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The dilemma I face each day…

charles linden on anxiety recoveryIf you experience anxiety… please read this page.

As an ex-sufferer and with hindsight over 19 years of helping millions of people to learn the truth about anxiety disorders, here are my dilemmas and frustrations.

And… this is very relevant to you because anxiety sufferer’s suffering is what keeps me awake at night.


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People like YOU that deserve the truth…

…YOU deserve what works and deserve the very best any service can offer, often don’t get it, instead you get time wasting psycho-babble or medication. You KNOW it doesn’t work because you use it and don’t recover… if it worked, you’d recover!

You don’t deserve to suffer… I didn’t deserve 27 years of medication, therapy and misdiagnosis, but that’s what I got.

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YOU don’t need to suffer…

I will do anything it takes to prevent any person of any age from being misled and mistreated. We all, at Linden Tree, feel the same.

Indeed… we will do anything to show you how simple recovery is… and then we will ‘take you to it’.

It’s just so unnecessary for you to have to wake each day feeling ill, desperate, anxious and frustrated; having to modify, manipulate or deceive in order to feel ‘safe’.

I did it… every sufferer does it. Whether at home or at work, your mind is constantly searching for safety… it’s tiring, frustrating and unnecessary and it’s no way to lead your life.

I used to say “I’m too scared to live but too scared to die!” That’s exactly the state of ‘limbo’ I lived in… do you?


Anxiety disorders are unnecessary

Anxiety is unnecessary… just like diarrhea is the extreme manifestation of going to the toilet, anxiety is an extreme manifestation of fear… no one ‘needs’ diarrhea… no one needs anxiety.

Anxiety is emotional diarrhea… does that make sense?

FEAR is necessary. It keeps us safe, focuses us on ‘threats’ and helps us deal with them… anxiety just makes us feel like… in one word… SHIT. Am I right?

You don’t deserve that… no one does.

Anxiety is a CONDITION… it’s not an emotion!

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Why do medics, psychologists and medical organisations send folks to us?

We receive thousands of referrals and recommendations from clinical practice each year… why? because we get the job done. It’s that simple.

Why do WE get the job done? Because everything we do is sensible, scientific, simple and has been developed by ex sufferers for sufferers.

Everything we do is scientifically verifiable, an accredited therapy, delivered by experts… if you do it.

FACTS: In our 2014 university trials analysed using IBM machines at Copenhagen University, psychologist Martin Jensen asked 60 people who had used The Linden Method… our program…. whether they had used drugs or ‘therapy’ (CBT etc.) as treatments. Of those who has used both medication and talking therapy (around 60% of them), none had experienced positive benefits, in fact, the only changes commented on were negative (side-effects, low mood etc.)

Those same people were asked to gauge their anxiety levels before and after doing our program… the average incoming anxiety level was 18.24 out of 21 (severe)… the average post Linden Method score was 2.84 out of 21 (Recovered)

NOTHING demonstrates that level of success.

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What do you NEED?

We know what you NEED and we provide it. It couldn’t be simpler and it’s FAR simpler than what you do now, each day.

Over the last 19 years, we have developed a system that costs as much as a meal out, includes unlimited support and gets the job done… or your money back.

We don’t charge over and over for endless ‘talking therapy’ sessions that just serve to open old wounds, seek blame, frustrate you and lead you nowhere. Yes, the practitioner might be ‘nice’ and it may reassure you, but are you ‘anxiety free’ now? No… otherwise you wouldn’t be here listening to me.

If you need evidence, ask your therapist for theirs and then compare that evidence to ours… then make a decision where to place your trust and spend your money.

If your therapy is free through national health services for example.. does free = good? Does free = cured? Does free = free? Someone pays that person do administer their therapy to you… but does it work? Does it CURE people? No, of course not… which is why organizations like the NHS are swiftly turning away from it… the data and ‘trial’ outcomes were manipulated to look good but scientifically it doesn’t work.


Why do we KNOW we can help YOU?

So who are we? A team of British Association of Psychotherapists and British Psychological Society registered, NCFE accredited, Association for Coaching registered anxiety disorder recovery specialists trained to deliver LAR, the world’s ONLY dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery practice.

Is it easy? Kids of six do it with ease.

Is it fast? It can be effective in hours.

