How Does LAR & TLM Work – The Science

LAR, The Linden Method &
anxiety recovery explained simply


Your suffering, isolation, desperation and frustration stops here


We are about to show you how we have helped over 420,000 people and how we produce 100% success rate in producing recovery simply, quickly and with life-long results in people from 6 to 96 years of age.



The Linden Method is a licensed psycho-educational program – We have stopped providing The Linden Method through third parties because of illegal and ‘used’ copies being sold that do not include all the necessary materials or the support access.

ONLY JOIN THE LINDEN METHOD THROUGH LEGITIMATE LINDEN METHOD WEBSITES – Failing to do so will probably result in you not receiving all the materials you need and it is also a breech of our licensing agreement.

The Linden Method is powered by LAR – Linden Anxiety Recovery – The only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

How will it help you?

It’s actually very simple science.

The anxiety response, often called Flight or Fight or the Physical Emergency Response, activates when we perceive threat.

Of course, when a person with a predisposition to developing an anxiety disorder does so, their body is constantly perceiving threat.

The ‘load’ this puts on the body is called Allostatic Load, which can give rise to a myriad of physical and psychological responses… these are what we call an ‘anxiety disorder’.

These conditions are relatively ‘modern’ and are caused because of a missed stage in human evolution which rendered some of us predisposed to developing anxiety disorders.

But this ‘missed stage’ can be manufactured and manipulated to force and expedite recovery.

So TLM isn’t a treatment, it’s a neurological ‘learning process’ that corrects a genetic flaw.

Our Method addresses the subconscious mind directly through manipulating incoming data from the senses and resetting the autonomic responses that cause the disorder.

Simultaneously, neuroplasticity is modifying the vital neurology that recognises threat and activates the fear response mechanism so that it deals with threats appropriately in future. Once this is achieved, recovery has happened.

This all happens through simple structure, knowledge and guidance and the most wonderful ‘side-effect’ of this is that the person feels almost immediately lighter, enlightened, focused, happy and excited about their future with their new neurology!

This is how the brain and body works… we just use what evolution gave us to reprogram what evolution missed!







Is it the solution for you?

If you wish to recover from high anxiety, phobias, health anxiety, self-harming, eating disorders, obsessions, compulsions or low mood… yes!

The program outlines the only humanly possible way to reset emotional levels to ‘normal’, so not doing it is just putting off recovery.

TLM is a program structure that uses LAR Therapy for recovery from GAD – Panic Attacks – Agoraphobia – OCD – Pure O – PTSD – Depression – Derealisation – Depersonalisation – Eating Disorders – Self Harming – Health Anxiety – Thanatophobia – Emetophobia  …and More

TLM is…

  • ACCREDITED – It is the world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy
  • SIMPLE – Far easier to do than managing your anxiety and tolerating the symptoms and thoughts you experience each day
  • FAST – Physical changes happen day one with immediately noticeable improvements and full recovery achievable in days
  • ACCESSIBLE – Online and printed versions with every resource you could ever need to become totally anxiety free
  • COMPLETE – From panic eliminators to relaxation and life coaching tools… everything has been thought of
  • SUPPORTIVE – *Qualified support is constant through telephone and email
  • CURATIVE – The Method focuses on overcoming anxiety disorders, not managing or coping!

*Our telephone and email support team are CPD Accredited, LAR accredited, BACP members and work under strict supervision


“Like eating is the only process that will satisfy the production of the feeling and reason for hunger, The Linden Method contains a process that satisfies the autonomic nervous system, telling it that it no longer requires the emotion of fear – the structure of the programme also ‘programmes’ the conscious mind to recognise and deal with potential danger appropriately in the future – blocking the development of an anxiety disorder. The net effect is total recovery and prevention of a relapse.” Charles Linden



TLM contains the ONLY humanly possible process to remove anxiety disorders – There is no other way to become anxiety disorder free


What does this mean to YOU the anxiety disorder sufferer?

Your body is built to a human blueprint and the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for everything that happens ‘subconsciously’, whether you are asleep or awake, also controls your emotions (hence dreaming whilst you sleep).

Your respiration, circulation and digestion are other examples of the ‘two minds’ you have within your head.

The emotion of fear responsible for your anxiety needs to be ‘switched off’ and there is only one system in humans that can do this… it cannot be done by talking therapy, hypnosis or medication, it has to be done in the way your mind and body has evolved to carry out this function…

…that is exactly what this Method teaches you… it’s also the reason why doctors, psychologists, clinics, the NHS, organisations, thousands of people just like you and celebrities turn to US first… because the outcomes we produce are so massively different!!

No other programme or treatment does this.




Psychologist led trials

In independent trials, The Linden Method has been found to move anxiety sufferers from ‘severe’ to ‘normal’ (trial data showed the average GAD7 score reduction pre to post trial from 18.24 (severe) to 2.84 (below normal).

For over 16 years we have been providing home learning, online, residential and corporate anxiety disorder recovery solutions to clients around the world.

The programmes are so simple to implement and not only provide you with an anxiety disorder recovery structure, but also provides you with vital life coaching advice that will enable you to maximise your physical and intellectual potential throughout your life.

Some clients have said that their husbands, wives, partners and children have benefited massively from the advice they have absorbed whilst their loved one is recovering – it’s just so easy to do.

Over 420,000 people have benefited from The Linden Method programmes and the numbers of testimonials from clients, doctors, psychologists and well-known people who have recommended and used The Method are testament to the success of the programme; success now confirmed in independent trials by academics from The University of Copenhagen and Kingston. See those results here


We named our first child after Charles Linden…



Why The Linden Method?

