Linden Method Trials – NHS Led Testing – 100% effective

The Linden Method Trials

The National Health Service specified testing of The Linden Method program in order to test its effectiveness against CBT, counselling and other psychological therapies. The outcome proved that The Linden Method is over 900% more effective than any other treatment option.

Linden Method Testing Outcome

61 participants – Average incoming GAD7 score of 18.24 – Post-treatment average score of 2.84 – Average result – From Chronic to Recovered

Linden Method Efficacy Evidence

2014 Participation 5100 patients – 4% Tech support requests – 11% Programme guidance requests – 0.6% Voluntary programme terminations

NHS Led Linden Method Trial for Children

An NHS (National Health Service) Primary Care Trust led trials in which they asked us to address the anxiety disorders in a small group of young people in Child and Adult Services.

The feedback forms below were completed by those young people after just two weeks accessing our Linden Method program.

The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the speed and efficacy of the Method and the work we do to bring fast relief to sufferers of any age.

Names and personal details have been redacted to preserve data protection.


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