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  • Anna A

    Charles and his wife Beth will go down in history- they are making history now. I am only 5 days in to the program and I am changing fast.

    I had suffered severe anxiety since early childhood, am now 53, and had just accepted so much suffering and symptoms as ‘normal me’.

    I know this is early on in the program to add a review. If it wasn’t so scientifically evidenced I would think it was pure magic.

    I will review again in a few weeks to see if this freedom lasts.

    Charles Linden is one of the people who makes this world worth living in – a truly good man, it is evidenced by his own life, attitudes and practices.

  • Rebecca Costello


    If you want to be anxiety free do this method right away. It really does what they say and it has changed my life. Beck

  • Keith Ralph


    TLM changed my life in days after years of suffering and heartache. My wife is overwhelmed by the changes she saw in me. I love the programme and Charles Linden is a star.


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  • Grace Smith


    Before I found the Linden Method, I had tried two other approaches…now, am I gonna sit here and say, “Shit, wish I hadn’t wasted my time or spent my money on that or them?” NO!!! Because, ultimately, they lead me HERE, to Linden and the support staff and all of the valuable information that I have been able to integrate and implement into my life. Period. No use looking back. All that matters is right here, right NOW, and feeling optimism for the future, without any regrets or fear. And another thing…for those of us who’ve been there and have since crossed the abyss…I was one of those people reading other people’s testimonials about how The LM saved them and still I was skeptical, so…we have to be compassionate with others living with anxiety…it wasn’t ME who doubted, it was the anxiety talking, the fear kept me trapped, I gave it power (but it has absolutely no power over us)…once I started doing the Method, the fear melted away…but I needed to take that first step and sometimes, that first step is the hardest for people to take because all they’re thinking about is not being able to get to the finish line. God, if I could relay just one message…the same message Linden’s been telling everyone, please take that first step and see it through. It will not fail because YOU WILL NOT FAIL. You CAN’T FAIL.

  • Keith W


    I purchased TLM in December 13,it has made a big difference to my life. MY ANXIETY SWITCH, HAS SWITCHED OFF. I am 69 years old and have suffered with anxiety all my life.IT will no longer control my life.

    I feel a different person, I am a lot calmer,even in times of stress I fell calm and able to deal with the situation that has arisen. I have experienced many of the symptoms in my life,and they are now firmly buried in the past and will certainly not affect the present or my future.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Love and kind regards


  • J Boothe


    I suffered with GAD and OCD for 7 long years that cost me my marriage, my dignity and my job. I was hospitalized, ambulanced and medicated for 6 years and I never believed I could feel so well again. Thank you Linden Method Team. You are such wonderful people. Jane Boothe. NYC

  • David Moore


    All I want to say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have always dreamed of feeling ‘normal’ and now I do. Charles you are a life saver. Dave

  • Penny Davies


    I thought no one would ever understand the pain of an anxiety sufferer but when I bought The Linden Method last month, I immediately realised that not only does Charles Linden understand but he knows what to do about it. TLM saved my life. The world is now exciting and fun and non-threatening. I am so overwhelmed by the recovery I have made and am looking forward to my life instead of dreading every day.

  • Julie Portman


    The Linden Method cured my panic attacks in two days. I can’t tell you how grateful I am Charles. You have saved my life. I have never been OCD free before. I have had OCD since as far back as I can remember and the feelings I have had in the last three months of anxiety freedom have made me realise what anxiety has done to undermine my life. Thank you, thank you. x

  • Annie Grace Knowles


    I have to say that the linden method and Mr Linden saved my life.  I called support one day and was surprised to hear a gentleman’s voice (the support staff had all been ladies up to this point).  He said Charles speaking and it didn’t really register.  5 mins into the conversation (which I have to say was totally enlightening) I said, “it must be confusing to have two Charles working there”  He replied… no there is only one,” I then realized I was speaking to the Charles Linden.  I was a little taken aback.. after all I had listened to his wonderful visualizations every night for the last 6 weeks … I think I probably blushed!!.

