Why choose us?

Why choose The Linden Centre?

See how we are so different to anyone else providing anxiety disorder recovery resources

Our programmes include:

  • Unlimited, qualified support, guidance and reassurance for as long as you require it* – Psychologists/psychotherapists normally charge £30-£100 per hour
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee – No other anxiety recovery organisations offer a full guarantee of ‘satisfaction or your money back’
  • A wonderful range of registered anxiety recovery products – No other such organisation provides such a comprehensive resource free of charge
  • Life Coaching and any other psychological/counselling support by phone or email free of charge – No other organisation offers such high level guidance at no cost
  • No hidden costs, repeat fees or ‘extras’ – one fee for the entire course duration and everything is included (We even pay postage costs if required).

Why our Programmes?

It’s very simple:

  1. They were developed by an ex sufferer who knows exactly how sufferers feel and think and are supported and referred to by medical and psychological experts
  2. They are proven, in independent trials, torecover from anxiety disorders nearly every time
  3. They have been used over 16 years by over 210,000 people
  4. They are so simple to do that kids of seven do them with ease
  5. They provide amazing, constant support from qualified anxiety recovery specialists
  6. They provide a money back guarantee
  7. They are referred to and used by Drs, Psychologists, government agencies and more
  8. They are the only professionally supported, guaranteed, endorsed, proven home learning programs
  9. They conform to NICE guidelines CG113 for Guided Self-Help
  10. They are the only Home Learning programmes with Workshops, Retreat and Corporate programmes versions administered by trained practitioners
  11. Need we go on?

What we deliver is a simple system that will give you instant reassurance, guidance and the knowledge you will need in order to find relief from all of your symptoms and thoughts.


*Memberships are for 12 months to allow clients time to get started when they are ready and to allow them the flexibility to benefit at their own pace.