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depression and anxiety

Do you have postnatal depression or anxiety?

Have you felt physically and emotionally ‘different’ since the birth of your child?

There is absolutely no need to tolerate that!

ALL of our programmes are focused on fast, supported removal of the symptoms and thoughts you experience.

Do you experience:

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Inappropriate thoughts – aggressive or otherwise
  • ‘Dark’ days or thoughts
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Panic attacks

There are so many physiological and psychological factors that come into play influencing how you feel during and after pregnancy, such as:

  • Hormones
  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Sleep patterns
  • Social changes
  • Work changes
    …and more

The influence of these combined factors can, in many cases, give rise to not just physiological and mental health issues, but also effect a wide range of social and work issues which had previously provided equilibrium and intellectual fulfilment in your life.

Having a baby is life-changing, but it shouldn’t mean that you feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or desperate… ever. If you feel that way, there is much that can be achieved to reverse how you feel and to make life more fulfilling and enjoyable… quickly.


Access to your Recovery Specialist is unlimited during your membership – Each membership lasts for 12 months.

All of our Depression and Anxiety Specialists are mothers who have previously suffered with anxiety so they truly understand what you are experiencing.

Our Specialists are also qualified psychotherapists with a raft of knowledge and many years of experience assisting women to regain physical and psychological equilibrium – assisting them to move forward with their lives and to regain the sense of fulfilment they once had.

Our simple to follow programmes

All of our programmes have been developed to carry out remotely from your home.

It is so simple – Follow the simple directions provided in the Linden Method pack and access our support services as and when you need to.

Our support team are here for you from 9am to 6pm weekdays and 24:7 by email – Support, reassurance, guidance and a friendly female voice to guide you to recovery.

By doing as instructed, you will find that your life, mental and physical health and sense of wellbeing will return quickly. All of our programmes are guaranteed and the fees are more than affordable.

Free Consultation

For a free consultation with one of our Recovery Specialists, call us on the numbers at the top of this page.

Ask any question and get straight, sensible answers. We provide solutions, not management – We will do all we can to make your recovery fast and enjoyable.


