Confidential First Aid Anxiety Interventions


This treatment option is often used when an actor, musician or key employee develops an anxiety disorder which requires fast, high level intervention to avoid losses.

Often accessed by sports-people, actors, musicians, executives, studios, media companies etc.

Our services are 100% confidential so any treatment received does not appear on medical records or have to be reported to medical specialists.

These sessions are individual, private sessions with either Charles Linden or one of the senior Anxiety Recovery Specialists.

Charles Linden has limited time, however, it is often reserved for media companies, studios (film and music) and other organisations, ensuring that he is available where and when his talent is needed. Charles is referred to as the ‘anxiety recovery guru to the stars’ and publishing house, Hay House, call him ‘the world’s leading authority on anxiety disorder recovery’

Charles’ unmatched ability to fix people fast is world-renowned and his name is on ‘speed dial’ of the phones of some of the world’s most influential people. Charles has sat backstage in film and TV studios around the world and has even stepped in when sportspeople’s ‘values’ have dropped due to stress and anxiety related performance issues.

Charles’ ability is unique and unmatched and his reputation as a stress and anxiety ‘fixer’, life coach and ‘friend’ to people around the world, separate him from the, often disrespected medical and psychological specialists people have been disappointed by.

Fast intervention provides the very best chance of ‘nipping an anxiety disorder in the bud’.

Often, employees, actors, presenters… indeed any person,  can develop an anxiety disorder without any warning at all.

It is common for some people to experience a panic attack, phobia or other manifestations of high anxiety without having ever previously suffered or having had a long break between this and previous episodes. Sometimes employers know nothing of previous suffering and are concerned when an anxiety disorder forms unexpectedly in a person who plays an integral role in their organisation.

Our Coaches are able to intervene quickly and effectively. This may mean a number of face-to-face, skype or telephone sessions and sometimes accompanying the sufferer whilst they face anxiety provoking events.

It is not unusual, during the curative process, for Charles or one of our Coaches to be present in a side room, backstage, pitch-side, on the tour-bus or in the recording studio; but their presence is always low-key and often vital in order to quickly eradicate the anxiety disorder.

Some clients need more constant guidance and in these instances we can provide a Coach to spend extended time with the client, even in their place of work or whilst travelling for example.

For more information, please contact us HERE or call Julie Farrington-Griffiths on 0800 069 9898 for more information or to book this service.

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