    Charles explained the he had come into the centre as one of his support specialists was unwell and absent and he wanted to lend a hand and not let his clients down.  So, Poosmum, You tell me, does this sound like a man who doesn’t care???  He gave me 30 mins of his valuable time.  Charles totally ‘gets’ anxiety because he’s been there and for me he was the first person I had ever spoken to who really got it and me!  Do Doctors, counselors, etc., give their time for free.. mmmm, I think not!   I think the fact that he hasn’t increased the price of his pack speaks volumes.  It is still £117 now.  What Charles does is shows you the road map.  He can only lead a horse to water… he can’t force it to drink so don’t take it out on him and his team when it doesn’t work for you.  You only have yourself to blame!  Warmest wishes and thanks for reading… Annie Gracie Knowles, 55, anxiety free and living life to the full and just packing to go on my first sailing holiday!!  Finally, Charles if you are reading this… a huge thank you to YOU and your fantastic team! Thank you for giving me and thousands of others, their lives back and for doing what you do and please don’t let these unkind people get you down – you have thousands of supporters and you should feel very loved and surrounded by their positivity!

  • curedbythelindenmethod


    I used to suffer with a high anxiety disorder for a good few years, which I can say has been 100%  treated and CURED NON-MEDICINALLY thanks to THE LINDEN METHOD.
    Anyone who doubts The Linden Method obviously hasn’t used it – or feels threatened by it. If anyone is making money out of anxious people it is the NHS and alternative therapists: hynotherapists, CBT etc etc…

    Chalres has helped over 150,000 people globally – and anyone who knows him, or has met him at a retreat only has nice things to say about him. I came off my anti-dpressents and beta blocker – funnily enough a side effect of them is actually anxiety! You need to come off them to stop supporting the habbit. I hope you get over the horrid debilitating disorder, that is anxiety. I did, and all I can say is THANKS CHARLES!


  • Jaynem


    I would first like to say what a great article. I read the article and can see many similarities and the symptoms that I was dealing with. The anxiety affected me in so many ways that it really affected my life. I did not want to tackle so many of the tasks i had i wouldn’t look at work issues, it began to affect my attendance to work with my colleagues and family events were a no goer. 
The linden method pack that i brought 3 years ago was so helpful. I began working with the nine pillars that were so important to help me battle with anxiety.  I spoke with the linden ladies who were so helpful. I spoke with one i think her name was fiona and she helped me so much. Her voice comforted me and when she explained to me what i needed to do and how it would change my thinking and anxiety it really struck a chord in my head. I do not know about yourselves but being able to talk to some one who isn’t so close (ie friends and family) it can really help. after all a problem shared is a problem halved.
Reading the comments i was surprised to hear that the pack has not changed in price since the methods have been produced. I think that it is a credit to both Charles Linden and his wonderful staff that they do it at this price. I think the fact that he employs qualified professional people who can I could talk to and for the number of occasions i did is a credit to Charles and his team. 
The Linden method changed my life… for the better. I would like to thank his team and Charles himself for the time they took to talk to me, to help me and get me back to the lady i was before anxiety affected me.
Thank you

  • Alex Vasili


    The Linden Method truly is the way to recovery. Everything that Charles has compiled in his pack is what a sufferer needs to know, understand and put into practice to be free of anxiety. It is compiled by a man who suffered from acute anxiety for a number of years – a man who knows exactly what he is talking about. Charles teaches from his own experiences and what he has to share is everything you will need to know and grasp to get better. You have to be prepared to do the leg-work to get better – to learn to break the cycle of fear and anxiety which creates all the (truly) horrible symtoms you experience. So you can break free from that living hell. It takes perseverance and practice but you can do it. Charles has a personable manner and speaks in a way that reassures and enlightens. His Method is THE way to recovery. He and his wife are lovely. Their legacy is and will be great – they have helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world and that speaks volumes in itself. Anxiety disorders are horrific experiences and anyone who can use their wisdom to help people recover should be applauded. Charles Linden is that man.

