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There’s only one way to regain emotional balance and it’s dictated by biology & evolution… it’s what we teach you!

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If you are ready for recovery, we will
show you how to get there fast!

If you have been told you have to cope with or manage your anxiety condition… you don’t have to.
If you have been told that drugs and therapy are your only option… they’re not.
If you have been told that high-level, professional, private treatment is expensive… it’s not.
If you are tired of being fobbed off, medicated and ‘handled’… it stops here.


And also…

1. The Only Recovery Focused Therapy
2. Total removal of all anxiety disorders
3. The only practice with 1000’s of recovery stories
4. Includes FREE recovery sessions with qualified staff

5. Psycho-educational recovery – Evidence based practice
6. NO other organisation can demonstrate our success

Why pay hourly rates for counselling, psychotherapy or
psychology sessions when you can get it FREE?

Why wait for your next session when our support is
constant and seamless by phone and email?

Why settle for ‘coping’ and ‘management’
when recovery is so much easier?


Our Linden Centre support staff aren’t just counsellors, psychologists or psychotherapists – They are all those things but they’re also the most experienced qualified RECOVERY therapists – Most ‘ists’ charge you or the NHS between £45 and £150 per hour for their time and their practices aren’t focused on recovery… at The Linden Centre, you get access to far more experienced RECOVERY experts on an unlimited basis… for one small fee!



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*Unlimited recovery support is provided by our professional Linden Centre Psychologists,
Psychotherapists & Recovery Therapists. Seamless support to get you to recovery fast.

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Linda Robson on our Linden Method Anxiety Recovery Retreats & Workshops

Linda brought her son, Louis, to our Retreat after all other treatments had failed him.

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Miranda Hart is one of our amazing and selfless supporters
She feels very passionate about preventing anxiety disorder suffering



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16 Year Old Hollie’s amazing recovery using The Linden Method


Watch Hollie’s Video – CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE


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Our weekly guide to who we’ve helped using The Linden Method!!


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