Does it require ‘facing your fears’? No.

Does it require effort? No, just changing what you do now slightly.

The ONLY reason for this not to work is not doing it and anyone who says “I did it and it didn’t work” is actually saying “I bought it but didn’t use it correctly” – how do I know this?

Because claiming that IT didn’t work is like saying – “I was hungry, I at 14 burgers and I was still hungry” – unless you are immense and have the capacity to eat that much… doing so and remaining hungry is impossible. Do you understand?

It’s like saying… I practised guitar for 2 hours a day for 6 months but can’t play a tune… it’s impossible… monkeys can probably do that given time!

The body and mind work to ONE set of rules for each system within them… ‘do A and B happens’… it has to be that way… we wouldn’t want bodily systems that independently change the rules… one day you eat to satisy hunger, the next you have to scratch your ear to do the same… it’s just not practicle is it!

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You have a choice to make…

But the choice is like being asked “what would you prefer, a hot or cold bath?” One is so, so much more pleasant, easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Doing what will create recovery is so much easier than what you are doing right now.

You can keep going around in circles… you can keep looking for a magic pill or you can use the process… the simple process and the tools we have created and used with thousands of people to both reassure and cure them.

Panic attacks eliminator, journey out of agoraphobia, cure anxiety, conquer obsessions, overcome OCD, how to cure HOCD, ROCD and POCD… the list goes on. All tools developed to show you, in just a few monutes, exactly what to do TODAY to feel far better TOMORROW.

No matter what you experience, how your anxiety disorder manifests in you, how long you have suffered or how ‘incurable’ you think you are, we will show you that you can quickly become anxiety free (not fear free because fear is a natural and required human emotions, anxiety is a condition that can be resolved) with very little effort or time investment.

  1. Why are YOU still suffering? Because you shouldn’t be!
  2. Why aren’t you getting the solution you need and deserve? What or who’s stopping you?

Ok, agreed, these aren’t the questions the answers to which are going to change the universe, but they are questions that inhibit or prevent, YOU from getting ‘well’.

You won’t find an organisation that produces the results we do… which is why celebs, agencies, sports-people and millions each year access our resources and guidance. I have sat in Hollywood mansions teaching A listers how to overcome their disorders… I have been on TV doing the same with Gok Wan or in my own TV series… I am on radio, TV or online resources constantly, I am published by the world’s largest self-help publisher, I work with government and media agencies, companies and receive referrals from NHS practitioners daily… I have my reputation to protect and believe me, I will protect it by continuing to produce incredible results… it’s what I love.

You’ve heard my frustrations and dilemmas…  just pick up the phone and dial the number at the top of this website because TODAY is the day everything changes for you… even if that is just to feel SO reasured that your anxiety drops down low in anticipation of your total recovery.

We are here for YOU. Take care.

Charles Linden

Linden Tree Education
The Linden Method
Anxiety Recovery Retreats

P.S. The video below is really worth a watch… it’s me just explaining succinctly and clearly why your anxiety isn’t what it is most perceived to be. It’s password protected in order to stop it appearing all over the internet… it will make sense to you now that you have read the page above!!

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“I watched this video and 20 years of what I thought I understood was erased. Brilliant!”
Janie Howard. Doncaster

“I wish I had seen this nine years ago. Charles Linden, you’re a life-saver!”

Brett Michaels. Perth

“I feel totally better. I watched, I understood and I did what Charles said.”
Karen M. Petersfield

“No wonder Charles is known as the world’s ‘leading authority on anxiety recovery”
Glynis Bowen. Kansas

“It makes so much sense. How could I have ever believed the psycho-babble”
Peter Prowse (for his wife Jackie). Hawaii


Here is a small group of Facebook & Twitter ‘grabs’ of client
comments and a lovely video by one of our recent clients, Hollie.

Read more on our reviews and comments menu items at the top of this site.

16 Year Old Hollie Talks About Her Life-Changing Experience


& TWITTER Reviews




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A complete U-Turn in your beliefs

27 years of suffering and 22 years with millions of people accessing our resources and programmes have equipped us all to make some very positive statements about anxiety disorders and depression…

FREE Recovery Seminar, Info Pack & Emails

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16 Year Old Hollie Talks About Her Anxiety Recovery

Hollie recovered from long-term anxiety, panic attacks, depression and self-harming;
here she tells her story in the hope of inspiring other sufferers.