  • James Clarke


    I’m a 20-year-old journalism student at University. I have suffered with severe anxiety, OCD and depression for many years. I cannot stress enough how effective The Linden Method is! I went on the retreat in February this year and I can honestly say it is without doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I now have the tools to beat my anxiety and depression! Charles and his team are absolute life savers and it sickens me when I read negative comments about TLM. His method WORKS – I assure you of that! I had CBT and visited all kinds of medical professionals for years, and all it did was ‘mask’ my anxiety for a very short while. I became reliant upon my psychologist and all this did was inform my subconcious mind that “I need this reassurance because this is just how I am.” But, this is untrue! I’ve been back from the retreat for 7 weeks now. For me, although I’m 20, I actually feel only 7 weeks old, because I have discovered, with the help of Charles and TLM, that I can overcome my anxiety! I would have never dreamed of writing something like this before I went on the retreat, but please trust my experience. TLM WORKS!!! Whoever you are reading this, male or female, young or old, I cannot recommend TLM enough. It really is a true life saver. Do not believe any of the negative comments you may read about it – they are false and you don’t need this negativity in your life!!! If you want change, and a positive change, Charles Linden and his team are the people!

  • Helen Abbott


    I ordered, “The Linden Method”, after going to Google to find out where I could get help. I saw, “The Linden Method”, read up on it and ordered it. It took me about 3 months to get anxiety free after following and using the Linden Method. I am happy to say that I am anxiety free now. What a relief! It is not fun having anxiety attacks and I couldn’t get fast enough to find a way to get rid of them. Using the Linden Method I was free of the anxiety. Oh, how nice to wake up and not even think about the anxiety anymore. I am free to live my life and do the things I like to do.
    I highly recommend the Linden Method. When you think about it, it is nothing but good ole common sense. Thank you Charles, for helping me to help myself. God Bless all you do. You are a life saver.

  • Rachel


    The Linden Method changed my life. Not only did it cure my anxiety disorder entirely, but it showed me how to be fulfilled in every aspect of my world. I am now in a new job, earning twice as much money and I am engaged to be married next year. Before TLM I was in a mental health wing of an NHS hospital, desperate, alone and medicated like a zombie. Charles Linden has created a program that not only changes lives but saves lives. He deserves to be knighted for his work. Thank you so much Charles and The Linden Method team.

  • Kristjan


    This program was introduced to by a good friend in the UK. She bought it and sent it to me here in Iceland. I cant put it words how much it has helped me. I suffered for about 7 years of high anxiety along with social phobia and had 100 of severe panic attacks a day. I was so bad I had to stop working. I read the program and followed it like a slave! Regardless of how bad I felt. Today, 2 years later I am panic and anxiety free. Also, I wanna add that I previously worked in mental hospitals for nearly 8 years, helping people with anxiety and panic attacks among other things.. This program is spot on and deals with the “illness” directly. Nothing I have come in contact with earlier has been so effective. I only had to listen to Charles interview to realize he knew EXACTLY what I was dealing with. This is by far the best program I come across and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. Thank you Charles.

    Much gratitude.
    Kristján – Iceland.

    Ps.. ohh and as a bonus it improved my English knowledge as well…:-)


    This is a bit belated, but thank you SO much for putting this program together. I found The Linden Method in 2007, after suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for a little over 2 years. At the time I thought nothing could help, it was a chore just to get out of bed in the morning, but I’m glad to say that I’ve been anxiety and panic attack free since then! For me it truly was the miracle that I hoped it would be!

  • Tyler


    I bought this method April last year thinking that it may well be my last resort before ending my life. Here I am now, fully recovered and living an amazing life.

    Thank you Charles and team for saving my life. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards you. Thank you


  • gisellew


    my husband gave the sorprise with this method, after i was received several email with calms letters, i finally got the app, i must confess that iam not even sit down to realize that i have to do step by step what charles saids there , and cuz is an app, i never received the calls from the supporters, BUT, after 3 month or maybe more, i havent experienced a panic attack, and even better, my anxiesty level had drop from 10( maybe 12) to 2, i honestly believe that what he have here, is the proof that we can be cured, i remember when my doctor told me, you will never cured your anxiesty, i think yes press the alarm bottom, the bottom for not cure after 5 years, untill i found charles, i cant said that iam cure, but iam feeling better and better every day, and i will cure this shadow in my life, thanks again charles i wish u all the best for u , your family and ur staff sorry for my english and god bless u, if u want to continue sending me letter i will totally apreciate, your words are the best remedy for any soul!


    I have been thinking time and time again about how to write this review. It has taken me a year to do it, and I am still not sure how to explain myself. But i have put it off long enough.

