Religion OCD – Scrupulosity

depression and anxietyIf you have reached this page because you or someone you know is experience Scrupulosity also called ROCD / Religion OCD, please read this page very carefully indeed.

My name is Charles Linden… first some reassurance… over the last 19 years, myself and my team at the centre have helped many tens of thousands of people (from 5 years to 92 years) who suffer with scrupulosity or religious OCD to find total and permanent recovery.

I also had thoughts about:

  1. Harming myself
  2. Harming others
  3. Disgusting sexual acts
  4. Doing things to children – POCD information
  5. Being gay – HOCD information
  6. Religion and god – ROCD information
  7. Relationships – ROCD2 information
  8. Existence itself
  9. and others

Pure O can take on many forms, the most common are:

  • HOCD – Constantly questioning your sexuality against your natural inclination
  • POCD – Having sexually inappropriate thoughts about children
  • ROCD – Questioning faith or the existance or non-existance of a deity
  • ROCD2 – Constant focus on a relationship or loss of it
  • There are others but they are less common.

Some more reassuranceReligious OCD isn’t about relationships… it’s about obsession… anxiety based obsession; the inappropriate thoughts created by the mind during the fear response.

ROCD isn’t at all what you might believe or perceive it to be…

Let me be very clear about this… Religious OCD isn’t about:

  • Your faith or belief in a deity
  • Spirituality or beliefs
  • Guilt or shame
  • Whether you are moral or immoral
  • Demonic attacks or damnation
  • Committing blasphemy or offending god
  • Sexual thoughts
  • Obsessive thoughts about god, the devil, 666 etc
  • …or any other religion based thoughts/obsessions

In 19 years and over 180,000 ex clients we have been able to gather a massive quantity of data around the subject of religion OCD and having suffered myself, I can tell you without doubt that it has nothing at all to do with god, religion or faith but it has absolutely everything to do with your underlying high anxiety state. Religion OCD, like all thoughts created by fear and in anxiety disorders, by anxiety, is the manifestation of ‘what if’ thoughts but these thoughts and the anxiety that drives them is neither necessary nor appropriate.

We know, from experience, how disturbing obsessive, intrusive and disturbing these thoughts can be… how?

Because each and every person who works at our centers has experienced them.

All of us were once anxiety disorder sufferers who would experience all of the thoughts, sensations and symptoms high anxiety conditions created in them.

Whether you suffer from POCD, ROCD, HOCD, OCD, panic, anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, health anxiety… indeed any of the conditions associated with anxiety, stress and depression, we have first hand experience of both suffering from them and helping thousands to recover.

Religion OCD is NOT a separate condition, it, like all anxiety conditions, is a manifestation of the fear response and the only difference between ROCD, HOCD, OCD, POCD, Agoraphobia or, indeed any phobia, is the ‘subject matter’… in other words, it’s all about the obsession, NOT what you obsess about.

You’re not anxious about religious ‘stuff’… you are just anxious FULL STOP… in your case, it happens to be focused on religion.

ROCD is NOT a mental illness… in fact, in scientific or biological terms it is quite the opposite… it actually means that your mind is TOO efficient, too capable… but that’s a good thing and you’ll soon discover why… and also why this fact is not only the cause of your anxiety and scrupulosity but also the CURE.

  • I personally know how it is to wake every day fighting intrusive, inappropriate thoughts.
  • I know how it feels to have these thoughts banging away inside your head whilst dealing with life circumstances and family issues.
  • I know how it feels to be ashamed of your own thoughts and embarrassed or even frightened to talk to anyone about them.
  • I know how anxious, panicky, confused, frustrated and isolated you might be feeling.

I know all this because I was the same once!!

health anxietyIn 1997 I devised a process that cured my obsessive compulsive disorder, my inappropriate thoughts and every bit of anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, health anxiety, depersonalisation, derealisation and every symptom I tolerated for over 27 years. My obsessive focuses just STOPPED. I didn’t need to address them separately or discuss, analyze or dissect them… they simply left me. Since that time, I have helped millions of people with anxiety disorders to create the same recoveries… over 180,000 people through my home learning programs alone.

