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Sick note or no sick note? That is the question

When anxiety and stress develop, doctors often prescribe ‘time off sick’…

Is this the correct and best course of action?

Why do we, as an organisation, have a ‘stay in work/go back to work’ policy?

Most people believe that the antidote to stress and anxiety is rest and relaxation… they are so, so WRONG.

I won’t go into the full workings of why the brain responds in this way because it would take too long here but suffice it to say that the last thing a stress or anxiety sufferer needs is ‘time out’.

The brain and body are very resilient and it’s very easy for both sufferers and medics to misunderstand the true nature of stress and anxiety related conditions and believe that rest, relaxation, time out, meditation, mindfulness and all of the other ‘mind emptying’ tactics might offer curative results… again… WRONG.

Stress and anxiety aren’t what you might think or have been led to believe.

Stress and anxiety aren’t about a lack of resilience or ‘weakness’, they are about inappropriate responses to work and life pressure. This is why some people SEEM more resilient… they are no stronger than the next man… they are just programmed to respond differently.

The last person a stress and anxiety sufferer needs is ‘time off’… it is easier and far more appropriate to overcome these disorders whilst maintaining normality; whether that means continuing as you are at home or at work is irrelevant, whatever you were doing at the time of developing the condition and whatever you were doing previously mustn’t stop. Continuity is vital.

How can that work?

All of our solutions have a strict policy of maintaining normal life practices and behaviours with a structured and simple process bolted on that directly addresses the true cause of these conditions whilst also dealing with the catalysts.

Over the last, nearly, 20 years, we have developed simple to access programmes and resources, support and reassurance which allow a sufferer to quickly address and overcome the issues they are experiencing whilst affecting their daily home and work routines very little.

Our online and printed resources are available to access wherever you are… desktop, mobile and tablet enabled resources that make support, guidance and ‘first aid’ help immediate.

Direct access to guidance and support at home or at work… anonymously

Our resources are accessible from work and home and are completely anonymous meaning that a person can be using them without their family or employer even being aware that they have a problem.

We can even train in-house staff members to be practitioners, coaches or the go-to ‘stress and anxiety’ gurus should someone need that face-to-face support.

Reduced absenteeism, reduced risk of litigation, increased staff moral

Reduced absenteeism means reduced costs, no need to hire agency staff, reduced chance of litigation and increased moral across all your staff… a happier workforce all round.

Direct Coaching to anyone who needs it

We provide direct support through our qualified specialists by phone and email but also through Workshops, Residential Retreats and Corporate Training. In addition, we can train your staff as Stress and Anxiety Recovery Practitioners with a professional NCFE Level 4 diploma.

No more 6 session structures, no more claims, no more ‘black marks’ on your employment records… just fast and clear advice focused on recovery… speedy recovery.

NHS specified trials

Our programmes have been tested and produce an average anxiety reduction of GAD7 18.24 to 2.84… that’s chronic to fully recovered in the average case.

What we do changes lives but also creates a happier, mor resourceful, focused, productive and fulfilled workforce.

We have corporate, IAPT and formatted programmes ready to go right now.

Contact us to discover more.

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The dilemma I face each day…

charles linden on anxiety recoveryIf you experience anxiety… please read this page.

As an ex-sufferer and with hindsight over 19 years of helping millions of people to learn the truth about anxiety disorders, here are my dilemmas and frustrations.

And… this is very relevant to you because anxiety sufferer’s suffering is what keeps me awake at night.


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People like YOU that deserve the truth…

…YOU deserve what works and deserve the very best any service can offer, often don’t get it, instead you get time wasting psycho-babble or medication. You KNOW it doesn’t work because you use it and don’t recover… if it worked, you’d recover!

You don’t deserve to suffer… I didn’t deserve 27 years of medication, therapy and misdiagnosis, but that’s what I got.

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YOU don’t need to suffer…

I will do anything it takes to prevent any person of any age from being misled and mistreated. We all, at Linden Tree, feel the same.

Indeed… we will do anything to show you how simple recovery is… and then we will ‘take you to it’.

It’s just so unnecessary for you to have to wake each day feeling ill, desperate, anxious and frustrated; having to modify, manipulate or deceive in order to feel ‘safe’.

I did it… every sufferer does it. Whether at home or at work, your mind is constantly searching for safety… it’s tiring, frustrating and unnecessary and it’s no way to lead your life.

I used to say “I’m too scared to live but too scared to die!” That’s exactly the state of ‘limbo’ I lived in… do you?


Anxiety disorders are unnecessary

Anxiety is unnecessary… just like diarrhea is the extreme manifestation of going to the toilet, anxiety is an extreme manifestation of fear… no one ‘needs’ diarrhea… no one needs anxiety.

Anxiety is emotional diarrhea… does that make sense?

FEAR is necessary. It keeps us safe, focuses us on ‘threats’ and helps us deal with them… anxiety just makes us feel like… in one word… SHIT. Am I right?

You don’t deserve that… no one does.

Anxiety is a CONDITION… it’s not an emotion!

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Why do medics, psychologists and medical organisations send folks to us?

We receive thousands of referrals and recommendations from clinical practice each year… why? because we get the job done. It’s that simple.

Why do WE get the job done? Because everything we do is sensible, scientific, simple and has been developed by ex sufferers for sufferers.

Everything we do is scientifically verifiable, an accredited therapy, delivered by experts… if you do it.

