What if we could PROVE to you that anxiety disorders have NOTHING to do with mental illness?

What if we could PROVE to you why ‘mental health’ treatments fail?

What if the REAL solution is simple, fast and can’t fail?

What if the mental health pandemic is mostly nothing to do with mental health at all?



health anxietyThere is ONE scientific truth that entirely and conclusively underpins the statements above…

…the conditions categorised as anxiety disorders have NOTHING at all to do with mental illness or indeed, brain function or dysfunction.

Why do mental health solutions fail to produce real recovery?

The fact that these conditions scientifically fall oustide of ‘mental health’ clearly explains the reason why, despite psychological, medical and psychiatric treatments, the mental health pandemic is growing out of control; and the reasons for this seems to be missed by those who should understand it and also, know better.

We entrust our lives and wellbeing to these people despite no, or very limited, evidence of ever producing real relief or recovery.

Their core practices models are built on little more than assumption. No science. No testing. No results.

If the science is wrong… what is going on?

As psychology and psychiatry continue to misinterpret the symptoms, misdiagnose the conditions and mistreat millions who are led to believe that they are mentally ill, frail and vulnerable, the true science of these disorders is either ignored or unknown to the millions tasked with providing care.

Would you see a dentist for a chest infection… no, clearly, a dentist’s area of specialism is not in respiratory health… that, surely, makes perfect sense.

At least 90% of all mental health conditions are NOT mental health issues at all and it is because of  this simple science that real recovery solutions focus on the true science of the emotions and removal of disorders of the emotions.

So why do millions entrust their health and mental health to people trained in unassociated science and practice?

History? Reputation? Social conditioning? Lack of options?

WHAT IF we were to prove to you that the cause and perpetuation of these conditions are not what we are commonly led to believe and that recovery does not and cannot lie in counselling, psychotherapy, medication, psychiatry or any other of the commonly used treatment methods?

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