Sarah’s OCD & Eating Disorder Recovery Story

Hi my name is Sarah and I overcame OCD, Derealisation and an Eating Disorder


My name is Sarah and I’m from Kent. I suffered from anxiety from a very early age as I was taken away from my biological parents due to their miss us of drugs. I was removed from this scenario for my own safety and I can remember exactly how it felt to this day

My anxiety prevented me from doing a lot of things, from being an active person i.e. Playing football, completing army training, going to family gatherings, work, taking my dogs out on a walk, cinema, holidays, meals out etc the list could go on. This later lead me to become a user of drugs, which made my symptoms manifest.

My anxiety symptoms consisted of many different things such as; OCD, Agoraphobia, eating disorders, health anxiety, obsessions, inappropriate thoughts. I would spend a lot of my time very angry; I would punch walls because I couldn’t control my anger. I just couldn’t stop it.

I tried all sorts of medication such as anti-depressants, which was prescribed by my GP. Initially the doctors thought that all of this stemmed from depression and that I should learn to manage it as I would have it for the rest of my life. They later referred me to the mental health clinic in my local area where I was prescribed Quetiapine.

This drug lead to my anxiety turning into something a whole lot worse. Due to this medication, I became schizophrenic and I had to take this for two years. I felt awful all the time; I was so close to taking my own life.

It affected my family, loved ones, friends and work colleagues. I couldn’t accept that I had a problem and in all honesty I didn’t want to accept it. My anxiety was controlling every aspect of my life and it was worsening the more I tried to find different medication or doctors to help me.

One day I happened to be watching an episode of Loose Women and I heard Linda Robson talking about her son and his struggle with anxiety. That was where she talked about The Linden Method and how it changed his and her family’s life. After watching the show I decided to do some research and I’m so thankful I did.


I bought the Home Learning Programme in October 2017 and I haven’t looked back. Every day I followed The Method and it gave me the tools I needed to stop my drug abuse. I started to feel more like myself again, back to being full of life. I could go out and do things whenever I wanted. I could go out to the shops, walk my dogs on the beach or even just go for walks in the woods with my partner. I could start seeing the big wide world again.

I was able to spend time with my foster family who were amazing throughout all of this. They raised me as their own and I will always cherish them and their support. Finally, I can now enjoy their company and we can make up for lost time.

“I’ve grabbed this opportunity with both hands because I know The Linden Method works and there is no one out there quite like Charles”

Since following The Linden Method I’ve finally got my life back, whatever challenges are thrown my way I just get on and do it without hesitation. I am no longer housebound. I’ve enjoyed going back to work and standing alongside my partner in business. Our passion for the business is remarkable, my partner’s clients have seen a massive change within me and that brings me so much joy. I no longer get agitated, I’m no longer agoraphobic, anxious, OCD etc. I am finally at peace with myself and enjoy living my life to the full.

I can say that I have been anxiety free for five months and still counting! I have finally been able to achieve one of my goals by buying a business with my partner of five years, which he never thought would happen. He has been my rock through everything, we honestly didn’t imagine that we’d be where we are today if it wasn’t for TLM

I have been able to take myself of my medication and I can’t believe why anyone wouldn’t go down The Linden Method route. I have my life back! I’m doing so many different things that I never thought I would have done. I’ve recently begun MMA training, I’ve met new people, gained new skills and I’m boosting my fitness levels.

In my eyes one of the biggest achievements for myself must be being given the opportunity to become a Linden Method Ambassador. This is something that I honestly wouldn’t have thought was possible a few years back. I’ve only ever dreamt of being something like this, knowing that my story might help someone out there who can relate to what I went through.

I am and always will be forever grateful from the bottom of my soul to Charles and his team who believed in me from day one.

I’ve grabbed this opportunity with both hands because I know The Linden Method works and there is no one out there quite like Charles. He has been there, I have been there and without him, his understanding and his Method. We wouldn’t be here today, advising you to get onto the road of recovery.

You can be cured!

You don’t have to carry on suffering; you’ve done enough of that. So if you’ve watched my video or read my story, please just try The Linden Method. You wont regret it.

Hi, my name is Beth, I am director of Linden Tree Education.

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Beth Linden. Director.
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