Michelle’s Agoraphobia Recovery Story

Hi my name is Michelle and I overcame Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks


My name is Michelle and in 2004, we had a family trauma that completely took over my life. It all began with the feeling of being trapped and this is when my anxiety manifested so much it led to me experiencing my first panic attack

My symptoms would make me think I was going to have a heart attack, my mouth would be dry, my chest would feel so tight. It became so bad that an ambulance was called I was taken to A&E. I went through all the motions of blood tests, scans, etc. All the results came back clear and that is when I knew that this was something different.

I would have continuous visits to my GP, absolutely convinced I was dying or that something was seriously wrong. They then prescribed me the Valium, Prozac, and Beta Blockers to help control my symptoms. All that really did was make everything so much worse.

I spent every day in my room, the safety room I called it! Every day I woke feeling utterly miserable. Every day there was a panic attack and my life very soon became a misery. At the time, my husband was my absolute rock; he didn’t understand it anymore than I did. We both couldn’t understand what and why this was happening to me.

I started to withdraw completely at this point; stepping one foot out of the front door was never going to happen. One day a friend came to visit and I couldn’t even open the door to them; I couldn’t even cope with holding a conversation. I hid under the letterbox crying because I wanted to let her in but couldn’t. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. I felt so desperately alone and shut off, I didn’t know what to do and what was worse was it was only my brain creating this whole situation.

Therefore, I made decision to contact my GP and they decided to start me on CBT. That was great for someone who couldn’t even leave their own home. Trying to get out of the door for this was nothing short of a nightmare but I knew I had to try. My throat felt like it was closing in on me and I was terrified I was going to choke.

I made it to 3 weeks worth of sessions and couldn’t do it anymore. I felt minor progress, but my fellow sufferers in the group that I was attending weren’t ready to help themselves it all just set me back!

Then my GP decided to refer me to a hypnotherapist. That experience definitely wouldn’t have helped cure me. After feeling like every road I was taking, was literally leading me nowhere, I decided to go to the Internet in search for an answer and that is where I found The Linden Method.


What exactly did I have to lose? I had tried everything before TLM so I thought why not try this one. I ordered the Home Learning Programme and waited for it to arrive at my house. I am not going to lie to you all, when I first opened the package, I cried. I thought this is never going to work, nothing has worked before, and it is all a joke.

“Charles had been through everything I was going through and it gave me so much reassurance that I too could become anxiety free”

Anyway, something led me to the decision to just give it ago and I am so glad I did. I picked it up, I started taking in every word and I couldn’t believe that someone else out there had experienced everything I was experiencing. Charles had been through everything I was going through and it gave me so much reassurance that I too could become anxiety free. It was a though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, time is definitely a real healers because I took the time to do The Method and now look at me. I’m here, telling you my story

If you had asked me when I was in the mist of my anxiety would I be here today, I would have thought it was all a lie. I had to give up my job when my anxiety was at its worst and now I have been employed for ten years now, and I’ve even been promoted to manager.

I got married to my best friend, my rock, the man who stood by me through all my tough times and I honestly cannot thank him enough.

The Linden Method gave me my life back and so much more. I’ve been anxiety free for thirteen years and I honestly couldn’t be any happier than I am today.

You can be happy too, you can take the control back of your life. No matter how hard times may feel, there is a way out and that way is The Linden Method. I urge you to try it because I guarantee if you are reading this now, you’ve already tried so many other alternatives that haven’t worked and that is why you’re still searching for an answer. TLM is the answer!

Hi, my name is Beth, I am director of Linden Tree Education.

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Beth Linden. Director.
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