Anxiety, Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed

If you are susceptible to developing an anxiety disorder, keep away from marijuana!!

But how do you know if you are and what can you do if you have?

The media reports on the medicinal use of marijuana constantly and quote from ‘trials’ and evidence but there a MASSIVE factor that none of these scientists understand or consider and it’s the one factor that places billions at risk of developing anxiety disorders.

Anxiety, Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed

If you have smoked marijuana and are now anxious, read on!

It’s all very well for people to shout about the medical use of marijuana, cannabis, weed or however you like to refer to it, but the problem is that, for a distinct group of people, cannabis can be the catalyst immediate and long-term anxiety disorders.

Agreed, not everyone has that predisposition but it’s a lottery as to whether you will respond positively or aggressively to cannabis use so, is it worth the risk?

Around 25-30% of the world’s population will respond adversely… I’m not talking about a bad case of ‘the munchies’, low-level paranoia or feeling ‘randy’, I am talking about responses deep within the autonomic nervous system that make serious and far-reaching changes to the neurology that controls emotions.

Sure, there’s evidence that marijuana can assist in pain control and has properties that can ease the suffering across a myriad of physical ailments but if a person with a life-limiting illness needs pain relief for example, wouldn’t it be better to use a controlled substance that doesn’t carry this inherent risk than to gamble that the cannabis might add an anxiety disorder to their, already difficult, life!

We have had tens of thousands of people of all ages come to us suffering from weed-induced anxiety disorders… people who were, day earlier, more than emotionally equipped to deal with life but, in an instant, their lives have been cast into emotional imbalance, panic, phobias and obsessions that are both foreign and disturbing to them… all because of ‘trying’ cannabis at a party.

I genuinely never endorse the use of ANY drug… any substance you put into your body will create physiological/endocrine responses and it is our responsibility as sensible adults to gauge what causes repercussions, inappropriate responses, risk or even death and avoid those things. Alcohol and cigarettes are responsible for millions of deaths each year… do we really NEED them?

I drank and smoked once but not now. Not only do I realise that their use effects me but would also affect my family… not only environmentally, but also genetically… what we do to our bodies prior to having children can be genetically passed to our children with dramatic consequences.

Cannabis isn’t coffee… it’s a powerful, dangerous and misunderstood substance that can change people quickly with long-term physical, emotional and sociological consequences.

Do I agree that it is used medically? NO… but not because it isn’t useful but SOLELY because other than myself, I have never found another person who is capable of gauging whether a person is prone to developing an anxiety disorder and until the recognition of that susceptibility is done prior to medicinal cannabis use, I would say AVOID at all cost.

How can we help you overcome your anxiety?

If you have developed an anxiety disorder POST smoking marijuana/cannabis, please call our centre… we can show you how to remove the resultant anxiety disorder.

Can you go back to smoking cannabis after recovering from your anxiety disorder?

Yes… but why would you? Life can create wonderfully satisfying natural highs… the problem isn’t that you NEED marijuana… the problem is that your life isn’t what you need it to be without it.

That’s easy to solve.


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