World’s Leading Self-Help Guru

small“YES – believe it or not, I still live in
Worcestershire and am very proud of it too!”

Charles Linden is not only, one of the world’s most successful self-help authors, but he is also the world’s number one life-coach and stress and anxiety recovery expert to the stars!

Charles works with clients from around the world including Hollywood stars, stars of TV and music, world-class sports-people, footballers, politicians, CEOs of global corporations and many more.

Names like Jodie Kidd, Linda Robson, Kate Ford, Glynis Barber, Lady Jemma Mornington and many more, not only sing his praises as a stress, anxiety and life practice guru, but also refer to him as their friend.

Charles is a TV host, producer of hundreds of books, CDs, websites and programs and developer of programmes of education.Charles was born and raised in Kidderminster and is very proud of his heritage but having lived in Europe and now travelling around the world, he still bases himself right here.

“I love Worcestershire and it doesn’t matter where I am working, Europe, New York, Los Angeles… I always look forward to coming home. I have clients all over the world but many still travel to us here in Worcestershire” Charles

Charles is often asked why he remains in Worcestershire or even the UK when he is published in America and most of his work is international but the answer is simple… nowhere else gives him the sense of belonging like home turf!

“It doesn’t matter who a person is… regardless of their income, status or beckground, they are a client to me and therefore the focus of all our efforts… anxious people need not suffer and we have proven time and time again that our Method is the most effective recovery treatment available.” Charles Read more here:

Thank-you-to-Ricki-Lake-for-a-GREAT-day-at-CulverCharles’ Anxiety Recovery Retreats are run from their venue at The Elms in Abberley and are frequented by clients from around the world, including many stars of film and TV.

Linden Tree Education, the Worcestershire hub for all Charles’ work is also the home of The Linden Method, LAR Coaching and all of Charles’ publishing activities.

Charles is also published by Hay House alongside other greats like Dr Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay herself and plays a vital role in international self-help summits and events.

Charles presents his own and other TV shows and regularly appears on international, BBC and independent radio shows. Pictured above, Charles with Ricki Lake on the Ricki Lake show.

Charles’ receives thanks and praise from people all around the world… many can be viewed in the testimonials section of this website.

Below are pictures and statements from well known clients and friends.


Coronation Street’s Kate Ford & the wonderful Linda Robson



Charles with Danny DeVito and Sam Neil


Charles with John Bishop

FullSizeRender 4

Jemma Kidd and her Supermodel sister Jodie




Vogue Editor & Best-selling Author, Plum Sykes


Charles & Lady Jemma Mornington in the Daily Mail



Charles and his wife Beth in The Times Newspaper centre spread


Actress Glynis Barber


Charles presenting one of his TV shows – Stress Free in 30 Days. Now on DVD through Hay House Publishing



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