Are you scared?

Do you feel fearful all the times or when you really shouldn'?

  • Do you avoid things to prevent fear?
  • Do you feel overwhelemed by negative emotions and/or thoughts?
  • Do you analyse and over-think everything?
  • Do you think you are just a ‘scared’ person?
  • Do you take medication or have therapy to cope with your fears?


My name is Charles Linden and the reason I ask these questions is because for 22 years, that’s the way I felt too.

I am director of Linden Tree Education and Anxiety Recovery Retreats… but I was also you once.

It activated panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, eating disorders, emetophobia, derealisation, depersonalisation, monophobia, fear of dying, emetophobia and health anxiety and from 1972 till 1996, I was an emotional ‘mess’.

BUT… here’s the truth… you are NOT scared. You are not weak. You are not vulnerable. You, 100%, are NOT mentally ill.

So many people believe they are frail and mentally ill because your mind and body make you feel that way but also because medicine and psychology reinforce those beliefs.

But it’s nonsense and I’ll tell you why.

Fear is an emotion, agreed?

Anxiety is NOT an emotion, it’s the disorder of fear… anxiety is too much fear.

You KNOW that you shouldn’t be scared and that your anxious focuses shouldn’t play a constant, conscious part in your life… Ok, agreed, some of those things aren’t nice to consider, but they shouldn’t be a constant focus… your anxiety condition is causing you to focus on them.

You see, you aren’t scared, you are anxious – you can only be truly scared when you are confronted with something to be scared of… so in anxiety, it’s false fear.

This is great news for you because it means that you can quickly remove the disorder and return to normal emotional responses.

Medication CANNOT do this for you. Therapy CANNOT do this for you. Neither can meditation, hypnosis, EMDR, EFT, CBT, relaxation, breathing exercises, exposure therapy, yoga, diet, vitamins and minerals or anything else people are often sold… how do we know? Because those things are unrelated to the core problem.

Your mind and body are waiting for instructions from your senses…. ‘anxiety off’ instructions. These create the ONLY way you can be freed from your disorder.

This can only happen in one way – But when you do it, it’s immediate and permanent.

Trust us with the benefit of 22 years practice and over 1/4 million cases – You can and will recover. You just need the right advice.

Tomorrow you can wake feeling massively calmer.

Our team can advise you – Call +44 (0)1562 742004 and find out how we can change your life.