Diane’s Derealisation Recovery Story

Hi my name is Diane and I overcame Derealisation


I will start by saying I am anxiety free and very happy. My name is Diane and in 2015, I was suffering severely with anxiety. At the time, I didn’t realize what I was feeling; all I knew was that I felt scared all the time. I could be out shopping, or even just at home and suddenly my heart would begin racing. I did not understand what was going on, it could happen completely out of the blue. When I talked to friends and family, they all reassured me it was nothing to worry about and I will be fine. I didn’t feel fine.

The anxiety got so bad I found myself not wanting to go out with my friends; I couldn’t go out shopping on my own. I would make any excuse under the sun to not go. I was losing my life and my independence. My world was becoming smaller. After the heart racing, I began to breakout in a sweat and I would wake up every hour of the night. My mind would constantly be running, every hour different thoughts and feelings.

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. One morning, I remember waking up and just feeling as if I was not there. I was constantly so spaced out; I couldn’t make sense of anything. This is what scared me the most, not knowing what was really happening and why I didn’t feel a connection to anything, let alone myself. I tried to carry on with my life as normally as I possibly could. Going to work everyday became a real struggle, doing the everyday jobs was so exhausting and it made me feel dreadful. It got worse and I woke up every morning feeling as if I was not there and nothing that I was doing felt even remotely real.

I went to see my GP who told me that I have anxiety, I didn’t understand how anyone could feel like this and it was only anxiety. He referred me to a therapist and reassured me that talking would help. I did this for months on end; I would pour my heart out trying to find some answer to why I was suffering so much. Why was I feeling like this? Yet, the sensations and symptoms only got worse over time. I became dizzy all the time; I would have panic attacks in the middle of nowhere.

It got to the point doctors suggested I needed medication to control my anxiety. Medication wasn’t something I really wanted to do but I felt so awful I didn’t know what else I could do. After a while of being on the medication, nothing changed and I was told that I need to learn to live with my anxiety, to control it as best as I could. When I heard that all I remember thinking is that I must be really ill, going mad or even worse, I thought I could be dying.

I had spent so long trying to cope that I psychically couldn’t do it anymore. One Sunday evening I sat down with my husband and son, in complete desperation trying to find something on the Internet. Searching ‘can you cure anxiety?’ ‘Will I have to live with anxiety forever?’ That’s when I found The Linden Method.


I read as much as I could about Charles Linden and The Linden Method until a light came on and I felt like my prayers were being answered. The Linden Method was exactly the thing I had so desperately been searching for! I knew this was the way forward, knowing he had been in my shoes and was now living his life the way he wanted. I got in contact with The Linden Method the next morning and asked for help. I received the home learning programme but because of my anxiety I was constantly worried I wouldn’t do it right, so I decided to book to go on their four-day Retreat programme.

“I was adamant that I had to take this journey and I had to keep working until I knew it had finally gone”


My husband and I went to the Retreat together, he came with me for support but as soon as I arrived, I was in tears. I felt so out of my depth but I also felt relief in just being there, knowing this could be the end to my anxiety. Charles, Beth and the team at the Retreat put me at ease instantly. The whole experience from start to end was so incredible, learning all about my anxiety and finally seeing a way to get rid of it.

Leaving the Retreat after the four days was possibly one of the most terrifying and daunting days of my life but I was adamant that I had to take this journey and I had to keep working until I knew it had finally gone. I followed The Method to the tee and I began to live again. I began drawing, making jewelry and fell madly in love with ballroom and Latin dancing.

After leaving The Retreat and following the programme, I could feel my anxiety disappearing. TLM had worked and it had changed my life! Since leaving the Retreat and being fully rid of my anxieties, I dance twice a week and have entered many dancing competitions. I have even been lucky enough to dance at the Blackpool Winter Gardens the last two years. I could never in my wildest dreams, have imagined that this could be possible when I was riddled with anxiety and feeling so very ill.My life now revolves around dancing, I think of new music everyday that I can use for my next routine. The Linden Method gave me my life back and made it better. I’m more social, I go on holiday, I do so much more than I ever did before and during my time with anxiety.


I live my life to the full and I have my life back, I’m happy and enjoying all the things that I used to do before anxiety and all the new things I’m doing now. I have made many plans for the future, I look forward to waking up everyday and finally I can just be myself!

The Linden Method did not only give me my life back it has enabled me to become better than I thought I could ever be.

So, if you are a sufferer reading my story, I would urge you to try The Linden Method program – you won’t regret it.

Life is too short to be living with anxiety; it needs to be exciting and every moment must be cherished! Don’t wait another minute… please, I urge you, just do it, you won’t regret it!


Hi, my name is Beth, I am director of Linden Tree Education.

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Beth Linden. Director.
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