    How do you thank someone, for saving your life, and making it so much more than you could have ever dreamed it could be? For helping you take a life of paralyzing fear, depression, alcoholism, and anger, and turn it into a fulfilling, exciting, and joyous thing? My word fail me. It seems like “Thank You” could never be enough. But, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    I was on 4 different medications to manage my anxiety, depression, and hypertension when I was just 25 years old. I couldn’t leave my wife’s side when we were out shopping because I would just feel so terrified if I lost sight of her. I had massive panic attacks that would last for hours. My life was a nightmare. It wasn’t who I wanted to be, and there were times when I resented my life for giving me a reason to continue living.

    Then I found The Linden Method. This man started talking about his condition, and it sounded so much like my own life. I instantly felt less alone. I immediately felt hope. I ordered the program.

    Upon opening the box I listened to the Panic Attack Eliminator. I knew that once I fully understood everything in that short audio track I would never have another panic attack again. I started the manual, and the other audio tracks. Everything I read and heard gave me the tools I needed to rebuild myself without inappropriate anxiety. The withdrawals from my medications were terrible (made ten times worse by the fact that my doctor told me there would be no affects.) I went through every possible withdrawal symptom and then some. I wouldn’t have been able to cope without the Linden Method email team. I was so desperate for help. I realize now, that they didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear at that time because they were telling me what I NEEDED to hear. To them I am eternally grateful.

    Today I went on my weekly 12 mile run by myself. We went to group meditation at the local Zen Center, I met some nice folks out of the blue, I studied for my mid terms at school, and I took time to tell my wife how much I appreciate her. I have lost over 60 pounds. I have switched to a plant based diet. I no longer drink, I am in training to be a wind turbine technician, and my wife and I are starting to plan for a family.

    I am not bragging, I am just amazed. Over the last year my life has not just improved, it has finally begun! I could not have done any of it without the help of Mr. Linden, and his team.

    Charles, please know this. I will be forever grateful for what you and you team has done for my wife and I.

    This may sound weird, but it’s true. I love you sir. From the bottom of my heart Thank You.

    Kenny Halstead
    Iowa USA

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  • Fredd rodd


    I was a guy that couldn’t even take a step out of the house! After practicing what Charles said in his book i managed not to be afraid!! Wow for the first time I understood that I was the only one that can actually help me!! I was walking like nothing ever happened!!!I scared the fear away!! I am a FEARLESS human been im not afraid of any thing now!!! TLM not only cured me 100% but it made me a fearless person!!!! Not shy any more if some thing gets in my way I overcome it just by thinking if I was able to manage my self out from hell, this is nothing! It has opened doors for me!! I worked in a law firm!! And I became a Zumba instructor teaching over 40 student s a class! Before i was shy to speak in front of any body now I teach people how to dance!! Wow big change lol!! Thank you god for putting Charles in may way!!!!

  • Rebecca


    It change my life!!!!!!i actually went to the retreat about 3years ago!i see a lot of people on here sometimes wanting to change but in the same sentence they still manage to have an excuse as to it not going to help them!!you can only help yourself TLM give you the tools to do so!if you don’t do it right it will not have to want to say good bye to panick attacks,anxiety etc… I was really bad had mine for a year and would not leave my bedroom!but now I got married and had a baby which I never thought I would ever had or manage to give birth because I was being so self obsessed!hope this helps anyone clutching at straws to change!!!

  • Martin


    I bought the TLM program on my Iphone a few weeks ago and have used it ever since. It’s the first method that ever helped me in such a good way. I’m so greatful for it and after living for so long with high level anxiety and panic disorder (12 years) , I would say the money for the program does not even matter. I’m getting better and that’s worth everything in the world to me. Thank you Charles. I believe in this and I do think I will recover back to a normal life again.

  • Jessica John


    You have changed my life. The Linden Method is the greatest thing I ever bought.

