The Linden Method – How long does it take to work?

The Linden Method is an evidence based psycho-educational recovery therapy. The Gold Standard in psyco-educational recovery.

The Linden Method

Evidence Based Recovery Solution

The Big Question is – Does The Linden Method work?

26 years, million of resource users and NHS testing confirms that it’s THE most effective solution available.

The Linden Method is the Gold Standard of treatment therapies.

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The Linden Method is REAL science used effectively.

We can’t change human biology… at least not very quickly… evolution will do that over time… but we can utilise what human evolution has given us in order to remove anxiety disorders because that’s just the way the mind and body work! The Linden Method provides that process in simple-to-follow steps with professional guidance and support.”

Charles Linden
The Linden Method
Linden Tree Education


Within minutes of starting The Linden Method, you will be removing the anxiety response that cause your symptoms and you will erasing your anxiety disorder from your mind.

The Linden Method shows you how to quickly convince your subconscious that it is safe using some very simple techniques we have developed over 22 years of curing our clients – it’s so much easier than managing your anxiety every day.

The process evolved during human development and represents the ONLY way to remove anxiety conditions.

But how?



The physiology and what it means to YOU

How The Linden Method creates recovery

Bodily systems have the same function and produce the same outcomes in every person.

Evolution has created a blueprint for everything that happens within your body and mind and these functions are based on physical movement, chemicals and electrical impulses.

In The Linden Method, this will all be explained fully – it is proven, accepted science.

Respiration, circulation, digestion, the endocrine system, the emotions… these are all ‘closed systems’ within our bodies and minds and cannot be changed by medication or talking therapies, attempting to change thoughts or hypnosis for example… there is only one way to reach them and we show you how to do that simply with immediate results within The Linden Method.

These bodily systems keep us alive and respond to every interaction with the world around us, but, if they lose their natural equilibrium, they can also cause us to feel unwell. This is called ‘disorder’.

This balance can be lost through a number of influential factors… negatively impacting incoming data or substances for example.

As we pass through life, experiences and the ingested substances and sensory information we expose ourselves to, can produce dramatic physiological and psychological imbalance (Intoxication from alcohol is a perfect example of this) but even things we consider relatively ‘low impact’ can, when coupled with other factors, over long periods, produce some very severe physical and psychological issues.

The emotions, including fear, are no different to any other bodily system… they switch ON automatically when required and switch off once they have been utilised… BUT you can also switch them off AT WILL – but you have to know how to do that – and this is what The Linden Method will show you.

The Linden Method - How it works


But what does this mean to you?

When you do The Linden Method, within 10 minutes of starting it, you will be sending adjusted nerve impulses to your subconscious mind that will deactivate the anxiety response at its core.

They will convince your mind that it is ‘safe’.

Using this internal biology is the only way to cure an anxiety disorder and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t understand human biology or has a reason to mislead you!

Yes, there are people and resources whose businesses rely on people remaining anxious… they may tell you that anxiety is incurable, that everyone ‘needs’ anxiety, that drugs and psychology are the only solution, that you must discuss, analyse and dissect past trauma in order to be ‘well’… these people are misleading you.

The Linden Method process is like learning to play a guitar, in which you place your fingers and strum and whilst doing so, your brain modifies neurology to learn each chord in turn, then in sequences, until you retain the knowledge that makes you a guitarist.

Like eating to satisfy hunger – there is one process in play and when your stomach sends ‘full’ data to your mind, hunger deactivates… this is the exact same process that erases anxiety disorders, it’s just that one acts on the digestive system and the one we are concerned with acts on the emotions system… no difference whatsoever. More about hunger in a minute!

How quickly CAN you recover using The Linden Method? Minutes.

How quickly will you recover using The Linden Method? You will recover as quickly as you can DO as instructed by us and send the right messages to the right place in your mind.

What’s the fastest time a client has recovered using The Linden Method? 90 minutes. How? Because those people got it, accessed it and did it.

What’s the slowest time a compliant client has recovered using The Linden Method? A few days.

What about people who say The Linden Method didn’t cure them? These represent under 1/2% of our clients – They didn’t do as instructed. Non-compliance = Limited results.


And here is the real deal ‘clincher’.

The Linden Method is so simple and so aligned to the human body and mind that in addition to curing your anxiety disorder and removing your symptoms, it also reprogrammes your subconscious mind to recognise and deal with any future stress, threats or fears totally appropriately… WITHOUT  redeveloping an anxiety disorder!

The Linden Method is an anxiety ‘firewall’ for the brain!

And there’s an even better ‘sife-effect’ of recovery using the Linden Method

Through The Linden Method, you will become more capable in every aspect of your physical and intellectual abilities… you will re-access all the ‘resources’ that had been distracted and used by your anxiety – you will feel and be, far stronger intellectually and physically… even better than you previously were!

This is why we developed our LAR Anxiety Recovery Coaching Accreditation programme – Nearly every person we have cured wants to be able to do the same for other people – They feel compelled to cure others! So we created a programme to enable them to do that… why? Because we are here to change lives… and we do!

If all this sounds incredible but you need evidence, just click on the Linden Method reviews link in the top menu and view some of the tens of thousands of clients, celebs and doctors who tell everyone about what they have experienced!

Take care


Charles Linden
Linden Tree Education
The Linden Method