Somatosensory / Somatic Anxiety Disorder / Somatosensory Amplification

What is it and what can you do about it?

How do somatosensory experience form?

When you develop an anxiety condition, you activate deep neurology which prepares the body and mind for high level responses.

These responses developed during human evolution to prepare you to fight or flee from potential danger.

A vital element of this response is called hypervigilance. This activates the senses in order to identify and deal with the threat.

In a fear response, this works very efficiently BUT when fear becomes disordered, it can cause sufferers to experience a wide and troubling group of anxious focuses.

Somatic symptoms are not a disorder in themselves, they are normal and acceptable within a fear response but also happen within a fear disorder. Please try to understand this statement because it is vital to your understanding of your disorder.

These include inappropriate:

  • focus on breathing
  • focus on swallowing
  • focus on digestive function
  • focus on consciousness (fear of fainting/passing out)
  • focus on circulation and heart
  • focus on eating
  • focus on using the toilet
  • and more

Somatosensory Amplification

Psychology will have you believe that any increased somatic experience is due to mental illness or disorder but that is not sceintifically true. Like vomiting for example, somatosensory experiences within anxiety are not the core disorder, they are physical manifestations activated BY the disorder.

Anxiety (fear disorder) will always create these neurological experiences and some people will experience more than others and some more intensely for others, but they are NORMAL within the disorder and are not the sign of mental or physical illness.


Doctors will often interpret somatosensory responses as hypochondriasis, which it clearly is not. Hypochondriacs experience high levels of fear in isolation in the same way as specific phobias are experienced (fear of digs, heights, flying etc.). Whilst these may also exist within an anxiety disorder, they disappear when the anxiety disorder is removed.

Real solution focused help and support.

If you experience somatic swallowing or breathing issues, if you experience any form of inappropriatw focus on your bodily functions, we have the solution.

We have helped many thousands of people to overcome their somatosensory disorders completely and quickly.

How does it work?

SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS – We will give you very specific, simple instructions that force your mind to believe it is safe. It will then decativate the inappropriate fear (anxiety) and stop all of the inappropriate thoughts in their tracks. This is very simple science correctly applied.

UNLIMITED SUPPORT – You will also receive unlimited telephone and email support from our qualified recovery therapists.

Can it fail to work?

No. It cannot fail. Like eating to cure hunger, this process is defined by science and guaranteed by human evolution.



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