Do you want to recover?

If you want to recover, here are the things you NEED TO KNOW

My name is Charles. I am director of Linden Tree Education and I was you once… frustrated by lack of recovery, lack of sensibe advice and lack of anything that made even a modicum of sense to me (or any other sufferer).

In 1996 I recovered and since then I have shown millions how to do the same… and hopefully YOU are next.

You DO NOT have to suffer for one more day… just follow my lead and you will feel better by the end of today.

Here are the key factors that will lead you to recovery…

  1. Science dictates how to remove anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, inappropriate thoughts, over-thinking and low mood – only ‘what works’ will work. Like eating to cure hunger there is ONE and only one, process that will deactivate inappropriate fear.
  2. The system that activates and controls fear is responsible for the disorders – ONLY by re-balancing that system will emotional balance be restored.
  3. Drugs cannot and will not remove an anxiety condition. They will only provide sedative properties that ‘numb’ the symptoms.
  4. Therapy such as CBT, counselling, hypnosis, relaxation, analysis etc. will exacerbate and perpetuate the disorders – This is due to simple brain science that confirms that ‘what you do, you become’.
  5. By switching off the cause of your disorder, you will recover.
  6. The cause of your disorder is not the experience that activated your disorder – it is your genetic ability to suffer. Many people cannot suffer… unfortunately, you can… however, fortunately, you will discover that this predisposition is the greatest assett evolution could have ever given you.
  7. When you recover, you will create a mind that has been gifted an assett greater than any qualification or training anyone could ever receive.
  8. Recovery is MASSIVELY simpler than managing your anxiety, phobias, obsessions and low mood… the daily struggle and manipulation of people and situations is FAR more difficult than resetting your emotional balance… after all, resetting emotional balance is what you are genetically pre-set to do!


Just because nothing you have done YET has led you to relief, doesn’t mean relief doesn’t exist… it means that no one you have trusted has been able to show you it!

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I’ve created a recovery webinar to tell you more about how we achieve the results we do… you can log in to watch it below.


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