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Our dream is to have appropriate care and support anywhere there are anxious people and to have a network of Coaches available in schools so that these conditions can be addressed early so as not to impact on childrens’ life pathways, careers or life decisions.

Whoever you are, becoming a Linden Method Coach will enable you to help people all around the world to find true and permanent relief – no coping strategies, no anxiety management, no jargon, therapy or medication, just a simple, practical solution.

Anxiety ‘management’ is never an option – anxiety recovery should be the driving ethos of any treatment. Around the world, anxiety disorder sufferers are being told that anxiety management and coping strategies are the best outcomes they can expect from both medicinal and psychological treatment.

For over 16 years, we have helped over 160,000 people to find freedom from high anxiety conditions.

Accreditation Options

There are two options for accreditation and both can be used as CPD for your governing body – the BACP lists our courses in their CPD literature.

  1. NCFE Level 4 Diploma in LAR Anxiety Recovery Coaching

  2. 3 Day conversion course to become a TLM Anxiety Recovery Coach

NCFE Level 4 Diploma or Three Day Course?

The conversion course is designed to provide a qualification to those with pre-existing, appropriate, coaching, psychotherapeutic or medical training. If you feel you might fit into one of those groups, please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

The NCFE level 4 training is open to all applicants regardless of background or experience.

Application for either course can be made by contacting our programme director Laura Cannon

Whether you are an ex patient, interested party, practising Psychologist, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Doctor, Mental Health Professional, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, School Nurse, member of HR in an organisations or other healthcare or well-being professional wishing to help anxiety sufferers to recover, the LAR Coaching Accreditation will provide you with a curative and structured program of anxiety recovery to use with your clients – all backed up by a team of some of the most experienced Anxiety Recovery Specialists in the world.

We have programmes to assist GP clinics and CCGs’s, schools, the forces, corporations and learning establishments to integrate LAR Anxiety Recovery Coaching into all environments quickly, affordably and seamlessly in order to address and redress the issues caused by these conditions. We also have programmes designed for insurance companies and public health organisations and already work with a number of government agencies, assisting them to get people back to work after long-term anxiety related issues.

Post Accreditation

Once you have completed your training as an accredited Coach we will provide a wealth of resources and support services for you to access.

These include:

  • NCFE 4 Diploma as an accredited Linden Anxiety Recovery Coach
  • LAR Practice Licence Certificate enabling you to practice in your country of residence
  • Your online profile on the LAR Coaches Directory
  • Ongoing Coach support from our Linden Method Specialists
  • A simple, structured business model
  • A unique, proven and unmatched reputation for fast, curative results
  • Immense job satisfaction
  • The ability to work flexible hours to suit your lifestyle  – you decide how much and when you wish to work
  • Membership of a growing global family of LAR Coaches
  • Access to all online Coach training events and videos
  • Free entry to our Coaches training events
  • 250 TLM business cards
  • 250 A5 TLM Coaching marketing leaflets
  • A templated press release for distribution to your local press
  • Assistance setting up your practice or implementing LAR Coaching into your existing practice model
  • Assistance promoting your business
  • Assistance setting up your business finaces and accountancy
  • Central support from our qualified LAR Specialists by phone or email
  • Regular training updates and social occasions


For more information or to receive application forms for any of our courses, please contact Beth Linden or Jo Goodchild on +44(0)1562 742004

Or contact us here