My Son’s GAD Recovery Story

Hi my name is Jacky and my son overcame Generalised Anxiety Disorder

“HIS SECURITY BLANKET HAD GONE AND HE WAS IN A TERRIBLE STATE… after 5 days doing The Linden Method he was transformed”

Hi my name is Jacky. I am the mum of a son who has suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks for 16 years. I have spent a lot of money on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapist for him.

Since connecting with The Linden Method I now realise it was completely the wrong treatment for him and the reason he had not really moved forward in 16 years. Although Gavin has his own business, he still lives at home. His symptoms manifested when my husband and I were away from home for any length of time and he was in the house on his own, although he has a dog

The most serious episode he had was October 2016. My husband works on cruise ships, he joined the ship at the beginning of October and I flew out 4 days later (we were away for a month). At that time, Gavin was fine.

The following weekend a couple that had been like a second mum and dad to Gavin moved to another area, around 45 minutes away. His security blanket had gone and he was in a terrible state.

My daughter who lives 70 miles away had to come and try to sort him out.

To say she had a very frustrating time would be the understatement. The receptionists at the surgery and a walk-in clinic were most unhelpful. It ended up with him having to stay with his sister some of the time and his brother the rest of the time until we returned. Help from the NHS was disappointing – there was nothing curative to offer.

In July 2017, my husband and I were going away in our motor home for 3 weeks holiday in the UK. We had only been gone 2 hours and I had a text from Gavin to say the headaches had started.

That did not bode well, by the evening it was obvious we were going to have to return home. I rang him the next morning telling him that we had things organised for that day so we would return home the next day. They say things happen for a reason.

Had we not had to return home I wouldn’t have been able to use the Internet and I wouldn’t have seen a video that Linda Robson recorded and put on Facebook about her son who suffered with exactly the same symptoms as Gavin. She said they had found someone who had cured him in a few days. Of course, it was Charles Linden and The Linden Method.


I went on the website, I couldn’t believe it, that after all that time I had found someone who I knew would be able to help Gavin.
I was very excited, I immediately phoned them and explained about Gavin and asked if they would be able to help him. I was asked about his symptoms and they knew immediately that they were all anxiety related and that there was a way forward.
An appointment was made to ring him the next day to talk. Within a few days, he received the relevant information and that is when he started with the ‘Home Learning Programme’. His anxiety at that point was so bad, I honestly thought we wouldn’t be able to do any more cruises as not only was his condition impacting on him it had started impacting on us.
At the beginning of September 2017, my husband and I were leaving on a 4-week working cruise. Three weeks before we left, I wasn’t going, as there was no way we could leave Gavin after the 2 previous severe attacks. As I mentioned previously the only time he was affected was when we were away. I said to him there was only one way to find out if The Linden Method had worked for him, was for me to go on the cruise. He was very apprehensive, but realised he would have to try it

“After 5 days it was unbelievable the transformation. The Linden Method had worked!!!”

After 5 days it was unbelievable the transformation. The Linden Method had worked!!! It was the first time for 16 years we had been able to go away and Gavin had coped on his own. He was very proud of himself, and so were we. I don’t think he could quite believe it. What a difference being able to ring him while we were away and have a ‘normal’ conversation and not one where he was not coping. It was such a relief.

A week after we left on the cruise he had an appointment with his doctor as she liked to see him every 6-8 weeks just to check he was okay. His GP did say that if he was okay then he didn’t need to keep the appointment. He still went, as he wanted her to see the difference in him. When he walked in, she was astounded and couldn’t believe the difference. He even gave her The Linden Method website details as there are so many people suffering with these symptoms and there is nothing like it on the NHS.

Since doing The Linden Method not only has he joined a gym, but also a kayaking/canoeing club. It was a major breakthrough as it was his suggestion to join the ‘Paddle Club’. To go to something where he knew none of us had been would have been unthinkable at one time.

He is now into water sports and thoroughly enjoys his weekly visit, even if he doesn’t go out on the water he still goes and takes the dog with him, as it is a social event where he is mixing with like-minded people. This was such a transformation for Gavin and it’s so much better than him sitting at home watching television or playing on his PlayStation.

If anybody needs proof that TLM works then Gavin is living proof.

Since participating in The Linden Method Gavin has been very open about his condition and hopefully helped other people by what he has said. Until he spoke out about his condition, most people didn’t realise how he had suffered.

I have decided to become an Ambassador, as I would like to reach out and help as many people as possible that are suffering or have suffered for many years with these unseen and often debilitating symptoms.

If someone you love is suffering, you can help them!

All you need to do is get in touch with The TLM team and they will take it from there. You and your loved one can live again if you just trust in The Linden Method.

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