FACTS: In our 2014 university trials analysed using IBM machines at Copenhagen University, psychologist Martin Jensen asked 60 people who had used The Linden Method… our program…. whether they had used drugs or ‘therapy’ (CBT etc.) as treatments. Of those who has used both medication and talking therapy (around 60% of them), none had experienced positive benefits, in fact, the only changes commented on were negative (side-effects, low mood etc.)

Those same people were asked to gauge their anxiety levels before and after doing our program… the average incoming anxiety level was 18.24 out of 21 (severe)… the average post Linden Method score was 2.84 out of 21 (Recovered)

NOTHING demonstrates that level of success.

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What do you NEED?

We know what you NEED and we provide it. It couldn’t be simpler and it’s FAR simpler than what you do now, each day.

Over the last 19 years, we have developed a system that costs as much as a meal out, includes unlimited support and gets the job done… or your money back.

We don’t charge over and over for endless ‘talking therapy’ sessions that just serve to open old wounds, seek blame, frustrate you and lead you nowhere. Yes, the practitioner might be ‘nice’ and it may reassure you, but are you ‘anxiety free’ now? No… otherwise you wouldn’t be here listening to me.

If you need evidence, ask your therapist for theirs and then compare that evidence to ours… then make a decision where to place your trust and spend your money.

If your therapy is free through national health services for example.. does free = good? Does free = cured? Does free = free? Someone pays that person do administer their therapy to you… but does it work? Does it CURE people? No, of course not… which is why organizations like the NHS are swiftly turning away from it… the data and ‘trial’ outcomes were manipulated to look good but scientifically it doesn’t work.


Why do we KNOW we can help YOU?

So who are we? A team of British Association of Psychotherapists and British Psychological Society registered, NCFE accredited, Association for Coaching registered anxiety disorder recovery specialists trained to deliver LAR, the world’s ONLY dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery practice.

Is it easy? Kids of six do it with ease.

Is it fast? It can be effective in hours.

Does it require ‘facing your fears’? No.

Does it require effort? No, just changing what you do now slightly.

The ONLY reason for this not to work is not doing it and anyone who says “I did it and it didn’t work” is actually saying “I bought it but didn’t use it correctly” – how do I know this?

Because claiming that IT didn’t work is like saying – “I was hungry, I at 14 burgers and I was still hungry” – unless you are immense and have the capacity to eat that much… doing so and remaining hungry is impossible. Do you understand?

It’s like saying… I practised guitar for 2 hours a day for 6 months but can’t play a tune… it’s impossible… monkeys can probably do that given time!

The body and mind work to ONE set of rules for each system within them… ‘do A and B happens’… it has to be that way… we wouldn’t want bodily systems that independently change the rules… one day you eat to satisy hunger, the next you have to scratch your ear to do the same… it’s just not practicle is it!

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You have a choice to make…

But the choice is like being asked “what would you prefer, a hot or cold bath?” One is so, so much more pleasant, easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Doing what will create recovery is so much easier than what you are doing right now.

You can keep going around in circles… you can keep looking for a magic pill or you can use the process… the simple process and the tools we have created and used with thousands of people to both reassure and cure them.

Panic attacks eliminator, journey out of agoraphobia, cure anxiety, conquer obsessions, overcome OCD, how to cure HOCD, ROCD and POCD… the list goes on. All tools developed to show you, in just a few monutes, exactly what to do TODAY to feel far better TOMORROW.

No matter what you experience, how your anxiety disorder manifests in you, how long you have suffered or how ‘incurable’ you think you are, we will show you that you can quickly become anxiety free (not fear free because fear is a natural and required human emotions, anxiety is a condition that can be resolved) with very little effort or time investment.

  1. Why are YOU still suffering? Because you shouldn’t be!
  2. Why aren’t you getting the solution you need and deserve? What or who’s stopping you?

Ok, agreed, these aren’t the questions the answers to which are going to change the universe, but they are questions that inhibit or prevent, YOU from getting ‘well’.

You won’t find an organisation that produces the results we do… which is why celebs, agencies, sports-people and millions each year access our resources and guidance. I have sat in Hollywood mansions teaching A listers how to overcome their disorders… I have been on TV doing the same with Gok Wan or in my own TV series… I am on radio, TV or online resources constantly, I am published by the world’s largest self-help publisher, I work with government and media agencies, companies and receive referrals from NHS practitioners daily… I have my reputation to protect and believe me, I will protect it by continuing to produce incredible results… it’s what I love.

You’ve heard my frustrations and dilemmas…  just pick up the phone and dial the number at the top of this website because TODAY is the day everything changes for you… even if that is just to feel SO reasured that your anxiety drops down low in anticipation of your total recovery.

We are here for YOU. Take care.

Charles Linden

Linden Tree Education
The Linden Method
Anxiety Recovery Retreats

P.S. The video below is really worth a watch… it’s me just explaining succinctly and clearly why your anxiety isn’t what it is most perceived to be. It’s password protected in order to stop it appearing all over the internet… it will make sense to you now that you have read the page above!!

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Janie Howard. Doncaster

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Brett Michaels. Perth

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Karen M. Petersfield

“No wonder Charles is known as the world’s ‘leading authority on anxiety recovery”
Glynis Bowen. Kansas

“It makes so much sense. How could I have ever believed the psycho-babble”
Peter Prowse (for his wife Jackie). Hawaii


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