  • Sam Billings Hi, as you know I started having panic attacks and anxiety when my 1st son was 3 months old (approx 11 years ago). You helped me to recognise what they were and the techniques you gave me enabled me to deal with them. After several months of them getting worse and worse, they almost dissappeared overnight. Occasionally if I am under stress or very tired I can feel them starting to come back, however am able to quickly stop them. Thank you so much x
  • Roxanne McCreanney I had pre and post natal anxiety. Not once did a dr or psychiartrist explain it like TLM. I had a psychiatrist prescribe me all sorts of meds that absolutely terrified me and left me feeling like a ” mental case” it was in my darkest hour I discovered TLM. I was reluctant at first to try it as without trying it I still had a hope. But I feared if I tried it snd it failed, I’d have nothing. Well long storey short, I ended up exploring TLM and haven’t looked back. Finally having someone dxplain what my mind and body was doing was enough to get me started. And after practice of ignoring the meaningless symptoms to my crazy thoughts I have my life snd so much more back… I was once petrified and convinced something terrible would happen to me if I took my baby to the shops, now me and my daughter enjoy shopping trips as a treat we look forward too each week ; )
  • Claire Turkoglu wow roxAnne you are my inspiration for today. thanks x
  • Josh Peak Sam and Roxanne, very inspirational. This method does work. I used it over 6 years ago!
  • Ali Liness I had really bad anxiety and panic attacks after having my son a year ago, the first time I had a panic attack I thought I was having a heart attack and my husband called an ambulance. I was going back and forth to my GP and started developing numbness and tingling around my head and face and had frequent palpitations. My GP in the end said she didn’t know what to do with me next and tried to prescrible anti depressants and had me on diazepam for a while. I discovered TLM and tried that, after a slow start I realised how easy it was to rid yourself of these symptoms from doing this method. I still get numbness occasionally but I now know it is nothing serious, so just go about my daily routine without letting it bother me too much. I totally sympathise with anyone who has anxiety, it can be the most horrific and lonely experience in the world and it is good to know you are not the only person with those kinds of feelings. I was like Roxanne at one point and did not want to leave the house for fear something would happen to me. I am starting to feel more like myself again. I would advise anyone who has been told they have anxiety to try TLM and stick to it.
  • Denise Matsushita-Graf I suffered from postnatal anxiety as well as PTSD from a very traumatic birth experience. If it weren’t for TLM I’m not sure where me or my son would be today. I can honestly say that now, four years later I still use a lot of the methods to deal with everyday life stressors. I would find my anxiety debilitating, at times I couldn’t even care for my newborn, it was so bad. I was grateful to have found TLM.
  • Darren Street Charles, is it possible to have both post natal anxiety as well as post natal depression at the same time.
    I know you have said previously that usually anxiety and depression are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.
  • Charles Linden Darren, no, the problem isn’ in diagnosis, the problem is in language. Many medics and psychologists, for reasons only known to them, believe, in total ignorance, that anxiety and depression are the same thing.. post natal depression is post natal anxiety… unless it is depression BUT if anxiety and panic are present, it isn’t depression! Does that make sense?
  • Claire Turkoglu it makes sense to me Charles. wish i had figured it out sooner… my gp says they are the same but if i wasnt anxious i wouldnt be depressed.
  • Amaëlle O’Brien And here is my story if it is of any help to someone. When I was pregnant with my second child, I became more and more anxious. First it was physical symptoms and after a while I started to have difficulty concentrating, reading, working…and I started to panic about it. Nobody would understand what was happening. I was almost 7 month pregnant when one day, it felt like my brain froze. Since that moment I could not sleep for 2 months (max 20 minutes per night), could not eat, not read, not watching tv, not seat, not be lying on a bed, not listen to any music, could almost not talk anymore. NOBODY KNEW WHAT TO DO. I thought I was dying, or at least being stuck in a body who was dying or going completely crazy. I don’t know how I managed to give birth. Could not look after the baby when she was born. It took months – for the hormones to get a little bit more stable. I could sleep again, start reading slowly, so the first thing I took was the LINDEN METHOD that my husband ordered for me. I started in August. In october I was back at work, at 10%. But I was improving every month with TLM. I went to the Linden retreat in February, and I understood all the little points I was missing. Today I’m back to life, working more than before, taking care of my 2 lovely and happy girls, leading a happy life with my husband. Definitly on my way out, almost 100% out. I went down to hell and back, but for the better, because I am handling the anxiety I didn’t know I was having since I was a little girl. Hope it can help someone.
    And thanks Charles, Jenny, Rob and Beth.
  • Charles Linden Amaëlle, you are AMAZING! Client of the day award to you!!! Thank you for sharing that! Amaëlle would you put it on my new website to show others? I’d SO appreciate it! C x

  • Darren Street Charles, that makes perfect sense!
    My fiancé (who you’ve met a few times) is staring a new nanny job with a lady who apparently has PND but she’s very anxious and panics alot. Camilla really wants to try and help mum through this as well as look after baby. I believe she been dished some meds already though to help with sleep etc. I’ll some investigative work. Would be great if Camilla could recommend TLM to her!
  • Jennifer Merheb “Charles I want to do a testimonial for you on your website can you let me know how I can do It for you?? I was lead to Charles after my first baby and a lifetime of strange symptoms fear etc.. Charles truly is my guru because without him and his method I would never have discovered or ever felt peace I’m still a groupie of the method and now am expecting my 4th baby, trust in Charles there is simply NO other explanation or diagnosis treatment or anything except his method. I honestly believe that PND is simply just anxiety that was thriving within you long before you started a family and is very easily rectified xx”


Do you feel depressed?

Do you experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Low mood
  • Sadness
  • Desperation
  • Confusion
  • Emptiness

All of the above words are those that our patients have used to describe how they are feeling when they come to us for help.

Depression and anxiety cause enormous disruption in people’s lives and we at the centre understand fully the heartache and distress depression causes sufferers and their families and the knock on effect depression has on work, social and family lives.

Anxiety and depression are often confused and this leads to misdiagnosis, misprescription of drugs and also causes the sufferer to feel more desperate, isolated and confused.

Charles Linden, Director of Linden Tree Education and LAR explains:

Anxiety and depression are medically and chemically unrelated – Think of it like this… anxiety is a condition of hyper-vigilence, your body and mind are primed to respond to a threat – your senses come alive in order to recognise and deal with threat and your body prepares itself for flight or fight. True clinical depression is at the exact opposite end of the emotions spectrum- depression is the absence of emotional response. Truly depressed people experience little or no emotion most of the time and often experience a sense of emptiness. If you experience anxiety but feel ‘low’, this is called ‘low mood’.

