The Linden Method 9 Pillars


 – the 9 Pillars of The Linden Method are not the entire program…

Using the 9 Pillars in isolation is like trying to bake a cake using only eggs and sugar!

The Linden Method is a structure and the 9 Pillars form a very small but significant portion of the recovery process but if you think that by applying the Pillars you will help yourself to become less anxious, please read this page fully.

The Linden Method removes anxiety at its source in the unconscious mind (autonomic nervous system) – it does this by forcing your brain to believe a ‘new truth’.

The Linden Method has to be used correctly otherwise there is a strong potential for it not to work.

Many people have bought second hand copies of The Linden Method on eBay for example, but what sellers don’t tell you is that:

  • The Linden Method is legally licensed to only one person
  • The Linden Method pack only contains around 40% of the program guidance and materials, the rest is online
  • A second hand pack does not include 60% of the resources and the unlimited support by qualified practitioners
  • Absence of materials and support will almost certainly prevent you from experiencing relief

So many people have bought TLM on eBay or been given it by a friend only to find that they experience no relief. Some call or email us and discover their errors but many don’t and that is truly both sad and frustrating for us.

You cannot ‘short-cut’ recovery. The body and mind are sophisticated machines and the Method has taken decades of development in order to create a truly curative system and resource that will end anxiety suffering. Our teams work hard to maintain the integrity of the Method and the therapy that drives it and many people have taken away sufferer’s chances of recovery by trying to outwit us, safe money or rip us off… it won’t work.

Just like pirated movies, the quality will be sub-standard and the experience weakened… in fact, in the case of The Linden Method… probably ruined!

The 9 Pillars are spoken about as if they are ‘the cure’… they are not… in fact, used without The Linden Method, they are worthless so PLEASE contact us if someone has provided you with sub-standard materials or if you think someone may have stolen The Linden Method.

Call us at any time using the number below.

Kindest regards,

Beth Linden
The Linden Method



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