  • James


    What you have done for me and your family is remarkable. The level of support you have provided me with and the caring and professional way your staff have patiently helped me to recover from my OCD and panic is just simply wonderful. You are angels. I have recommended TLM to my company director. We have over 800 employees and many suffer. I suffered for a year, some people suffer much longer and I feel like I want to help them now. Thank you so much. James Lewis. London

  • Zachary Morris


    I just wanted to email you and say thank you so much for your book, it has changed my life. I would have never had this feeling without your help. It’s not over, but I know it will be. I have set so many new goals and want to help people and meet people now. I just can’t thank you enough!

  • Julie Green


    “I just wanted to say how very grateful I am to your programme. I found it during a time of suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks. The programme turned me around so quickly, not a single panic attack since, and that was 4 years ago. I know I’ll never have another. Thank you so much.”

  • Laura Gunning


    Hey everyone,
    Firstly let me tell you my story!
    My anxiety started after a bad car accident in October 2010. My car flipped and hit a tree – luckily I walked out of it! I have no idea how?! But I had a huge gash in my forehead which I had to get lots of stitches in and I still have whiplash today.
    From there I started getting panic attacks/agoraphobia…I seemed to be able to stop them myself after a few months but then started the obsessive thoughts. This was the stuff I couldn’t cope with. I went to the doctors who offered me diazepam, which I refused. I then went to ‘counselling’ which was highly unproductive and actually made my thoughts worse because I was being made to over think them!
    Because of my accident, I had to move back home from University to recover which caused me to become quite reclusive for a while. This obviously made everything much worse for me.
    Anyway I was online looking for remedies to cure myself one day with no luck when I then discovered an article in a magazine by Jemma Kidd about her anxiety and how Charles Linden helped her.
    I haven’t looked back since, even though it took a bit of convincing my mum that this didnt seem like another money making scam!
    It took me a while to get to grips with the Linden Method but I have now been FULLY cured for a year, I found myself a job a year and a half ago which I enjoy and I am going travelling as of January! I decided not to go back to Uni because I was studying fashion and after getting well again I discovered that if you don’t have your mental health then who cares what clothes you wear and how you look on the outside.
    I am now 23 and would love to work in the mental Heath sector. Specifically with anxiety sufferers. I am much more caring now that I have ever been and I really do feel great!!
    Thanks so much Charles :) xxx

  • Lydia Pearson


    My husband bought me this magical book but I ignored it. I was scared that it was my last chance and that if I used it up straight away I might lose any hope. After about three months my husband got angrier with me and I started reading it.

    Within a few minutes I knew that what Charles experienced was far worse than what I had but I also knew that this man knew what he was talking about from a deep understanding of the disorder and also the many people he had helped.

    If you suffer with anxiety and don’t read this program, your missing out on something that changed my life. I can’t speak for everyone else but what I can say is that this is so simple, makes complete snese and has made me into a better person in so many ways.

    Just do it (as Charles says)

  • Peter Larson


    Charles and the team,

    you have made mine and my wife’s lives worth living again. My wife suffered for over 20 years and I started having panic attacks after I retired. Partly because of my wife’s predicament but aslo because I left a stressful but also, at times, enjoyable job and then did nothing. A friend of mine became very ill and over about three months I started not sleeping, eating less and became quite withdrawn. Anyway I bought The Linden Method off Amazon and didn’t look back. I joined my wife up a month later and we have both just come back from Cyprus, our first holiday abroad for 15 years. All because of you and your amazing team.

    Thank you Charles.




    I would like to thank you for saving my life. I have had Panic and anxiety for over 20 years. I was given Zoloft and diazepam to keep me calm but to be honest that wasn’t really living. My anxiety started through a traumatic childhood and then 2 years ago I had a heart condition called SVT. Last year I had surgery for this which cured the condition but not mentally so I then went back on my medication. After a lot of research I stumbled across the TLM. Finally something I could use and finally answers to the question I so desperately needed.

    At that point in my life all I wanted was peace and to be released from the fear, the only way I thought was OUT and OUT in a permanent way. You method not only works but sets you free of all the fear and irrational thinking that goes along with anxiety and panic.

    So I can say YOU SAVED MY LIFE. For anyone who is sceptical all I can say is you need to try this. What do you have to loose?…. nothing but what you have to gain is life in a productive and positive way.

