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Do you feel depressed?

Do you experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Low mood
  • Sadness
  • Desperation
  • Confusion
  • Emptiness

All of the above words are those that our patients have used to describe how they are feeling when they come to us for help.

Depression and anxiety cause enormous disruption in people’s lives and we at the centre understand fully the heartache and distress depression causes sufferers and their families and the knock on effect depression has on work, social and family lives.

Anxiety and depression are often confused and this leads to misdiagnosis, misprescription of drugs and also causes the sufferer to feel more desperate, isolated and confused.

Charles Linden, Director of Linden Tree Education and LAR explains:

Anxiety and depression are medically and chemically unrelated – Think of it like this… anxiety is a condition of hyper-vigilence, your body and mind are primed to respond to a threat – your senses come alive in order to recognise and deal with threat and your body prepares itself for flight or fight. True clinical depression is at the exact opposite end of the emotions spectrum- depression is the absence of emotional response. Truly depressed people experience little or no emotion most of the time and often experience a sense of emptiness. If you experience anxiety but feel ‘low’, this is called ‘low mood’.

Our Specialists have helped thousands of people to understand and overcome their anxiety and low mood but can also help those experiencing true clinical depression. The curative process is simple, fast and produces lifelong relief and our clinical staff have the understanding and training to make your recovery pathway smooth and simple. Charles Linden. Director Linden Tree Education

Our team have helped many thousands of people to find peace and recovery and their constant guidance, reassurance and support provides a solid foundation for real, lasting change.

We will:

  • Provide practical tactics to help you feel better fast
  • Provide tools and resources to expedite your recovery and enhance your life
  • Provide life-coaching advice to bring about real long-term change
  • Support, guide and reassure you constantly by email and phone
  • Give you the level of access to what you need in order to change how you feel fast

We all love what we do because what we do changes lives.

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