kateford copyThis page is long but was written for you and your recovery…

…so please read it carefully because every word was written with passion by me for YOU and every other person who suffers needlessly under the pointless and time wasting conditions that wiped out half of my life till I was 27.

Beth, myself and the team here at Linden Tree would, first of all, like to say hello and welcome to Linden Anxiety Recovery.

Thank you for joining me… I know that you will fully  benefit from what myself and my organization will tell you; the reassurance, experience and solutions we provide based on 19 years of helping people like you to FULLY recover from anxiety, phobias, panic, obsessions and depression are unique and life changing.

I was suffering like you once, so believe me, I know how it feels but since then I have helped tens of thousands of people to recover and I can promise you that you will recover too.

The wonderful team we have here are ALL ex sufferers but with a difference…

…they have been anxiety free for many years and are all qualified and accredited anxiety recovery specialists waiting to show you what they did to recover and what they show others like you to do.

lindatweet3-300x226It’s so, so simple…

…and you will be so relieved when we show you how you can become calm and happy again… just give us the opportunity to prove it to you.

I promise you that your anxiety disorder and your fast recovery from it, is my primary focus from this point on.

I am ONLY after your trust in the 19 years of experience myself and my team have, but also I want your recovery so that you can tell others what we did for you.

I KNOW that you can be anxiety disorder free very quickly indeed…

because myself and my team see it every day… I just need you to TRY what we do and you’ll see that too.

I PROMISE YOU that your recovery is far simpler than your current life is and I also assure you that everything we tell you is going to immediately reduce your anxiety!! 

HAWKNo other qualified practitioners produce 100% success

No other organization or resource cures anxiety disorders like we do and with 100% success rate.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, health anxiety, obsessions, phobias, PTSD, OCD, depersonalization, derealization, self-harming, eating disorders or a combination of all of them, my primary goal is to help you to understand them from the position of a person who has suffered and cured himself, and from the position of an organization that has helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you to recover… I was in YOUR shoes once… believe me, I can help you to feel better very quickly indeed.

Who are we?

Private, accredited Anxiety Disorder RECOVERY with unlimited support by the most highly qualified specialists you will find.

We are a team of mental health professionals working within a registered educational organization that operates within government guidelines to provide programs of recovery to patients everywhere. In fact, we are the only accredited recovery focused organisation.

BUT – We are very different

…because we are all ex-sufferers and we are all accredited specialists BUT ALSO we don’t charge you a fortune for sessions or fill you with medication.

Unlike any other resource in the world, we provide you with resources to ensure your full recovery and the most amazing guidance, support, reassurance and friendship… on an unlmited basis.

We don’t have ‘sessions’… you can call or email us when you need us and it’s all FREE OF CHARGE.

You pay one fee equivalent to the national average for ONE therapy session. Check the fees out here: https://www.thelindenmethod.co.uk/join/


We and our team are all members of accrediting bodies and are all qualified to government standards to provide support and guidance in practices.  Our staff have thousands of hours experience over many years working to strict supervision by their accrediting bodies.

We provide face-to-face, residential, home learning and web based recovery.

Our programs conform to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines CG113

We provide recovery programs to government agencies, corporations, media, film and other organizations around the world… because they know it works.

I founded the practice in 1997 but since then it has become something incredible – working with GPs, psychologists and mental health practitioners to provide truly curative solutions.

About my own anxiety recovery

I had spent 27 years suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and Pure O when I finally worked out how I could recover – and did it. Everyone was totally shocked, including me.

Even my psychologist asked me how I’d done it as he had never seen someone change their life so quickly.

It was so liberating, the world opened up for me. I could move around, behave normally and give fear no conscious attention. I assure you that you’ll also be able to do that soon.

I live for what I do and gave up a career in TV to do it full time because of the wonderful sense of fulfillment I get from helping people just like you. I truly love it and so do my team and my wife who helps me to manage the centers and business.