“Being anxiety disorder free is every person’s right. Evolution didn’t make us this way. People are told that therapy and medication are the only options but no one has ever been cured by either. The solution is simple. It’s what Hollie did and it’s what every recovered sufferer did. It’s simple science… the science of the emotions and of switching them off.” Charles Linden




FREE Recovery Seminar, Info Pack & Emails

Watch the seminar now and receive the recovery information pack and email guidance. Add your details and click submit.

We only ask for your first name and email so that we can send you your information. We do not 'spam' your inbox. You can request to stop receiving the free recovery advice at any point. We will never provide your details to a third party.





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These are a selection of the many thousands we have received!

Linden Tree CentreRecent Social Media Comments
NB: This is a selection of Facebook comments from many hundreds.
Legal disclaimer (required by advertising standards): These testimonials are not meant to represent the results of every person, they are results reported by these people using The Linden Method program




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Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic Attack Symptoms in Day and Night Time Panic Attacks

The physical and psychological experiences during a panic attack can seem catastrophic and life threatening, but they are not; in fact, quite the opposite… they are part of a response that keeps you safe.

These physical and psychological experiences include

(this is not an exhaustive list of panic attack symptoms)…

  • Shortness of breath or smothering sensations
  • Racing heart or palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling faint
  • Pins and needles in limbs
  • Urgency to go to the toilet
  • Chest pains
  • Neck, shoulder and/or head pains
  • Shaky legs / muscle weakness
  • Shivering or shaking
  • Sweating – cold or hot sweats
  • Disturbed hearing or vision
  • Skin blanching (turning pale)
  • Catastrophic / inappropriate thoughts
  • Nausea / diarrhoea / indigestion
  • … and more

Despite feeling dreadful, panic attack symptoms are manifested during the anxiety response and are not the sign of anything more. Panic attacks are normal and natural bodily responses to the release of too much adrenalin during an anxiety disorder.

Many clients come to us suffering with between 1 and 20 panic attacks each day and often, also, during the night. Nightime panic attacks are often referred to as ‘night frights’ – again, whilst alarming at the time, these are also completely harmless.

Panic attacks can be stopped quickly when the sufferer gains the knowledge and technique required to turn them off within the part of the mind responsible for producing the emotion of fear and anxiety disorders.

Is panic attacks recovery simple?

Like all bodily systems, the emotions are controlled ‘autonomously’ – outside of your conscious control… just like your breathing, digestion and blood flow… it all happens whether you are asleep or awake and cannot me changed by medication or talking therapies.

You know that no matter how you reason with your panic attacks or how much medication you take, the anxiety and panic is ever present, untouched and waiting to activate.

The science behind this is very simple indeed. In the same way as you can’t stop digesting your food… you cannot consciously stop a panic attack from activating.

BUT… you can stop the anxiety that causes them! Within hours, you can command the subconscious part of your mind that manages all these systems to deactivate anxiety, returning you to NORMAL fear responses.

Having doen this, you will never experience inappropriate levels of anxiety or panic attacks again.

Panic attacks symptoms are mind fiction… they are not based on TRUE threat… they are not harmful… they are not representative of your health.

Contact one of our Anxiety Recovery Specialists free of charge to find out more – CLICK HERE



PTSD – Improved access to curative treatments

PTSD Care in the UK must be improved… our services prove that improved care

ptsdThis recent BBC item about Lance Corporal Johnson Behaddy highlights a problem which stretches across healthcare mental healthcare provisions in the UK for veterans, active military personnel and civilians alike.

We see this clearly every day and sadly, with increasing regularity. The stories of the majority of our UK clients are similar. They are often pushed from pillar to post with little reassurance, structured care, support or advice. Most are prescribed inappropriate medication and few receive referrals to experienced advisors.

The military is clearly no exception to what is becoming more prevalent in the civilian world. Forces personnel are returning from war zones and immediately, or over time, developing anxiety disorders, most commonly PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD can be difficult to diagnose, our clients complain of flashbacks, nightmares and night frights, panic attacks, generalised high anxiety and depressed thoughts. Most are worn out from dealing with their symptoms and thoughts and feel depleted, desperate and alone.

What do we offer?