    By no means am I out of the woods yet I still listen and read the TLM all the time but that’s ok by me. In time I will be happy to say that the TLM will be redundant in my life but I guess that’s the point. Charles the effort that you have made and the impact you have made on lives is something to be so proud of. This condition can be so debilitating but with a little help and will power can be cured. I cant rave or thank you enough. Thankyou for letting me be the wife and mother I need to be and thank you publishing something so worthwhile and meaningful. Words can never express my gratitude.

    Monique for Australia.


    Dear Charles,

    The linden method has been such a blessing and is the only cure for these problems!!, I’m proud of myself, you and all of the linden support team for helping me overcome the condition. I believed in you and the method and it payed off!. I have been recommending the method to loads of people with problems all ages. Underneath all the emotional roller-coaster i discovered the inner-self i never had or forgot i had. I’ve become more concerned about helping other people instead of focusing on myself and problems which never really existed. I am currently studying plumbing at my local college but i feel as if my enthusiasm for this course is drifting away and is not really something i can see myself doing for a career. I’ve been praised by my plumbing lecturer as an inspiration to others because of the kind words and positive help I offer the other trainees. I have this sense of self fulfillment and achievement when i get feedback from others saying I’ve helped them. I have also been told that I’m a natural self esteem raiser. I think in all honesty working in the same field as you or preferably with you would be a dream and the best thing I could ever do!.

    p.s everyone who’s doing the method make sure you purchase Charles autobiography called “life of fear” which is a must buy!!. It has great information and is a guidance tool to go with The Linden Method!.

    Kindest regards



    I am a 25 year suffer of agoraphobia and anxiety attacks.I was hospitalized twice and diagnosed with major depression. I was put on meds and sent home with lots of follow up appointments and even went through hypnosis. I have tried several programs and even went as far as putting my whole family on a tv show called obcessed and went through not only the stress of my panic but also the stress of being filmed with the panic ….. ARGH!!!!I have spent several hours looking up remedies on the internet and one day I typed in the search engine “How celebrities get help with panic and agoraphobia” and there was Charles Linden, so I read his whole website. At first I was like “Great! another program to waste money on” Then I saw the money back guarantee. I figured what do I have to lose?I downloaded it right away and started watching the introduction video and applied the nine Pillars, I have the relaxation disc and the panic eliminater on my phone and have listened to the panic eliminater only twice and love to fall asleep to the deep relaxation with my earbuds in. I will tell you that the truth of it all for me was when I had to go to a neurologist for back pain and when he came in an examined me I asked him about what happens if I go on a cruise or out of town and have a panic attack and at that time the neurologist confirmed what Charles Linden has said all along that it is only an emotion of fear of fear and it cannot harm you, only make you feel unwell. I now find myself wanting to challenge myself with everything and do things that I have not tried before.
    My big challenge will be when I go to jacksonville for the first time to see my daughter who is in college but I will take the knowledge from the Linden Method with me along with my relaxation and panic eliminator discs and I will defeat it and prove to myself once again that it is only fear of fear if I get anxious at all.

  • Julie Clark


    I am so grateful for the day Susan Shaw came into our lives and introduced us to The Linden Method. Twelve months ago, my son, James, was in a very dark place. Going to The Retreat at The Elms was truly life changing. This weekend we celebrated James’s 21st birthday. Thank you to Charles, Beth, Gareth, Rob,Jenny and the team. You were the light at the end of our tunnel xx

  • Amaëlle O’Brien


    And here is my story if it is of any help to someone. When I was pregnant with my second child, I became more and more anxious. First it was physical symptoms and after a while I started to have difficulty concentrating, reading, working…and I started to panic about it. Nobody would understand what was happening. I was almost 7 month pregnant when one day, it felt like my brain froze. Since that moment I could not sleep for 2 months (max 20 minutes per night), could not eat, not read, not watching tv, not seat, not be lying on a bed, not listen to any music, could almost not talk anymore. NOBODY KNEW WHAT TO DO. I thought I was dying, or at least being stuck in a body who was dying or going completely crazy. I don’t know how I managed to give birth. Could not look after the baby when she was born. It took months – for the hormones to get a little bit more stable. I could sleep again, start reading slowly, so the first thing I took was the LINDEN METHOD that my husband ordered for me. I started in August. In october I was back at work, at 10%. But I was improving every month with TLM. I went to the Linden retreat in February, and I understood all the little points I was missing. Today I’m back to life, working more than before, taking care of my 2 lovely and happy girls, leading a happy life with my husband. Definitly on my way out, almost 100% out. I went down to hell and back, but for the better, because I am handling the anxiety I didn’t know I was having since I was a little girl. Hope it can help someone.