It’s very simple, The Linden Method is:

  1. …the only dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy
  2. … the only treatment that addresses the true cause of anxiety disorders
  3. … was originally developed by an ex sufferer who knows exactly how sufferers feel and think
  4. … has been used in practice by psychologists and psychotherapists for over 16 years
  5. .. proven in independent trials to remove anxiety disorders nearly every time
  6. … been used over 16 years by over 420,000 people of all ages from around the world
  7. … so simple to do that kids of seven do it with ease
  8. … the provider of amazing, constant support from qualified anxiety recovery specialists
  9. … referred to and used by Drs, Psychologists, government agencies and more
  10. … the only professionally supported, endorsed, proven home learning program
  11. … conforms to NICE guidelines CG113 for Guided Self-Help
  12. … the only Home Learning program with Workshops, Retreat and Corporate programme versions administered by trained practitioners
  13. … CPD accredited and a qualification for practitioners working in practice
  14. … includes unlimited support by registered practitioners who are trained anxiety recovery specialists
  15. Need we go on?




You can’t contest or deny the recoveries we see every day…

It couldn’t be simpler. I developed The Linden Method to rid myself of my own severe anxiety conditions over 26 years ago and through hard work and dedication for the results we produce, myself, my wife and my team have created a resource which has now been tested under controlled conditions and has produced near 100% recovery results, confirming the results we see every day. The Linden Method programme is what we state; a simple, structured and supportive anxiety disorder recovery programme that not only shows you how to reduce anxiety levels back to normal but also releases human potential in every client that uses it. The science is simple. The Method is easy, interesting and fun to use. The results achieved can be seen in the comments from past clients and the evidence produced at the University of Copenhagen where the data was gathered and analysed. The Linden Method works and it makes sense for every sufferer to use it. We love what we do because of the results we have been party to for over 26 years and now we have independent data to back up those results. I developed the Method for the sufferers that deserve full and fulfilling lives.” Charles Linden



What do you have to do?

The Linden Method was developed by a sufferer for sufferers and the process developed over 16 years ago has undergone some dramatic changes as the years have passed and clients have reported back about what works best for them.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

Even clients as young as seven years do it without knowing that they are doing it.

The Method entails a simple day structure and some simple rules that you apply during your day which drive anxiety levels back down to ‘normal’. Just listen to the instructional videos and DO as requested and the changes start to happen naturally.






What do you receive with The Linden Method?

We have prepared hundreds of resources that are at all client’s disposal when they  join our programmes. Many are ISBN registered products and many are contained within client’s login areas for ease of access wherever they are.

These resources have been written, edited and revised many times over 16 years and are constantly updated and refined to maximise their benefits.
  • The simple technique to remove panic, anxiety, phobias and obsessions
  • How to remove low mood, depressive thoughts and negativity
  • A technique to quickly create physical and emotional calm
  • Anxiety diet – Foods to avoid that will create immediate results
  • Which medications work and which don’t
  • UNLIMITED 24/7 qualified guidance by phone and email*
  • Easy to watch video instructions and guidance
  • Symptoms explained videos to reassure and guide you
  • Charles’ Panic Attack Talkdown Videos
  • The Journey out of Agoraphobia mini-course
  • The OCD and Pure O Cured videos
  • The HOCD, POCD and ROCD Cured videos
  • Charles’ PTSD, Derealization and Depersonalization cured videos
  • A breathing technique to beat anxiety
  • Dozens of great, high quality relaxation exercises
  • …and more

*Guidance is unlimited and provided by our MBACP and CPD LAR accredited, qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists.






Government bodies, celebrities, sports-people… you name them, we’ve helped them!

You will never find another anxiety recovery organisation with so many endorsements and testimonials.

Having helped so many people, we have a massive group of supporters who recommend and endorse The Linden Method. Many are ex sufferers who have recovered using the Method, many are family members of ex clients and many are well-meaning people who see the results we produce and voluntarily offer their support and friendship.

  • NICE CG-113 Guided Self-Help
  • Registered CPD Educational centre
  • Trial evidence – Anxiety reduction from GAD-7 18.24 to 2.84 average
  • BACP member telephone and email support team
  • AC – The Association for Coaching Member
  • 16 Years practice helping people from over 60 countries
  • 170,000 people helped
  • Thousands of clinical referrals each year
  • Doctor, psychologist and academic support and reviews
  • Famous people use and support The Linden Method
  • In house medical and psychological advisers







or UK call 01562 702720 – USA 1800 486 0458


 Support – Unmatched access to qualified professionals


The support we offer is unique.

We provide unlimited access to qualified professionals for the duration of each clients recovery free of charge and on an unlimited basis – because this is what an anxious client may need in order to make a full and long-lasting recovery.

We have a ‘no compromise’ policy meaning that we do all we can to make sure every client is happy with the outcome of their programme participation and all we ask in return is that they do their best to follow our instructions.

NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY – We don’t ask clients to make appointments, we want each and every client to become anxiety free and it is to this end we provide them with the facility to get the support, reassurance and advice they need when they need it, not when an appointment comes around.

The Linden Method  – How do you start?

The Linden Method programme:

  • Can be accessed in under five minutes
  • Provides instant reassurance, support, structure and guidance
  • Is shown to reduce anxiety levels to ‘normal’ in nearly 100% of compliant participants
  • Is so simple to use, even children of seven years do it with ease
  • Does not interact with medication
  • Does not require lots of writing or exercises

“I don’t want to just help you to recover from anxiety, I want you to become truly GREAT. In every way, despite how you now feel, you are strong, capable and resilient and it is only a matter of a short period of time before your life becomes exciting and happy once more.” Charles Linden