Feel better as fast as your body can!

You can be anxiety disorder free as fast as your body allows it…

Everything in life has its process… everything takes time, whether it is a fraction of a second or years, process is process and you can’t rush it.

You see a ball coming towards you and in a nano-second your hand is in front of your face… process!

You pick up an instrument and in six months you can play it… process!

A child is conceived and in 9 months a child is born… process.

So how is this relevant to anxiety disorder sufferers?

It’s very simple… it takes under a second to deactivate an anxiety disorder. Believe me?

Probably not… so let me explain.

Anxiety is an over-production of the emotion of fear… agreed? OK.

Fear is an emotion… agreed? OK.

Fear is produced by signals from your senses activating fight or flight in self-defense… agreed? OK.

Fear activates and deactivates when needed in under a second… agreed? OK.

Anxiety is fear and is also deactivated in under a second… if, because you are anxious, you are now thinking ‘yes but’ at this stage, just agree for now because this is human biology and it’s correct.

So why have YOU suffered for so long already? If it’s all meant to switch off in under a second, why do you suffer like you do?

Anxiety can cause a massive list of ‘symptoms’ – OCD, phobias, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, agoraphobia, derealization, depersonalization, health anxiety, emetophobia… and the list goes on.

Your brain is waiting for an ‘off signal’. Your subconscious mind is creating symptoms, then ‘what if’ risk assessments, then it’s finding your symptoms, determining that they are ‘risky’ and activating more ‘fight or flight’ to address them… and the cycle continues… forever if it’s allowed to.

I know what you are thinking… “come on Charles tell us what to do”… whilst the internal process and making it happen is easy, it takes just a little education, structure and compliance to make it happen.

BUT… because it is, quite literally, the ONLY way to get rid of an anxiety disorder, you either do it, or you don’t… it’s your choice ultimately.

Also, let me be very clear about two things…

a) I have never seen this fail because if you are human, it can’t.

b) It’s 1000 times easier than doing what you do each day in order to manage, control or minimize your anxiety!

So how do we help you?

  1. We tell you exactly how the subconscious mind creates and removes anxiety disorders
  2. We tell you exactly what to do right now to start the process
  3. We show you how to make it work in hours
  4. We give you amazing tools to address panic, phobias and obsessions
  5. We support you to make it all happen as quickly as possible

Your mind and body will ‘reset’… your subconscious will learn to be in equilibrium and your body will align. You will feel and BE well, calm, anxiety free and also… just FREE!

I have never seen the process fail. I have seen people fail though. Those people who don;t use the Method or use it how they ‘think’ it should be used, rather than how I tell them to. Lazy people who don’t do it fail but you won’t… you want to be anxiety free. You want to be a valued mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, employee, boss… you want to feel fulfilled… don’t you?

If I could just reach inside your head and flick the switch for you… I would but this is the best way to do that for you.

This is why TLM and LAR practice is the ONLY dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy… it’s why we have helped thousands of high profile people, cured tens of thousands of clients and are recommended around the world by healthcare and mental healthcare specialists, doctors, clinics and practitioners. Because what we do works… 100%… if you just do it.

The only people who are negative about what we do are psychologists or other practitioners who lose clients to the recoveries we create or other competitors… and occasionally, clients who just didn’t DO as instructed… they have their own reasons for that but blame US! How can you blame an organization that has cured so many people and has never failed anyone, if you know in your heart, that you haven’t done as instructed.