    And thanks Charles, Jenny, Rob and Beth.


    There are no other words than this saved my life!!!!! serious anxiety recovery after 17 years of horror. Great support and a realistic goal!!!! Those who think its a money scam, do you not realise that if you have paid national insurance you pay for your medical care? You know those tablets that calm you or sedate you? Those counselling sessions that set you back a donation or if like me you went private more like thousands?

    Charles is determinded and that can come across as harsh but when you know it works it must get frustrating when people wont help themselves. I am stubborn to say the least but I have managed to make the necessary changes.

    Stop whinging and do it. Get the life you deserve and stop being a victim. You can come back at me all you like but I have been there. Suicidal, terrified and pathetic or cured and living a real life? The choice is yours!


    Purchased this for a good friend, and it has worked wonders. Considering the amount she was spending on seeing independent therapists although on the face of it the linden method seems a bit pricey, in reality its actually very cheap.

    I watched the included DVD with her, and it was great. Excellent quality, and the content was very interesting and comprehensive. As a ‘non suffer’ it gave me great insight into how panic attacks and anxiety can effect someone. It also gave me tips for dealing with my own stressful situation.

    With the use of the support provided with this package my friend is now feeling much, much better. Thanks go to support staff at the linden method for giving me my friend back.

  • Alan Peters


    I wanted to say to the support team and Charles, thank you for everything. now a days is like one big blurred memory. I love all of you and god bless every one of you. I have the greatest feeling of safety every day and life is so beautiful.

  • Juliet Jackson


    I have purchased your method and it has changed my life. I thank you.

    Before I purchased your method I had been in a living hell for eight years and like yourself knew all the medication was not helping. In fact, it only made things worse or it made me feel like a trapped, sedated mess.

    The freedom and joy to have my life back and not fear I would harm myself or hurt my family any more emotionally is priceless.

    I thank you from my heart of hearts for the work you and your team have done to support me when I started. The honest, open but specific advice worked every time. I have recommended your programme to my specialist and am pushing for them to use it (and my GP) and will continue.

    I am, like you say, a strong woman and I feel so committed to helping anyone else who is in the same situation as myself and you to have the chance to use your program. The medical profession need to open their eyes and ears and understand the importance of your program. Thank you again.

  • Robert Hunter


    Dear Charles

    I just wanted to write you this quick note, to say a huge thank you for creating the Linden method and sharing it with the world.

    As an adolescent, I had a number of OCD and anxiety issues, which were on occasions very debilitating, but once I reached my late teens these had more or less disappeared. But, in my early 20’s I contracted encephalitis, which is a serious and often life threatening virus, which affects the fluid around the brain. My condition was grave and for a few days after collapsing and falling into a coma, my future was uncertain and my wellbeing in a terrible state.

    I did, fortunately make a full recovery, from a health perspective, but was left with a great deal of fear and anxiety, which would manifest when I found myself in similar situations to the events around the moment I fell to floor cracking my head open and into a coma, or when finding myself in stressful situations. I spent literally years, from my early 20’s to my early 40’s, with ever increasing anxiety and experiencing symptoms of panic and giddiness, which over the years became more and more difficult to deal with.

    I never took drugs for the effects I was experiencing or took time off work, but often could not shop in Supermarkets, handle meetings that went on for more than half an hour, or drive any long distances. My condition became more and more of an issue for me and my family and I wished to live a normal anxiety free life, without the awful and scary feelings I experienced.
    Put simply, the Linden method gave me an understanding of my issues, but more importantly gave me the tools to eradicate the anxiety. I now live completely free of the awful feelings I used to experience on a daily basis, benefiting not only me, but my family friends and loved ones.

    I have just recommended this programme to a close friend and this prompted me to upload this message. From personal experience, I would be happy to refer anyone to the Linden Method and confident to say, that it works and works well. When I think back, I cannot believe the situation I created for myself and relived beyond words, to be anxiety free and experiencing life the way it is supposed to be lived.