Our qualified staff has perhaps treated more anxious people than any other organisation in the world, having helped 160,000 people worldwide to recover. There is nothing my team hasn’t heard.

We help people of all ages and receive many referrals from the NHS, private practice, psychologists and PCTs. Service people from the police force, prison service, fire service, navy, army and air force have used our programme to rid themselves of a wide range of anxiety related conditions with amazing results.

PTSD is no exception. The disorder responds well to our programme structure and the support from our psychologists, counsellors and life coaches provides those clients who require it, with constant, seamless, accessible support when they need it. Reliance on weekly sessions provided through other means, coupled with medicinal treatments are often ineffectual, long winded and untargeted.

Talking therapies can be useful, but in anxiety disorders, what sufferers need is structure, qualified, experienced support and reassurance and a life strategy which creates an environment for recovery.

Our staff and programmes provide just that.

PTSD and other anxiety disorders are pointless conditions; they are behavioural conditions which can be quickly eradicated given the correct treatment. PTSD is caused by an elevated level of anxiety following a trauma… it’s simply the emotion of fear being perpetuated at a high level; but it can be switched OFF

Our service people should be given absolute priority before they even leave the war zone.

Their mental and long term health is paramount and when they have risked their lives for the security of our nation, I for one will be there for them on their return and before if they need it. We should be ashamed as a nation, of the way Lance Corporal Beharry has been treated when you witness the wastes of money perpetrated by the government and its agencies which are so evident when you watch the news.

PTSD can be eradicated completely as can all anxiety conditions. That’s a war we fight daily… and win

Whether you are military or civilian is irrelevant, we can provide you with a fast recovery… all we ask is that yiou follow our lead, comply and give us a testimonial, if you like, when you are cured.

Give us the opportunity to show you how you can quickly erase your anxiety and become the person you know you can be.”

IMMEDIATE REASSURANCE – As you do this programme you can email or phone our qualified staff as often as you like and get immediate reassurance from ex sufferers who have helped tens of thousands of peoplewith PTSD to recover – there isn’t any anxious symptom or thought they haven’t experienced, so you can be totally sure that you are going to feel a lot better fast!

Call us for FREE advice on: 0844 704 8930

Health Anxiety – What is it and why does it form?

The medical and psychological fraternities have named and categorised ‘anxiety disorders’ over time in order to define them within healthcare and in order to place them amongst the myriad of treatment options available.

Whilst it is always good to have options, chosing a treatment is like chosing a bus to board… unless it’s the right one, you won’t end up in the right place.

So many treatments are attemptos to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety is a ‘feature’ of an anxiety disorder, like agoraphobia or OCD for example, health anxiety is a response to an anxiety catalyst and in this case, instead of that being contamination (OCD) or distance from a person or place of safety (agoraphobia), it’s a person’s health.

So what do people with health anxiety think and feel?

I had this for 27 years by the way, so truly understand it from within!

Here are some examples…

  • Constant sense that they may be, or are, ill
  • Belief that medics may have ‘missed’ something
  • The need to research or gain diagnoses
  • Checking themselves for symptoms or signs of illness
  • Momentary relief post diagnosis, followed by doubt
  • Thoughts focusing on illness and trying to make links between it and how they feel
  • Need for reassurance, doctor/hospital visits
  • Limiting life in order to minimise anxiety
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Reluctance to take medication
  • Avoidance of alcohol and other ‘substances’
  • Avoidance of foods or substances that they may ‘react’ to
  • Concerns about allergens and poisons

These could give rise to panic attacks, agoraphobia and other fear responses.

The list could go on and despite every person being unique, their anxiety manifests in pretty much the same way in every sufferer… the mind and body works to very specific blueprints and emotional responses are predetermined by genetics.

Like I said, I suffered with the above list of symptoms for over 26 years and eventually ended up housebound, massively overweight and scared to walk because of the overwhelming belief that I would die from some midiagnosed condition if I did!

Why do Health Anxiety sufferers think these things?

Anxiety causes risk assessments – sufferers refer to these as ‘what if’ thoughts.

‘What if’ thoughts are the mind’s way of identifying what, in the outside world, might cause us harm during the fight or flight response… health anxiety is a manifestation of an anxiety disorder caused by these risk assessments focusing on personal health and wellbeing… the difference between Health Anxiety and other forms of anxiety disorder is only in the subject matter. The cause and recovery solution is the same in every case.

