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Emetophobia – Fear of Vomiting – The solution

Many anxiety sufferers (approximately 14% of our clients actually), experience an intense a fear of vomiting known as Emetophobia.

This anxiety condition is frightening but totally treatable… non of our recovered clients continues to fear vomiting

Charles Linden

My name is Charles Linden and I had Emetophobia for over 27 years and I elminated it. I have since helped many thousands of people just like you to do the same and this website and the educational organisation behind it is the vehicle for recovery that we have put together over 19 years.

I know how it feels to:

  • Use avoidance to prevent myself from being exposed to sickness and illness
  • Make excuses not to do social events or go anywhere that might make me sick
  • Avoid substances and food, restaurants, alcohol etc. to prevent myself being sick
  • Be fully focused on my phobia and the anxiety that accompanies it
  • Have a panic attack and feel overwhelmed by thoughts and symptoms.

Emetophobia is due partly, to an anxiety reaction created by experiencing vomiting and partly to the production of the inherent nausea caused by anxiety. Do you see how this cycle of ‘fear producing nausea which produces fear’ can develop into Emetophobia?

Most anxiety sufferers with this inappropriate fear of vomiting (emetophobia) rarely do, they just feel like they might and it is this apprehension of what MIGHT happen which exacerbates the symptoms.

BUT emetophobia is an anxiety symptom and not a separate condition! Emetophobia is also an obsessive condition, the sufferers makes this fear such an immense issue that it dominates their lives.

ALL PHOBIAS ARE SYMPTOMS OF AN ANXIETY DISORDER… because, if you weren’t anxious, you wouldn’t experience the phobia and you SHOULDN’T be frightened of things that don’t pose any risk to you. The same is true of Emetophobia.

So how do you stop the cycle and remove your Emetophobia?


In order to recover from your Emetophobia, you must remove the anxiety disorder that causes the nausea and the fear of vomiting (Emetophobia) and by doing so, you halt the fear cycle. This in turn removes your Emetophobia, which reduces your anxiety etc. a positive cycle is produced.

Mark lay in his bed for nearly 12 months before he started The Linden Method, his fear of vomiting was obsessive and inappropriate, Emetophobia stopped him from leading a full life or working, his relationship was ruined and he couldn’t even attempt to see a time when he could be free from his Emetophobia.

Within 1 hour of starting our program, he was back on his feet… why?

Because the relief he experienced immediately from understanding his Emetophobia and understanding his anxiety created immediate relief from his inappropriate fear of vomiting. Within days he was out and about, working and rebuilding his life.

This solution to Emetophobia works every time – Our success rate at removing Emetophobia in this way is 100%.

We can quickly show you how to stop this fear of vomiting (Emetophobia), overcome your inappropriate anxiety and return to a life NOT ruled by your fears.

Our system will show you how, by removing the anxiety, you can be free from your fear of vomiting as quickly as Mark was. Emetophobia is a symptom of your underlying anxiety disorder, we will show you how to remove it right away.

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