    Thank you Charles and your team.


    I had tried countless things to try and beat my anxiety and spent a small fortune in the process.I started thinking nobody could help me and I would have to live with this for the rest of my life. Then I found the Linden Method.

    When I first started reading the content of the pack and listening to what Charles had to say about anxiety, I instantly knew this was someone who had lived and experienced what I was going through. This gave me so much reassurance and confidence to start putting things in place to begin my road to recovery. More importantly I believed it was possible!!!

    Charles, thanks so much for giving TLM to the world. I have never looked back since!

  • Tina Wareham


    The Linden Method isn’t a con if anyone is wondering. Although this method has Charles’ name on it, it is THE process that all humans have to go through in order to be cured from anxiety disorders. I saved up to buy the method pack and I can tell you it was money well spent! Once you immerse yourself into what the Linden Method holds within, you will be relieved and excited as you realise that your days of anxiety are going to be a thing of the past.

    If you still question The Linden Method and are wondering whether to spend your money on it, why not try Charles’ autobiography first? It’s a brilliant read if anyone’s wondering! It’ll make you laugh, make you cry and leave you gobsmacked at some parts. A great autobiography whether you suffer or not. Very inspirational! And if you are a nonbeliever or a disser of Charles, then this will make you realise exactly why he is the man he is today. Why he is so eager to spread the word of his method and why he is so passionate about it!

    As a client of The Linden Method, I have interacted with Charles on many occasion, and I can honestly say hand on heart that he is one of the most honest, humble, caring, trustworthy and genuinely nice guys you could ever come across :)

    Charles I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Bless you for being you! :)

  • Sharon Elder


    My 87 year old mum had suffered from anxiety for most of her adult life and it got to the point where she would pass out. We bought The Linden Method and worked through it together and every day she would listen to the CDs. She is now going out again and enjoying life. The panic attacks are now a thing of the past! Her ambition is to meet Charles so she can thank him in person! If anyone wants proof that TLM works just ask me and my mum!!


    i have been anxious for years and can honestly say the linden method is the only thing that works


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    I was experiencing severe anxiety to the point where I became obssessed with thoughts of suicide. I had no hope left having tried everything therapists and doctors could throw at me. The Linden Method has not only saved my life but has also put me on track to having the kind of life I have always wanted. Do it and have the life you should. High anxiety does NOT have to rule your life.



    Please don’t listen to all the negative comments – if you have Anxiety you need The Linden Method. I suffered for years and was prescribed countless pills and was pushed from pillar to post by a host of so called medical experts – none of which worked. I joined the Linden Method programme and for the first time ever was made to feel like I wasn’t gong mad – the programme made sense, was easy to follow and IT WORKED. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and gave me guidance and the confidence to get my life back.

    I find it unbelievable that some people are so critical and negative – how fair can it be when they offer you a full money back guarantee. You have to help yourself and I guess some people just don’t want to bother and then blame everyone else!

    I am now finally living the life I want free from anxiety. I know when you have anxiety that you don’t trust anything anymore, least of all yourself, but please trust me and give this a go – there is nothing to lose.


    The Linden Method is a self help program that has helped my father, letting him get his life back. For those suffering from panic attacks and anxiety Charles Linden’s method offers a treatemtn without the use of drugs. The book and the online products are there for you try. You can try the methodology. It works for many but not all. It is cheaper than a series of therapy and it may help you too. If you want a chance to get your life back its worth a try. The Linden Method – The Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks & Phobias Elimination Solution

  • Yvette Johnson

    Thank you sooooooo much for putting together this program. I was very skeptical at first. But now I am a believer. After suffering severe and terrifying panic attacks after the birth of my second child I felt almost hopeless and crazy.

    Even after the reassurance of friends and therapist I was still scared. But now… I am 98% panic free and it’s been less then a month. Even with PMS (which always made it worse) I am doing just fine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I will tell everyone I know who has ever suffered… about you and your method.

    Love and light,



    The video that will change everything you think you know about your anxiety
    FREE - Watch the video instantly and also get our free Anxiety Recovery Info Pack. Just enter your name and email address below. We ask for this to prevent spam.
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