When I did what my brain needed in order to recover, within a week I was anxiety free and my health anxiety very quickly became a distant memory.

That was 17 years ago and since then, I have helped over 170,000 people to achieve the same and now my Method is used and recommended by NHS doctors, psychologists and organisations world over.

The Method I developed to cure myself is now a therapy with accreditation through the NCFE and our practice is a NICE CG113 compliant anxiety disorder recovery programme that produces results of 100% success at curing people who comply to the programme… why?

Why does it cure people?

The Method cures every complying client because it addresses the cause of anxiety disorders directly… no other therapy does this. No other treatment produces anywhere near the level of curative success that we do.

Health anxiety feels overwhelming, it reduces or even negates the sufferer’s enjoyment of life, it fractures relationships, causes conflict and destroys a person’s sense of health, wellbing and joy… but it’s so curable.

Call the centre now to discuss your Health Anxiety with one of our registered, qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists – you will soon see that what I have said and the recovery you deserve are all true and that anxiety freedom truly is just a couple of small steps away.

Charles Linden – Director Linden Recovery

FREE Health Anxiety Recovery Consultation – 0800 069 9898 or +44(0)1562 742004

All our Specialists are MBACP and LAR accredited professionals and Anxiety Recovery Specialists.








Child Anxiety, Panic, Phobias and Depression

Childhood anxiety recovery and recovery practitioner training

Programmes for individuals, schools and practitioner training

Let our team show you how you can quickly remove anxiety disorder from your child’s life

Our recovery solution is the only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy and has helped over 170,000 people to find peace from anxiety disorders.

Does your child experience:

  • Panic attacks
  • Generalised anxiety
  • Agoraphobia/school phobia
  • Fear of dying/morbid thoughts
  • Obsessions/Rituals
  • Self harming – Hair Pulling/Cutting
  • Depressed mood

Our team and recovery programmes have been specifically developed to provide:

  • Immediate access to resources and support
  • Constant guidance by qualified professionals
  • Support, reassurance and guidance for parents
  • Recovery targeted advice, not coping or management strategies
  • Support in and out of the educational environment
  • Training for school staff and support for teaching staff who suffer

Never before, in human history, has there been such a negatively influential world for children and teenagers to grow up in!

Child and teenage mental and physical health is now a far larger concern than ever before…

…but why?

Young people are living ever more static, stressful and anxiety inducing lives and the reasons for this are all around us.

Millions of catalysts and millions of environmental factors conspire to create less physically and mentally capable young people.

A young person’s world is far more stressful now than ever before in human history and those with, what we call, creative intellect, are the most vulnerable… they are the ones that develop school phobia, obsessions, panic disorder, agoraphobia, health anxiety, fear of death, separation anxiety; they are the ones we see coming  through to the centre.

A young person’s life is complex enough, but recent technological and social advancements have created some serious threats to physical and mental health and we see the impact of this every day.

Regardless of what has caused a young person’s anxiety to develop, the solution is the same in every case.

Our programmes have been developed to be both supportive but also CURATIVE… we aim for complete well-being and we achieve it.

16 Year Old Hollie Talks About Her Life-Changing Experience

What if we could manage and lead all anxious children and teenagers to fast and lifelong recovery?

We have provided programs of support to thousands of young people and their parents; helping them to find fast and lasting recovery and to also quickly discover their true abilities and fulfillment.

What are the most influential negative influences to mental and physical health in young people?

The list is almost endless but some of the most negative influences are:

  • Family issues such as grief, divorce, money worries
  • Political issues such as terrorism
  • Natural disasters
  • News programmes
  • Pressure of performing well at school
  • Examination pressure
  • Pressure not to disappoint parents
  • Awareness of own and parental mortality
  • Bullying
  • Social media bullying
  • Increased access to inappropriate media (TV, Films Pornography etc.)
  • Increased awareness of risks (Paedophiles, violence etc.)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Peer pressure

What about the psychological and neurological effect on children?

