long winded and untargeted.

Talking therapies can be useful, but in anxiety disorders, what sufferers need is structure, qualified, experienced support and reassurance and a life strategy which creates an environment for recovery.

Our staff and programmes provide just that.

PTSD and other anxiety disorders are pointless conditions; they are behavioural conditions which can be quickly eradicated given the correct treatment. PTSD is caused by an elevated level of anxiety following a trauma… it’s simply the emotion of fear being perpetuated at a high level; but it can be switched OFF

Our service people should be given absolute priority before they even leave the war zone.

Their mental and long term health is paramount and when they have risked their lives for the security of our nation, I for one will be there for them on their return and before if they need it. We should be ashamed as a nation, of the way Lance Corporal Beharry has been treated when you witness the wastes of money perpetrated by the government and its agencies which are so evident when you watch the news.

PTSD can be eradicated completely as can all anxiety conditions. That’s a war we fight daily… and win

Whether you are military or civilian is irrelevant, we can provide you with a fast recovery… all we ask is that yiou follow our lead, comply and give us a testimonial, if you like, when you are cured.

Give us the opportunity to show you how you can quickly erase your anxiety and become the person you know you can be.”

IMMEDIATE REASSURANCE – As you do this programme you can email or phone our qualified staff as often as you like and get immediate reassurance from ex sufferers who have helped tens of thousands of peoplewith PTSD to recover – there isn’t any anxious symptom or thought they haven’t experienced, so you can be totally sure that you are going to feel a lot better fast!

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