About Linden Tree Education & TLM

The Linden Method - THE GOLD STANDARD - Our aspirations, expectations and recovery outcomes is what we call the Gold Standard and we have a robust governance framework in place which ensures that all our staff are supported but also challenged in the pursuit of excellence. We pride ourselves on the outcomes we generate and constantly work to maintain and improve upon those unique standards.

Evidence Based Recovery Practice – The Gold Standard of recovery therapy provision.

The Only Provider of Recovery Focused, Evidence Based Psycho-education

LAR, the therapy behind The Linden Method, is the only dedicated, accredited Anxiety Disorder Recovery therapy with unlimited qualified support and a total focus on removing inappropriate anxiety


Internationally available Anxiety Recovery Programs

Educational programs leading to a CPD Accreditation in Anxiety Recovery Coaching CLICK HERE

“We focus on RECOVERY – Not coping strategies or anxiety management… we return people to happy and fulfilling lives.” Beth Linden – Director

For over 20 years, we have been providing anxiety recovery course to people suffering from stress, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD, Pure O, eating disorders, self-harming, phobias and depression.

Linden Tree Education’s team are BACP member psychotherapists providing support and program guidance to our clients.


Our programs come in three formats – Home LearningWorkshopsResidential and we have clients from all over the world. Currently we have over 19,000 clients outside of Europe.

Efficacy Trials

Our trial data reports that our success rates are the highest in the field – In recent trials, the average success rate was moving people from an anxiety level of 18.24 out of 21, to 2.87 out of 21. Below 5 is ‘normal’ emotional response. The evidence for our success is overwhelming CLICK HERE to read some comments.

Our team of BACP, LAR and/or AC member Specialists have thousands of hours experience providing simple, fast and effective recovery focused treatment and work within the strictest boundaries of clinical practice to deliver wonderful recovery pathways to all our clients.

Our programs fall under NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines CG113


Our home learning programs have been used by over 260,000 people since 1997 and the team at the centre has an enormous mine of experience providing guidance, reassurance, support and enormously beneficial resources to sufferers from around the world.

Patients of all ages travel from all over the UK and indeed the world, to take advantage of the centre’s and team’s reputations for providing very easy to follow programmes of recovery with constant, accessible reassuring support and guidance.

Founded in 1997, Linden Tree Education’s reputation blossomed quickly and within months of founding the organisation, referrals from doctors and psychologist from around the world came in as increasing numbers of their patients achieved anxiety disorder freedom.

Soon our team members were enlisted to help in crisis management within corporations, the sports and music industries and to assist when actors or performers experience high anxiety that effects their ability to carry out their work effectively.

Coronation Street's Kate Ford: "The Linden Method worked for me"
Coronation Street’s Kate Ford: “The Linden Method worked for me”

This was a wonderful boost for our reputation and quickly increased recognition of what we do and the results we achieve.

Our Workshops and Retreats programmes have hosted patients from every corner of the world including New Zealand, South Africa, South America, Saudi Arabia, Russia and across the USA and Canada including business people, politicians, actors and musicians and quite a number of celebrity clients too.

Our corporate programmes are used by government and media agencies, back to work agencies and corporate clients who wish to address stress and anxiety in the workplace to satisfy their duty of care but also to bring their workforce back to full working potential.

Our programmes promote recovery and for that reputation The Centre has become the first port of call to people from around the world. We have helped over 260,000 people and the success data and thousands of testimonials are testament to the work we all at the centre, have a passion for delivering.

Why are we so very different?

  • Our UK therapy clinics in Worcestershire and Harley Street in London consist of expert counselling psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and anxiety disorder recovery life coaches who specialise in programs of recovery instead of traditional long-term anxiety management or coping strategies.
  • Our Specialists have been trained to administer the most simple, structured and supported recovery programmes available, with constant access, guidance and reassurance when the patient needs it – rather than when the next session comes around.
  • Our focus is on fast and long-term relief from all the symptoms and thoughts our patients have been experiencing

Trials at Copenhagen University

Average incoming anxiety level 18.24 out of 21 (Severe)
Average post Linden Method anxiety level 2.84 out of 21 (Below normal)
This demonstrates that, on average, the clients returned to below normal levels of anxiety
61 test subjects took part – These figures reflect the efficacy figures gathered in 200

Other reasons why we are so different

Free, Unlimited, qualified support from MBACP, LAR and/or AC Specialists

You can be reassured and guided by a unique group of Specialists who can answer any question or concern you have in an instant when YOU need it, not when your next session come around as with other ‘support’. They can explain every symptom and thought and tell you what to do to remove it fast. You can even speak to the same specialist if you wish.

Programmes recommended by many NHS doctors and psychologist

NHS practitioners and clinics continue to refer clients directly to The Linden Method programs and Retreats.

NO writing or exercises to do

Unlike other Methods, TLM is paperless! The technique is so simple, it slips into your life seamlessly.

NO leaving home (unless you want to)

You will not have to use ‘face your fear’ tactics or ‘push’ your anxiety. You can do TLM in your own home. It’s so simple and immediately effective without added stress.

NO counselling or ‘changing your thoughts’

Counselling doesn’t work in every case. The emotion of fear is unaffected by talking about it… this process is direct and sensible.

NO false claims or endless sessions

We will deliver what we promise.  We work with you to create the results you need and want.

Huge quantities of real ensorsements and testimonials

No other independent anxiety recovery organisation, to our knowledge, demonstrates the level of doctor, psychologist, academic, client, celebrity or government agency endorsements we can here at The Linden Tree Education.

There are many programs available online and off that make big claims, offer a cure for $x and deliver very little. We are respected by professionals and we produce unquestionable results.

4National Institute of Clinical Institute NICE CG113

The Linden Method falls under NICE guidelines CG113 for Guided Self-Help.

20 Years experience treating people

We have been providing anxiety recovery courses to clients for over 18 years now. Our team of psychologists, doctors of psychology and Specialists have worked very hard to create a true recovery therapy that is now used by and recommended by the NHS, doctors, psychologists and other government agencies.

Used by government and media agencies

We have both government, media and corporate contracts to provide anxiety recovery courses to long-term unemployed and those on long-term sickness benefits.

Support, guidance and reassurance to millions of people

Millions of people have accessed our programs, books, CDs, videos and online resources. Sports-people, celebrities, media companies, corporations and more use us to deliver the fast results they need when someone is suffering.

ac-logoRegistered Coaching Organisation

We are a member of The Association for Coaching, our Centre and our Coaching programme is CPD accredited and our staff are all BACP, LAR and/or AC registered psychotherapeutic practitioners who are all certified and monitored by their individual governing bodies.

We have a qualified supervisor in house

sheila-darleyOur team is strictly monitored by their governing bodies and we have an in-house, qualified Supervisor to oversee the practice.

Sheila Darley MBACP is our in house supervisor.

NO medication

Our programs are drug free. The Linden Method will be as effective whether you take medication or not. You’ll instictively know when to come off your medication, however, please seek guidance from your medical advisor first.

NO talking therapy, hypnosis or mumbo jumbo

Just simple, accessible, supportive solutions that are very easy to implement and produce measurable results.