PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD post traumatic stress disorder

Do you experience PTSD? If so, this page is for you.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can effects anyone at all, not just military veterans!!

Most people associate PTSD with the stories heard in the media about war veterans or emergency service people who, after experiencing a traumatic event, then go on to develop PTSD.

PTSD manifests in many ways but most notably, sufferers focus on and relive the emotional turmoil of the event.

Many of our thousands of ex PTSD suffering clients were involved in conflict, but many were ambulance drivers, police officers or normal every day people… even children.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder which should explain its true cause and the effect it has on individuals but it is enormously misunderstood and often mistreated as mental illness or depression which requires medication, analysis and therapy… we have shown many thousands of times over that this is not the case and that the true neurological nature of the brain event that gave rise to the condition, the nature of the condition itself and the solution which reverts the brain back to normal emotional responses  does not lie in a pill bottle or therapists chair.

The reason people develop PTSD isn’t what you might believe

It’s very easy when you are caught up in the internal mayhem caused by a high anxiety state, the physiological and sociological upheaval it causes and the, often confusing, advice provided, to feel that there is far more ‘wrong’ than there truly is.

The whole ‘anxiety disorder issue’ is overcomplicated by psychology and psychopharmacology and none of this does the sufferer any favours… so when we come along to ‘de-mist’ the windows and provide a clear, simple explanation and create a clear, simple and effective treatment pathway… it often gets met with disbelief… all we ask is that our clients ‘suspend their disbelief’ and just allow the recovery to happen.

The neurology of anxiety disorders and the predisposition to developing them is based in some fairly simple biology and in order to make full recoveries, sufferers must only understand their condition, its formation and the simple science that explains its presence and implement a structure that reverses the changes that have happened within the autonomic brain… in other words… an ‘anxiety thermostat reset’.

PTSD sufferers are often told or believe that their condition is some sort of ‘mental breakdown’, mental illness or frailty… it is not… despite the fact that it manifests so dramatically, both physically and mentally, it is NOT mental illness… it is NOT frailty.

Over the 19 years we have been practising, we have helped over 180,000 people to understand and overcome PTSD. Indeed, many have gone on to work in care and we developed our LAR practitioner program specifically for ex-sufferers who wish to retrain and cure others using the Method that cured them. Paying it forward.

Is this new science? No.

What we do at the centres is to use real science plus the experience of 19 years of helping millions of people using our programs, residential programs, corporate workshops and resources – The process we use is called LAR, a dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy that, not only switches off the anxiety that causes your disorder but also then creates new neurology that recognizes and deals with fear catalysts more appropriately for the future – in essence, protecting you from ever suffering again.

PTSD is a senseless, useless and frustrating condition that is destructive, frightening and debilitating. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So who are we and how do we know we can help you?

My name is Charles Linden and I am director of Linden Tree Education and at one point in my 27 year journey with anxiety and panic disorder, I had 8-10 panic attacks per day at my worst! It was horrendous… so I am TRULY ‘with you’ but I cam also 100% assure you that I KNOW how to stop anxiety disorders, including PTSD so that they never return!

PTSD is not, at all, what you might think it is and when you fully understand how it is formed, why it happens and what to do about it, your recovery will be swift.

I suffered with anxiety for 27 years of my life… combined with obsessions, phobias, eating and digestive issues, health anxiety and a variety of overwhelming anxieties but, aged 27, I recovered completely and since then have provided reassurance support and even a complete anxiety disorder recovery organization and accredited anxiety recovery therapy and training course to millions of people.

We know, from experience, how disturbing obsessive, intrusive, panic attacks can be… how?

All of our recovery experts at Linden Tree know how it feels because they were the same once. Our Specialists were chosen for their ability to create recovery using the Method but also because they have first hand knowledge of what it is to suffer, without which, they would be ill-equipped to help you. Recovery is our focus at the centres and we create recovery with a 100% success rate. All we ask is that clients ‘listen and do’.

Whether you suffer from PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, health anxiety, OCD, HOCD, POCD… indeed any of the conditions associated with anxiety, stress and depression, we have first hand experience of helping thousands to recover.

  • I personally know how it is to wake every day fighting to stay calm.
  • I know how it feels to have multiple panic attacks whilst dealing with life circumstances and family issues.
  • I know how it feels to be ashamed of  looking weak but frightened to talk to anyone about it.
  • I know how anxious, panicky, confused, frustrated and isolated you might be feeling.

I know all this because I was the same once!!

PTSD post traumatic stress disorderIn 1997 I devised a process that completely removed my disorder, it removed my panic attacks in one day and my inappropriate thoughts and every bit of anxiety, agoraphobia, health anxiety, depersonalisation, derealisation and every symptom I tolerated for over 27 years.

Now, that same process is an accredited therapy called LAR and TLM (The Linden Method) is the programme that delivers it to you.

The programme has a 100% success rate at reducing anxiety levels from severe to normal in university led trials and it is used in practice and recommended by doctors world-over.

By implementing a very simple structure and by applying some very simple rules, which require no real effort, are invisible to all others and which removes panic disorder at its source, you will recover very quickly indeed.


By, literally, switching off the mechanism that causes the PTSD and the underlying disorder to be generated and by correcting anxiety levels ‘systemically’ in the autonomic nervous system. It’s so scientific, simple and effective because it addresses the true cause.

Will it work? It can’t fail… this is just like eating to satisfy hunger… a preset process controls these thoughts… what we show you deactivates them.

We are here for you.

Our team are BACP member and LAR accredited mental healthcare practitioners trained to deliver anxiety recovery working within strict guidelines. They will NEVER write down notes, divulge information or judge you… again, because they were you once and also because they are strictly regulated by accredited governing bodies and have thousands of hours experience helping people just like you… over 180,000 in fact… to recover.

No one will know you are following our programme… they will just see you recover.

Is it easy?

Well, put it this way… we help children of 5 years overcome exactly what you are experiencing… YES, children get PTSD too. The treatment and recovery are the same in every case.

There are billions of people on the streets of the world with PTSD… trying so hard to keep it together when they feel like everything is falling apart… but the recovery process is so fast that they, like you, suffer needlessly!

The Linden Method program is accessible in the next 5 minutes. It includes unlimited recovery guidance by phone and email. It works or your money back.

Simple, specific guidance on how to remove PTSD

Immediately you arrive in The Linden Method members area, you will get specific guidance about recovery from panic disorder and every other thought and symptom you experience FAST.

I will immediately tell you what causes your condition and how to quickly erase it.

This simple instruction video will provide you with the information you need in order to understand PTSD’s true nature and to remove it fully, quickly and for good.

We are not some ‘fly by night’ ebook sales online con… we are an accredited learning centre containing mental health professionals (with a difference) – we focus on true and full recovery.

NO CBT. NO hypnotherapy. NO mumbo-jumbo. NO medication. NO endless talking or analysing. Just plain and simple scientific tactics to put in place today in order to finally end the nonsense you tolerate each day.

I was you once and now I live a full and fulfilling anxiety, obsession and panic free life, just like all my clients.

I assure you that if you follow my guidance, over the next days, not only will it all make complete sense, but your PTSD and every thought, symptom and sensation will evaporate… because that’s just the way the brain and body work!

Do The Linden Method or call one of our Specialists to find out more… don’t worry, you don’t have to talk about your thoughts if you don’t want to… just explain that you want to address your PTSD and they’ll lead you to recovery.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world access to materials and support is the same and our clients are equally and evenly spread around the world!



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PTSD post traumatic stress disorder

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