Our work today – You wouldn’t believe the people we have helped – (I still don’t believe it sometimes!)

Today we provide recovery programs to government agencies, celebrities, corporations and share my own and my team’s knowledge on TV and radio, and in magazines and newspapers all over the world. We train Anxiety Recovery Practitioners to a professional level through Linden Tree Education, our educational facility. (NCFE Level 4)

I spend four days a month at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat where 12 people (and their loved ones) come to spend time with me and the team as we show them how to transform their lives; and they truly do. You can find some of their testimonials on our websites – links at the end of this email.

But don’t worry, as our home learning program offers the same benefits and effectiveness but you can use it remotely wherever you may live and support is both constant and very accessible.

My absolute aim is to communicate with every sufferer in the world, because when we watch the amazing transformations happen in people who have been abandoned by ‘the system’, (like I once was), I know that it is my job to get my message to every person who needs it.

Ultimately, we have a clinically proven solution and all I want to do is help people like I once was to get access to what will cure them.

Anxiety disorders are such a needless waste of amazing potential, but health systems do so little to address the disorders effectively, most people ending up on inappropriate medication or receiving drawn out and also often painful therapy sessions… but what every sufferer needs and wants is a solution… a fast and simple one.

We are endorsed and recommended by government, we employ only qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists and carry more testimonials, medical and psychologist recommendations and endorsements than any other anxiety or mental health resource… we truly change lives.

Please navigate to it now and then come back to the email, it will clarify everything without any effort at all.

How The Linden Method will remove your high anxiety condition

Here’s a few key facts that will help you understand how The Linden Method will help you:  

•    The Linden Method can be done at your pace, you can take your time or make it work quickly.

•    No one need to know that you are doing it, it is completely invisible to onlookers and the outside world.

•    It can be done whilst taking medication, the medication will not affect your recovery at all.

•    Whether you choose the Residential or the Home Learning version is irrelevant, the process, support and the end results will be the same.

•    Our amazing specialists will be there to assist you even after you have beaten your anxiety. They are yours for up to 12 months, so there’s no rush if you need to take your time. We understand and help thousands of people in your position each year.

•    If you choose to ‘get off the ride’ early because you quickly reach the level of recovery and happiness that you aimed for, we will respect and support you.

Your anxiety recovery

In the coming days and weeks I am going to send you more emails that, I hope, will inspire you to just give me a chance to show you how much better you can feel, because you deserve to know what I know – and you deserve to feel well.

Myself, my wife Beth and my Team work very hard to bring full recovery to sufferers, but some people don’t want to recover despite saying they do and others want to recover but don’t know how to yet.

It might be that you fall into one of these categories right now, which is fine – you’ll get there in your own time.

Are you ready to start feeling better? because if you are… we are here waiting!

If you’re ready to become anxiety free and want to do what it takes to recover now by doing The Linden Method, then you have two options.

1. Send me your telephone number (area and country code) by replying to this email and I will ask one of my team to call you to get you started.

Then, I will personally over-see your recovery and keep providing more resources to help you to reach your full potential fast!

2. If you prefer, you can order The Linden Method printed pack here, which holds all the information that you need to become anxiety free, which I’ll post to you:

To order in £GB – https://www.thelindenmethod.co.uk/join2/

To order in $US – http://www.panic-anxiety.com/join

See other international website links at the end of this email.

If you order today, you will also receive a free copy of my Charles Linden Mentoring DVD set which outlines the fastest route to recovery, worth £37/$57.

You know where we are and my team are available to talk to you at any time. If you wish someone to call you right away to reassure or guide you, just reply to one of my emails saying so and I will arrange it for you.

I’ll speak to you really soon, Take care,







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NB: If you do decide to use my Method, please use one of our registered websites – some people sell used copies with missing disks and no support or members area access – this wouldn’t be productive for you – also, if you order from one of our websites, you will receive the latest updated materials and any extras we are sending out, like my Anxiety Disorder Mentoring DVD set I mentioned.

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