The Solution Healthcare & Corporates NEED

The Solution Healthcare & Corporates NEED

Anxiety – Panic – OCD – Agoraphobia – Health Anxiety – Depression – ME – CFS

How do you save the NHS £billions

How do you prevent mental health related absenteeism?

How do you find a resource that will take over mental health care for you?

How do you help every ‘frequent flier’?

How do you take the strain off primary and secondary care?

You implement a programme that has a proven 100% success rate at lowering anxiety levels and returning people to normal emotional responses.

GAD7 18.24 to 2.84 in university trials. That’s an average outcome of total recovery.

A programme that has helped over 184,000 people since 1997… a programme with support provided by accredited, experienced MBACP anxiety recovery specialists.

Consider this… you could hand over the complete management and treatment of all your stress, anxiety and depression suffering clients, employees or patients… and save a small fortune.

A programme that:

  • – is the oldest online provision of mental health recovery services in the world
  • – achieved 100% total efficacy in NHS specified trial
  • – costs less than most single therapy sessions but covers a year’s access and support
  • – is day one access to resources and support
  • – aligns with NICE guidelines
  • – keeps patients IN WORK or gets them back and productive fast
  • – has treated over 260,000 people with incredible outcomes
  • – can be accessed anonymously to preserve confidentiality
  • – accredited by the NCFE
  • – administered by MBACP practitioners
  • – provides constant unlimited guidance
  • – provides resources for all major anxiety disorders and depression
  • – is as effective for ME and CFS
  • – can be used by people with learning disabilities
  • – can be used by people of any age
  • – provides professional level training for your staff (if required)
  • – provides programmes for schools, higher education and armed forces


Instead of dealing with anxious people and facing the constant bombardment of concerns they bring with them in any environment, we will do that for you.

Just call Beth Linden today to find out how we can help you to manage this problem and save you time, heartache and money!

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