Would private therapy be too hard to get to or too expensive for you?



Would private therapy be too hard to get to or too expensive for you?

Are you agoraphobic?

Are you lacking the financial means to get private recovery help?

Have CBT, hypnosis and medication failed you?

Are you feeling lost, desperate and terrified?

Well that’s about to change.

What have you tried so far?

CBT costs you or the NHS between £50 and £150 an hour depending on where you live and if you have ‘tried’ it… you’ll know already that it hasn’t cured your anxiety disorder.

Talking therapies may help some conditions, but certainly not anxiety disorders… you probably know that already.

So what do you do next?

Medications that don’t touch the area of the brain responsible for your anxiety? Hypnosis – As if relaxation will cure you!

Most of our new clients have tried all that already and their experience has been one of more expense and no relief.

You’ve probably tried meditation and have been told you need to learn to ‘relax’ or ‘change your thoughts’… it won’t work. In fact, it can’t work and if you’ve tried it, you’ll know that.

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow in the footsteps of every recovered sufferer… to do what they did simply and quickly?

What you really need is constant support, RECOVERY guidance and a process that has been time and people tested; that really does change lives.

You need something easy… something that doesn’t require you going anywhere… something that provides support from people like you, ex-sufferers qualified to show you what they did.

So why are we different?

We will give you:

  • Three videos that will, in 30 minutes, tell you how to cure your anxiety
  • Private and constant support from qualified recovery specialists
  • Mobile and desktop access to recovery tools, advice and guidance
  • FREE recovery webinars to watch when you want
  • FREE mobile enabled panic, phobia, anxiety and obsession stoppers
  • and so much more

We will leave no stone unturned before you recover.

And all of this costs from £149 … that’s IT.

No further cost but a resource and support unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Does it work? We have the largest group of client, doctor, psychologist and celebrity endorsements on the internet.

We have been in hundreds of newspapers, magazines and websites pitched as ‘the world’s leading anxiety recovery organisation’.

We are used by celebrities, TV studios, film studios and media agencies all around the world.

We have a proven 100% success rate for reducing anxiety from ‘chronic’ to ‘recovered’.

We know what to do about your anxiety and we know that you can be feeling much better in under a day.

Just call us or email us, speak to one of our practitioners and you’ll soon know that you’re in the right place.


+44 (0)1562 702720questions@thelindencentre.org

or you can join the program HERE