Your Local Anxiety Disorder Recovery Clinic

Our Unique and Dedicated Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD & Phobia Recovery Clinic – Kidderminster

22 years providing recovery to over 320,000 people through our Kidderminster based HQ

OUR CLINICS – Our Kidderminster, anxiety disorder and depression recovery clinic provides home-learning, workshop and residential recovery.

OUR STAFF – Our clinics are provided by BACP and BPS psychologists and psychotherapists.

FEES – Our fees are, by far, the lowest in mental health practice. Unlike other practices, we charge one fee for unlimited support, guidance and reassurance.

EXPECTED RESULTS – NHS specified testing results – Unmatched recovery outcomes at least eight times more effective than talking therapies, medication, hypnosis or other psychological interventions.

We provide recovery from:

  1. Generalised anxiety disorder
  2. Panic attacks
  3. Agoraphobia / Monophobia
  4. School-phobia
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder / OCD
  6. Post traumatic stress disorder / PTSD
  7. Derealisation and depersonalisation
  8. Pure O / ROCD / HOCD (Religious, relationship, homosexual thoughts)
  9. Health anxiety / hypochondria
  10. Fear of dying / fear of death
  11. Fear of fainting
  12. Emetophobia
  13. Self Harming
  14. Eating disorders
  15. Anxiety related depression

Ages we treat

We accept clients of all ages from 5 years for all home learning and face to face sessions.

For residential programmes we currently accept clients from 18 years of age.


The Kidderminster centre has facilities to cater for one-to-one, group or corporate psychotherapy, coaching and practitioner training.

Our other, Worcestershire based, off-site venues are available for group Workshops, Training or Retreats.

  • Home learning – With email and telephone sessions – for those who live remotely or suffer with agoraphobia for example
  • Workshops – One-day workshops at the Kidderminster centre
  • Residential – At our two venues in Worcestershire
  • One-to-one – Face to face therapies at the Kidderminster centre
  • Recovery Practitioner Training – Online

Our Kidderminster based centre is the head quarters for our global anxiety recovery programmes, Retreats, Workshops, Recovery Practitioner and corporate training programmes.

We are a CPD accredited learning centre.

We are Trading Standards Partners in Primary Authority.

Support – Day one access to seamless telephone and email support

Our support provides clients with email and telephone access to our team of BACP/BPS member and LAR accredited psychotherapists and psychologists who are all qualified and highly experience Recovery Specialists.

Support is based out of the Kidderminster office and although Worcestershire based, receives clients from all over the world via email and phone.

Support is provided for up to 12 months meaning that a client can call when they need assistance between 9am and 6pm weekdays and 24/7 by email. No appointment times means zero wait time and zero frustration or elevated anxiety.

For more fee and availability information
or to book or reserve your place, call on

01562 732076

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