Anxiety Disorder Recovery Provision CCG’s & Commissioning


Massive savings across mental healthcare and local government

Psycho-educational recovery programmes with seamless, unlimited BACP/LAR support

Online – Residential – Workshop – Telephone – Email Recovery therapy – BACP – LAR – CPD – AC – 19 years practice with an unmatched success rate

“How would it be for you, if we took control of every anxiety, panic, agoraphobia and PTSD case for a year, coached the client to anxiety recovery, provided constant email and telephone support and provided them with materials and resources to support and reassure them at all times, wherever they are… all for the cost of three therapy sessions?”

Our programmes do just that… at home or remotely, patients can access BACP/LAR support, ‘helper apps’ to use when anxious, panicky or phobic, plus a raft of curative applications and resources that leave no stone unturned.

testimonialTOTAL management of every anxious patient for 12 months!

Our programmes provide a complete solution, massively reducing the, sometimes substantial, costs of managing individual cases whilst freeing up resources and surgery time to allow practitioners to focus on patients who trully need their expertise and guidance.

ENERGENCY CARE & CALL OUTS – Ambulance call-outs, emergency care and out-of-hour service use is massively reduced because WE take over the role of the ‘reassurer’ and ‘adviser’.

Over 19 years we have developed programme structure that lead the sufferer through the most supportive, reassuring and curative programme with ease whilst providing them with resources that never leave them alone or unsupported. Over 180,000 people have used these programs with an NHS specified trial outcome demonstrating an average reduction from GAD7 18.24 to 2.84…. an average outcome of  TOTAL RECOVERY

Constant Guided Self-Help with unlimited support by our Team of psychotherapists and psychologists

We can train local LAR Anxiety Recovery Practitioners (CPD accreditation), to work remotely with patients in your area or patients can join one of our programmes and work with our central support team remotely. If you decide to train a local LAR Practitioner, your patients also receive unlimited central support by phone and email.

The LAR programmes provide immediate access to a complete and transformational well-being solution which takes patients experiencing a high anxiety condition, through a structured and reassuring programme of anxiety recovery without further intervention from referring GPs, other health care practitioners or their health authority.

We have developed a fast access solution which has been structured to fulfil the needs of the CCG/surgery or other healthcare organisation from day one.

If the June 2012 LSE report is correct, approximately six million people in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder, we believe this figure is, however, much higher. LAR will dramatically lower the cost of anxiety disorders across all of your healthcare provisions.

Massive NHS savings

LAR can provide large scale, immediate access programmes of recovery and long-term wellbeing.

The £100 billion (plus) allocated in NHS budgets to the 6 million, or so, anxiety disorder sufferers would be passively reduced through the LAR programmes… in fact, we estimate a saving of up to 70% of the allocated £100 billion if every patient (approx 6 million people) took part in our Anxiety Recovery programme.

The LAR programmes don’t stop at anxiety recovery…

…Our programmes re-educate patients on diet, smoking, alcohol, posture, hobbies and free-time, work, grief, change management and work/school reintegration, to name a few, and our life coaching carries each patient through to a more fulfilling and successful life path after recovery. Of course, compliance is always king, which is why are trained staff is always available for seamless, friendly guidance and support. LAR go far beyond a curative approach which has enormous, positive social, psychological and economic repercussions and ultimately remove a substantial burden from your budgets.

Jenny Saunders

“The Linden Method creates a full and successful recovery using targeted and supportive resources that are only available through this Method. The Linden Method is, in my opinion, the solution to anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, OCD and all their associated symptoms. Other therapies don’t produce these results that is for sure.”

Jenny Saunders BSc, MSc
Consultant Psychologist



What can LAR do for commisioners?

The LAR programme…

  • Provides a structured, immediate and long term well-being solution
  • Prevents delayed access to care
  • Removes 18 week treatment to care period
  • Maximises the experience and positive benefits of the ‘patient journey’
  • Prevents ‘frequent fliers‘ with high anxiety conditions from consuming valuable resources – (e.g. A&E attendance, ambulance call outs)
  • Reduces prescription costs
  • Provides increased value for money whilst ensuring recovery
  • Recovery releases practitioner for other responsibilities
  • Produces recovery, removing the requirement for management

What can LAR do for your patient?

  1. Patient experience – improved through speedy direct access, clear programme materials, continuing, seamless support and guidance as required.
  2. Quality & safety – 19 years of practice, over 180,000 ex patients, guidance from qualified BACP & LAR accredited support team, conforms to accepted treatment guidelines and structures.
  3. Value for money – Substantially increased access to support and materials, substantially reduced cost:service provision.
  4. Access – Day one access to programme materials. Swift qualified guidance and reassurance.
  5. Recovery – Compliance monitoring guidance ensures a supportive, reassuring and curative patient experience.
  6. Complete solution – LAR also supports and advises the patient’s parents, partner or loved ones.
  7. Well-being – Our programme ethos and guidance focuses on continued well-being – Our policies ensure continuity of healthy work/life balance and physical and emotional equilibrium.
  8. Self improvement – Our coaches will not only lead patients to recovery, but will assist them in implementing strategies for long term success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.


The programmes and facilities LAR provides is vastly different in a number of ways, but most importantly in the quality, quantity and access to anxiety recovery resources, materials and support.

Examples of why we are different:

  • Portability – All materials are available in both printed and online formats – Also, our ‘First-aid tools’ are ‘mobile optimised’ for use remotely.
  • Materials – a large and simple to use resource of supportive, reassuring and informative video, printed and audio materials to utilise as required
  • Support – constant access to support and guidance from qualified specialists instead of a set number of sessions with no intermediate contact
  • Life coaching – life coaching skills and constant guidance as required in order to maintain long-term wellness
  • Back to work – reintegration advice for those who wish to re-enter the work environment
  • Other included programmes – additional programme materials to assist with overcoming agoraphobia, OCD, derealisation, depersonalisation and Pure O
  • Other tools – tools for recovery from panic attacks and constant manning of support lines and email support to assist patients
  • Phobias advice – advice and guidance for phobic situations such as flying, driving, bridges, social situations etc
  • General advice – nutritional advice, exercise advice, posture coaching. Coping with work related issues, bereavement, divorce, money worries etc.
  • For the patient’s family – advice for family members and parents
  • Anxiety recovery friends – a qualified, reassuring voice at the end of the phone or email whenever the patient needs it.
  • Cost – Dramatically reduced cost for a dramatically increased service level

The impact of high anxiety on communities and what LAR does to reduce impact

  1. Economic impact – Provision of recovery resources for the individual, their family, health service providers, the community and national economy that save a huge proportion of mental health and other budgets.
  2. Sociological impact – Families – anxiety disorders often have far-reaching negative impact on family dynamics. LAR recognises this fact and provide partner/spouse/family care guidance for family members who might be socially and economically affected by their relative’s condition.
  3. Sociological impact – Children – LAR provide junior programme versions with guidance and support for the parent/carer.
  4. Schools – LAR will work with schools, providing anxiety recovery programmes and workshops.
  5. Practitioners – As a CPD Accredited educational centre, we can train practitioners remotely.


LAR has, for over 18 years, been rebuilding families, carreers and businesses by creating recovery in sufferers, by bringing back equilibrium in families and by returning, often long-term, sufferers to their workplace. Our ethos of total recovery and long-term wellbeing produces people who become more productive and fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.

Implementation and integration with your organisation

If you decide to offer LAR to your patients, we can provide a bespoke portal, branded to your service within seven days.

From that point forward, access to materials and support is ‘day one’ for your patients.

Call Natalie Bishop for more information or to arrange a meeting 0800 069 9898