  • The endocrine system is receiving incorrect evidence of threat from games being played. Stress hormones, including adrenalin are released but not used up through fight or flight.
  • Increased stress hormones are perpetually cycled within the child’s body causing a myriad of physiological responses including high anxiety. These can lead to a range of anxiety related conditions including panic attacks, agoraphobia, school phobia, inappropriate thoughts, fear of dying/death, separation anxiety, insomnia, low mood, agression etc.
  • Stress and anxiety related stomach complaints can develop – IBS, indigestion, diarrhoea, nausea, butterflies etc.
  • Migraines and head pains through stress related tension and compression of vital blood vessels and nerves in the neck and scalp may develop
  • Depression – Low mood may develop due to the above reasons but also due to lack of sunlight, frsh air, social interaction, correct diet etc
  • Agressive outbursts may develop due to all the factors above – these are chemical in nature and not always due to the ‘Kevin’ stage of development
  • Sadness, tendency to cry and childish behaviour may develop
  • Surpressed immunity due to internal environment, heating etc. but also due to a lack of contact with ‘good bacteria and viruses’ that strengthen the immune system
  • Lack of interest in external events and social occassions – avoidance behaviours may develop
  • Insomnia – inability to fall asleep or stay asleep
  • Nightmares or restless sleep – This can lead to daytime tiredness and lack of attention
  • Loss of the ability to communicate effectively due to minimal social development/interaction
  • Limited fulfilment – Due to a lack of ‘rewards’. Rewards, in this instance, mean the incoming sensory data that reflects the positive things achieved.
  • Limited happiness – What data goes in through the senses is mirrored by the chemical response to them. Put happy, pleasurable, interesting data in – get positive chemical and therefore, emotional responses out!
  • Separation anxiety/agoraphobia – Due to lack of geographic movement and heightened anxiety through game play, a child may become less ‘mobile’ or less interested in days out, trips or even visiting friends.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder – Children can become obsessive about their devices – If this is coupled with recognisable high anxiety, this is a form of OCD – The child may also display symptoms of classic OCD.
  • Health anxiety – Children often become concerned about their health, asking questions about various conditions and checking with a trusted adult that the spot on their hand isn’t skin cancer for example.

The lists could go on.

There are so many manifestations of stress and anxiety states in children but none should be taken lightly.

How can we help parents, schools and anxious children?

Our programmes and training provide a bespoke, ‘day one access programme’ of recovery for anxious children through two conduits.

These are:

  • Direct access to our home learning programme with central telephone and email guidance by our MBACP Anxiety Recovery Specialists
  • In-house traing for a staff member (a school nurse or psychotherapist for example) as a LAR Anxiety Recovery Practitioner (NCFE Level 4)

Direct Access Home Learning programme

We can provide parents and schools with:

  • [list type=”decimal” icon=”fa-check”][list_item]An online portal for anxious children and their parent/guardian to access on and off-site
  • Unlimited and direct access online, telephone and email support and guidance for the anxious children and a parent/guardian (MBACP)
  • Our printed Anxiety Recovery programme with telephone and email support for the child and a parent/guardian
  • A webinar or live seminar/workshop for anxious children and their parent/guardian
  • A wealth of CDs, DVDs and other materials for you, the children and parent/guardians
  • Direct telephone and email guidance by our qualified MBACP Specialists for your school staff members

In-house training for your school staff

We can provide:

  • NCFE Level 4 Accreditation as a LAR Anxiety Recovery Coach for your school’s staff member/s (110 hr online or 3 day on-site format)
  • On-going support and guidance for your accredited LAR Coach from our central team
  • Constant training updates and membership of our growing LAR global Coaching team
  • All LAR materials to use with anxious children and their parent/guardian
  • Online resources for the child and parent/guardian to use remotely
  • Bespoke materials and services for your school and its pupils

Our child anxiety programme is the antidote to the pandemic of anxiety related disorders in children and adults.

Once an anxiety disorder has developed simply removing the initial catalyst isn’t going to undo the changes that have caused the anxiety disorder… but, we can help you to manage every individual case and provide truly curative techniques to help the child to regain lost confidence and remove the disorder for good.

Does it work?

