The Linden Method-Download Version

FREE – All our programs include unlimited reassurance, guidance and support by our accredited, registered Anxiety Recovery Specialists. Call or email any time – no limits, qualified and experienced guidance.

Do what your mind and body need in order to switch off anxiety, panic attacks and all the symptoms, thoughts and sensations you experience.


Over 260,000 people have used this program to address and overcome their anxiety and panic attacks

A simple Method – Unlimited Support – Constant Reassurance – A Roadmap to Wellness

In this simple, video led, program, you will quickly learn how to switch off the core anxiety that causes your panic attacks.

The Method has been designed to create fast results and to make the process simple and enjoyable.

This version includes a DVD which will tell you what causes your Panic Attacks and how to deactivate them simply and quickly without drugs, therapy or ‘Face your Fear’ tactics.

This version also includes The Panic Attack Eliminator tool, which will show you how to switch off your panic attacks fast.


N.B. This program does not include CBT, EFT, hypnosis, talking therapy or any other outdated psychotherapeutic techniques. It is a common sense, simple to use solution.