Now, that same process is an accredited therapy called LAR and TLM is the programme that delivers it. The programme that will remove your Religion OCD / scrupulosity and anxiety FULLY.

The programme has a 100% success rate at reducing anxiety levels from severe to normal in university led trials and it is used in practice and recommended by doctors world-over.

By implementing a very simple structure and by applying some very simple rules, which require no real effort, are invisible to all others and which remove ROCD and anxiety at its source, you will recover very quickly indeed.


By, literally, switching off the mechanism that causes the thoughts to be generated and by correcting anxiety levels ‘systemically’ in the autonomic nervous system.

In plain English… you will learn how deactivate the neurology that causes your obsessions and all inappropriate fears and phobias.

Will it work?

It can’t fail… this is just like eating to satisfy hunger… a preset process controls these thoughts… what we show you deactivates them.

This will remove your Religion OCD… this will remove your anxiety disorder… This will prevent you from suffering ever again.

I was asked yesterday at our Retreat – “How does this work? If psychology, counselling and medication can’t cure me… how does your programme create 100% recovery?”

Because we KNOW what causes anxiety, we KNOW what causes obsessions, we KNOW how to deactivate inappropriate fear and we are excellent

We are here for you.

Our team are BACP member and LAR accredited mental healthcare practitioners trained to deliver anxiety recovery working within strict guidelines. They will NEVER write down notes, divulge information or judge you… again, because they were you once and also because they are strictly regulated by accredited governing bodies and have thousands of hours experience helping people just like you… over 180,000 in fact… to recover.

No one will know you are following our programme… they will just see you recover.

Is it easy?

Well, put it this way… this same process is used by children under 10 to overcome their obsessive thoughts and anxiety disorders so, yes, it couldn’t be easier. The treatment and recovery is the same in every case.

believe me, you are NOT alone.

We have helped thousands of heterosexual people who think they might be gay, gay people who are frightened by heterosexual thoughts, religious people frightened that they will lose their faith and atheists who are frightened they might be struck down by a bolt of lightning for not believing…  and the list goes on. This is so scientific, so simple, so accessible… you will soon see why this process is taught to practitioners as the new treatment for anxiety disorders and depression… you’ll feel it working.

There are millions of people on the streets of the world thinking exactly the same thoughts as you but none of their doctors, psychologists or other practitioners have been able to explain where these thoughts come from or what to do about them, why, because they have absolutely no idea! That’s where our experience takes over.

So how can I help you?

In The Linden Method, I will show you exactly what to do to erase your condition

I will explain exactly what causes your thoughts and fears and how to stop them fast

The Linden Method program is accessible in the next 5 minutes

It includes unlimited recovery guidance by phone and email

It works or your money back

ocdgraph3Simple, specific guidance on how to remove Religion OCD

Immediately you arrive in The Linden Method members area, you will get specific guidance about recovery from Religion OCD and every other thought and symptom you experience FAST. This simple instruction audio will provide you with the information you need in order to understand Religion OCD’s true nature and to remove it fully, quickly and permanently. I will tell you what causes your condition and how to quickly erase it in this short instructional audio.

We are not some ‘fly by night’ ebook sales online con… we are an accredited learning centre containing accredited mental health professionals (with a difference) – we focus on true and full recovery.

NO CBT. NO hypnotherapy. NO mumbo-jumbo. NO medication. NO endless talking or analysing.

Just plain and simple scientific tactics to put in place today in order to finally end the nonsense you tolerate each day.

I was you once and now I live a full and fulfilling anxiety, obsession and panic free life, just like all my recovered clients. tens of thousands of them.

I assure you that if you follow my guidance, over the next days, not only will it all make complete sense, but your ROCD and every thought, symptom and sensation will evaporate… because that’s just the way the brain and body work!

Do The Linden Method or call one of our Specialists to find out more… don’t worry, you don’t have to talk about your thoughts if you don’t want to… just explain that you want to address your anxiety disorder and they’ll lead you to recovery.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world access to materials and support is the same and our clients are equally and evenly spread around the world!



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