Charles Linden’s Anxiety Recovery Fast Track

large-adjusted2Spend an “Anxiety Recovery Fast Track day’ with Charles Linden at The Linden Centre in Worcestershire

Charles Linden will personally walk you through The Linden Method and will also:

  • answer any questions you might have
  • explain any symptoms you are experiencing
  • describe how to overcome your agoraphobia
  • explain how to overcome OCD, PureO, HOCD, ROCD etc.
  • explain how to stop day and night time panic attacks
  • explain how to remove PTSD
  • explain how to remove derealization and depersonalization

Charles will also:

  • explain how to maximise and expedite the benefits of the programme
  • give you specific advice about how to implement the programme in your life
  • provide other tools, techniques, advice and resources to expedite recovery
  • provide other resources to use to embelish your life experience

You will also get:

  • The full Linden Method printed pack
  • Unlimited, ongoing support from our qualified Specialists
  • The Linden Method Workshop DVD set
  • Charles Linden’s Stress Free in 30 Days Book and Cd
  • Anxiety-Free Me – Charles’ biography