Craig’s Health Anxiety Recovery Story

Hi my name is Craig and I overcame Health Anxiety


Hi, my name is Craig and I’m from Astwood Bank in Redditch. I had anxiety in 2015 and had this for about one year. I had worked within The Armed Forces and Prison Service for the past 24 years, a predominantly stressful environment. I can honestly say I know what stress is and how it affects the body and mind. However, I never realised that I would, one day have to deal with my own anxiety. I was always so strong and could deal with anything that life had to throw at me.

My disorder was based around health anxiety, I can’t tell you the amount of times I went to the doctors or had an ambulance called out.

As you can imagine it was a scary time for my loved ones and me. I had counselling and hypnotherapy, as well as being placed on a six-month waiting list for CBT.

I now know all of which doesn’t help remove health anxiety, I was so disappointed with the lack of support from my doctors. I felt helpless and at the mercy of this debilitating condition

During my health anxiety, I stopped doing the things I enjoyed doing. Like getting out in the fresh air, walking that mountain or getting covered in mud mountain biking in the forest. Agoraphobia stopped me doing those things I enjoyed and my world became smaller and smaller. I never wanted to go out socialising and felt safer at home, how wrong was I, I was creating this anxiety disorder within me.

I had many symptoms, which included panic attacks that were very scary. I thought they would last forever and I remember thinking I can’t carry on and live my life like this.

Enough was enough and I starting to research why I felt the way I did to find some sort of answer. I never knew what was wrong with me until I came across The Linden Method.

I so glad that I came across The Linden Method, as this was to change my life forever.

All became clear after reading about Charles Linden, I couldn’t believe it, I had actually suffered with many of the same symptoms that Charles Linden himself had suffered with. My life had been in quite the dark place, not only for myself but my loved ones were suffering too, but I knew now what I had to do.


This was the turning point for me, as I knew I could now become anxiety free using The Linden Method. Looking forward with excitement in getting my life back I enrolled in one of the residential retreats that Charles and Beth facilitate to help people like you, become anxiety free.
During this I absorbed all that was passed onto me and found this to be very empowering, all of which enabled me to regain my life back. Within weeks I was back to my normal self and enjoying life once again. I can’t thank the team enough for all their help; they helped me get my life back.

“Each day as I complied with The Linden Method was a new day, a day of feeling better, my thoughts surrounding anxiety and these emotions and sensations faded”

During my journey of recovery, I started to feel amazing. My life was exciting and more fulfilled. Each day as I complied with The Linden Method was a new day, a day of feeling better, my thoughts surrounding anxiety and these emotions and sensations faded. This enabled me to move forward with a jump in my step. Life was getting better final, even though I was a little apprehensive at first; I now had the utmost respect and confidence in The Linden Method.

After attending the residential retreat, this got me thinking about my life and what I wanted from it. I realised that my current job in the Prison Service was not the way forward. A few months after leaving the residential retreat I started up my own business. I have less stress and a better social life with a great work life balance. My life was getting better and better, but not just for me, but my loved ones too. I even started to climb mountings again.

I have now become a more confident and positive person. This also made me realised my passion to help others who were suffering in those same circumstances I had previously experienced. No one should have to go through what my loved ones or me had been through. After speaking with Beth Linden about my future and newfound passion, it wasn’t long before I was working towards being an LAR Coach Practitioner.

After about six-months and now as a qualified LAR Coach Practitioner my desire is to help others overcome their anxiety and associated symptoms of anxiety. I’ve also become a qualified Life Coach, I guess that’s because I’m more positive and confident.

When I was asked to become an Ambassador for The Linden Method, I felt this was an opportunity to help others and reassure those who may have concerns about doing The Linden Method, that, you can do it. You can and will become anxiety free by removing all those associated symptoms of anxiety as I did. Like many other Ambassadors we all have a story to tell, but we also all have one thing in common, we all recovered using The Linden Method.

So please don’t think you have to suffer another day. Do, The Linden Method and recovery won’t be far away.

I wish you well and your journey to recovery, which starts now….


Hi, my name is Beth, I am director of Linden Tree Education.

You will receive unlimited, qualified support from amazing Recovery Specialists when you start the courses.

If you wish to receive guidance or support, please contact the support team through the TLM  Members Portal

If you wish to book a course, please contact Beth is director of Linden Recovery and course director of the Anxiety Recovery Retreat programmes.

Beth Linden. Director.
Linden Tree Edu.


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