Corporate Training Programmes


My name is Patrick Bell and I am Business Development Director at Linden Tree Education




Our corporate programmes can be implemented across a wide range of organisations, either as branded, co-branded or white label facilities, can be tailored to your company’s individual requirements.

We offer a diverese group of wellbeing and health training facilities.

Our aim is to…

  1. Lower sickness absence rates
  2. Fulfil you duty of care
  3. Maximise every employee’s potential
  4. Increase productivity
  5. Dramatically reduce costs associated with the above

We can provide…

  • programmes for anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, PTSD and stress recovery
  • programmes for police, military, ambulance crews, firemen etc. to deal with anxiety and PTSD
  • programmes for the educational sector… aimed at management and teachers
  • child anxiety version for schools to offer to their pupils with school nurse/carer or parental guidance included
  • programmes for educational facilities to offer to pupils/students as part of the curriculum
  • programmes for confidence, bullying, public speaking, posture, exercise and more
  • programmes for health organisations such as private health facilities and services, care facilities, clinic, hospitals etc.
  • branded Retreats and Workshops
  • programmes for GP groups, private GP consortiums, commissioning groups


Call me on 01562 732078 or email me at for more information about how we can help you to increase productivity, lower sickness absence and maximise the potential of each individual employee.