Linda’s Disturbing Thought’s Recovery Story

Hi my name is Linda and I overcame Disturbing Thoughts and GAD

“It felt like my entire world was spinning and a strong feeling came over me that I was about to collapse.”

Hi my name is Linda and I am from Sweden. I had been anxious for most of my life, I always felt that something was not quite right, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

I knew I liked to socialise with people, but I found it difficult due to my emotions. I always felt like I had to represent the person I wanted to be, always fighting the emotions that were saying there is something wrong with me. Questioning why I couldn’t feel and react the way other people seamed to. Laughing, sharing experiences, supporting one another and actually enjoying spending time around other people. I now know that anxiety was the cause behind the feeling of not fitting in to any social/ work/ relationship or free-time setting.

In 2012 I had my first panic attack, at the time managing a restaurant in Norway. I was having a conversation with a customer, when I felt the ground under my feet disappearing and a severe dizziness hit me. I left the customer and the restaurant and went outside where I had to lay my self down in the warehouse and just breathe for a moment. The tears were running down my face.

I took some time off work, and for days I had severe issues with getting around my house. My body was going numb, my face, arms, legs and I was deeply concerned about my health so I called my doctor.

I was rushed to the hospital, as the symptoms I was experiencing appeared to be similar to a stroke.

After a few days hospitalised I was signed out of the hospital, as doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

I quit my job, and started working in retail and I got better, for a while. I was working so hard, wanting to prove to myself and to my colleges. After a short while I had another panic attack standing at the checkout counter. It felt like my entire world was spinning and a strong feeling came over me that I was about to collapse.

I became more and more afraid of the symptoms I was experiencing, leading to me being sick from work. I tried so hard managing my symptoms of anxiety but it was hard. My doctor put me on ssri´s and snri´s and in the process of getting me out of the disorder I tried at least 8 different kinds of medication.

Since none of the medication seamed to work I was still experiencing symptoms of anxiety. My heart was racing; I was so dizzy I could barely move around the house or anywhere for that matter. I was checking my pulse regularly, since I was sure there was something severely wrong with my heart.

After none of the medication worked my doctor decided to put me on narcotic prescription drugs. I thought I had finally found the solution to all of my problems. I was back to work, I was doing fine and I didn’t have a care in the world. However, the anxiety came back due to the fact that my body had become used to the drugs and required more to be able to calm myself down. My doctor ended the medication, and I was an anxious wreck again, even more anxious than prior to the medication.

Needless to say, this was a downward evil spiral that in the end led to me being hospitalised on two different occasions, as a final attempt to get my anxiety under control.

At this point, I developed intrusive thoughts sending me in and out of one panic attack after the other. I constantly had pictures of loved ones passing away and thoughts of them leaving. I developed generalised anxiety disorder; constantly worrying something would happen to the people I loved. I was terrified of myself, the symptoms my body was causing and the disgusting thoughts I had. At the hospital, I was so afraid of the shower as I had previously had a panic attack in the shower that was so bad that the hospital staff had to stand outside the door helping me through the process of cleaning myself. I was crying during my showers out of the terror of anxiety I was experiencing.

“I was a complete and utter wreck but by an accident, I found The Linden Method online.”

By this time I had developed panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, intrusive thoughts, OCD and I was suffering so bad every minute of every day. I told my family that we needed to separate; I wanted my life partner of 13 years to take over full custody of our son and spend time with her side of the family until I got better if I ever would. By this time, I truly thought that my life was over. I had no hope of any kind of future, I was a complete and utter wreck but by an accident, I found The Linden Method online. I bought the Home Learning Program; not caring for anything else other than getting my life back and you can imagine how glad I am today that I did.

Today, I am recovered from severe anxiety, reunited with my family; doing whatever I want and I must say that the future looks bright. I thank myself for buying The Method, the fantastic creator of this program Charles Linden who understands anxiety more than any other psychiatrist as he also used to suffer from extreme anxiety disorders and cured himself.

Don’t give up the struggle of beating your disorder!! Charles came through it, I came through it and thousands of others are completely recovered! Why wouldn’t you?

You are worth every penny to recover. Start today! This is the only way out of the wicked symptoms anxiety can cause.


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