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Linden Tree at NHS Providers Conference
Linden Tree at NHS Providers Conference

A wonderful day at NHS Providers conference at the ICC in Birmingham.

We made some great contacts and had some interesting and enlightening information about the state of mental health and the way people with anxiety disorders are handled. Had some great talks with representatives of the main charities who demonstrated enormous support for what we do and were both interested and excited about helping us to reach their members and supporters and impressed with the level of recovery outcomes we produce.

Many of the main NHS people told us about the size of the stress and anxiety absenteeism issue within the NHS staff body and we discussed how we could help them to remove this problem.

All in all an amzing day, very enlighteneing. It is clear that the generally used treatment options are failing patients and the sufferers within the NHS and we hope to be moving forward very soon with strategies to quickly emedy these issues.

I’d like to say thank you to Coronation Street’s Kate Ford for her amazing and supportive video that she provided for the show.