Is The Linden Method a scam?

The Linden Method is NOT a scam… in fact, quite the opposite.

The Linden Method and Linden Tree Education work in partnership with the government’s Trading Standards


We pride ourselves on our reputation and despite many attempts by competing organisations and some unscrupulous ‘professionals’ to undermine what we do, we couldn’t be more credible.

Many people try to find fault in what we do to justify their own ignorance and incompetence when it comes to delivering true recovery but we always hold our heads high and continue to change lives.

We voluntarily applied for Trading Standards Partnership and for Primary Authority in order to demonstrate that we are 100% watertight with regard to our claims, advertising, business practice, policies and deliverables.

pasmallWe became tired of having ‘pot shots’ taken at us through professional jealousy and ignorance over many years, so we agreed that an unquestionable relationship with the highest possible level of government body might deter those who choose to waste their time and ours attempting to undermine us.

This partnership means that no one can undermine what we say or do without making application directly to the government who will then assess the validity of the complaint and then, if valid, they will contact us in order to discuss the complaint in detail and jointly agree an appropriate response.

Kind regards.

Charles Linden

Director. Linden Tree Education