Our programmes have 22 years of success with over 260,000 ex clients

TRIALS: Our programmes have been tested by research psychologists and the outcomes are unmatched – the average reduction in anxiety levels in our 2014 study was from 18.24 out of 21 (severe) to 2.84 out of 21 (below normal) – this means that the average experience of the test subjects was total recovery.

charles-linden“Not only do our programmes provide young people with an anxiety recovery process, but within it is strict guidance with regard to implementing daily tasks and devices which provide equally fulfilling sensory feedback, but also have the effect of bringing about physical and mental equilibrium… a happier, healthier, more focused child.” Charles Linden

All of our programmes include support for both the child and an adult by telephone and email.

You can call one of our team now to understand more about how we can help you to help your anxious child, pupils and their families on 01562 742004

Beth can also be reached by email at

Do not despair – Child anxiety isn’t difficult to overcome – Children are, by their very biology, more compliant than adults and our programmes and advice are so engaging and successful that the physical effect will spur them on to do more and become the people they are meant to be.


Call for an informal chat or to order – Order the Method online below

UK call 0800 069 9898 – USA 1800 486 0458








Gok Wan asks Charles to cure Kyle

Charles helps Gok cure 16 year old Kyle in his new series ‘Gok’s Teens’

Watch Kyle as he tells you about his recovery from anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia

In his series, Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth, Gok is reigniting his commitment to get teenagers the help and support they need to deal with personal issues through body confidence lessons in school.

Gok’s Teens – The Naked Truth – Watch Kyle’s Story of Recovery

Gok helps 12 teenagers to face their fears and live their dreams one of which is 15 year old Kyle Vanes from Sheffield who had become agoraphobic and suffered from high anxiety and panic attacks due to bullying and being beaten up outside his house.

Gok asked Charles Linden to help Kyle to beat his fears and working with The Linden Method, in just three days, Kyle was able to travel to London alone from Sheffield to meet up with Gok again and on 12th May he, Gok and a team of petitioners went to Parliament to meet with a group of MPs, something Kyle never thought he would previously be able to achieve.

Rupert Young, brother to Will Young (middle right), who also did The Linden Method programme and the Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreat was also there to take part in the event.

“At last! A place where someone can go to not only gather the vital life changing tools that I did, but also an opportunity to listen to others and for the first time not feel like it was just me and I wasn’t going mad. Having done the retreat life is now something I can look forward to not fear. Working in the charity sector as a director and founder around mental health I can say that if peace is what you are looking for, look no further.”
Rupert Young

In 2009 Gok presented a petition of over 50,000 signatures to Downing Street as evidence of public support for having an hour of body confidence taught per academic year in every secondary school added to the national curriculum.

The then Education Secretary Ed Balls agreed it was necessary, however following the change in government, Gok faces the new challenge of trying to get the coalition government on board.
Speaking at The Education Show in Birmingham in March, Gok explained his vision and why he believes just one lesson a year can help teens with a whole range of issues.

“It is as important as Science or English; because you can teach somebody to write but you can also teach them to respect themselves. When you’re looking at kids with eating disorders, kids that are bullied, self harming and taking their own lives, a lot of times it stems back to a really poor body perception and I think we can make a difference [in schools].

“If we get them educated about airbrushing, educated about images of perfection…Just to be told that every single one of us is subjected to over 3000 images every single week without even realising; just to have that information out there, I think kids will start building up a dialogue with their peers as with their teachers that would be invaluable.”

It is time to put more pressure on the coalition government, who so far have declined to engage with Gok over the issue. His aim is to drum up both teacher and pupil support and take the biggest body confidence lesson yet to Parliament.

Today he oversaw 10 outdoor lessons, with 10 teachers and 100 students close to the Houses of Parliament to illustrate how effective this one lesson in body confidence can be, and help teens feel differently about themselves and others.

Gok adds: “This campaign has never felt more important. The teachers believe in it. We can go to the government and tell them this is what our country wants. They have to provide [body confidence lessons] as a matter of service.”

“But I need to show them evidence of how vital this lesson is. I need teenagers, parents, teachers, pupils all saying ‘yes we want this’ so we can put as much pressure on the government as possible to address the issue and make a body confidence lesson part of the curriculum.”

Gok presented the latest figures of support to parliament today. To back his movement you just have to go to The Naked Truth’s Facebook page and ‘like’ what you see to pledge your support.

“Folks, when the series airs in July, we expect it to be viewed by over 3 million people, so PLEASE, if you wish to get on the programme or book The Anxiety Recovery Retreat… book now to avoid disappointment.” Charles



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