Our Specialists have helped thousands of people to understand and overcome their anxiety and low mood but can also help those experiencing true clinical depression. The curative process is simple, fast and produces lifelong relief and our clinical staff have the understanding and training to make your recovery pathway smooth and simple. Charles Linden. Director Linden Tree Education

Our team have helped many thousands of people to find peace and recovery and their constant guidance, reassurance and support provides a solid foundation for real, lasting change.

We will:

  • Provide practical tactics to help you feel better fast
  • Provide tools and resources to expedite your recovery and enhance your life
  • Provide life-coaching advice to bring about real long-term change
  • Support, guide and reassure you constantly by email and phone
  • Give you the level of access to what you need in order to change how you feel fast

We all love what we do because what we do changes lives.

Read some of the testimonials we have received from patients here

Contact us now for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Specialists and discover how we can help you to feel better.

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depression and anxiety

OCD? Panic Disorder? GAD? Agoraphobia? – WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

NO MATTER what a ‘specialist’might tell you, there is only ONE anxiety condition!

OCD, GAD, PTSD, Panic Disorder etc. DON’T EXIST!

Sure, you get the symptoms that tell you that you are panicky, obsessive etc. but as stand alone disorders, those conditions just aren’t real and anyone who states otherwise is talking nonsense. Let me explain why.

What causes a cold? A virus, yes?

When you have a cold, do you say “I have nasal disorder, runny eye syndrome, coughing disorder or sore throat disease” when you go to the pharmacy? No, you say “I’ve got a cold!” You don’t pick out features of your cold as separate disorders, do you?

So, why do you do it with high anxiety?

Having high anxiety is like being ‘over happy’ or ‘over jealous’… it’s an emotion, like any other, the only difference being that it manifests as a range of more unpleasant sensations and thoughts because it activates the ‘fear response’.

BUT is it an illness?

What do you think?

Of course it isn’t! It’s an emotion that is used in self preservation.

The emotion of fear is adaptable – it has to be because wemove from positions of safety to danger throughout our lives, sometimes in minutes and it is vital for our safety that we are prepared for actions should a danger rear its head. In a high anxiety conditions, you are simply primed for ‘action’ all the time because your anxiety control center ‘THINKS’ it is in danger.

But why?

BECAUSE – your brain registers your anxiety symptoms as THREAT and responds with anxiety… this anxiety produces sensations, the sensations are detected as threat and so on… you are STUCK in an anxiety ‘feedback loop’… nothing more!

You have high anxiety and as sickening as it might be to admit it, THIS and only THIS, causes all that heartache, sadness, frustration and also the range of symptoms you experience.

To CURE an anxiety issue… we stop that feedback loop… it’s that simple!


Thanatophobia – Fear of Death

Is Thanatophobia a ‘phobia’?

The short answer is NO. Phobias are learned, habitual responses born of a fear response. Phobias develop because a person has, a some point in time, had a fear response activated during exposure to the catalyst.

For example, a person with Arachnophobia, will have, at some point in time, been conditioned to fear spiders. This can happen because someone else has primed them to be scared or because a spider jumped on them (extreme example but you get the jist).

Thanatophobia is not a phobia because it is not attached to an event or conditioning that has exposed the sufferer to the experience. Thanatophobia is a ‘risk assessment’ during the flight or fight response. Like agoraphobia, thanatophobia is an anxiety disorder response… a risk assessment… a ‘what if’ thought and when the anxiety has gone, thanatophobia goes too.

Fear of death is a legitimate fear and no one wants to die but living your life focusing on it is just a waste of life. Thanatophobia forces sufferers to consider their mortality, to focus on their health and to become increasingly more anxious day after day.

I KNOW… I had it!

Ok, I don’t like the thought of death but I don’t focus on it and I certainly don’t have an anxiety disorder any more.

We have had tens of thousands of sufferers use The Linden Method who suffered with thanatophobia and without exception, every single person didn’t have thanatophobia after eliminating their anxiety disorder.

I don’t understand why psychology and medicieine give names to these risk assessments, they don’t deserve to be named.

Do I go to the doctor complaining of ‘drippy nose syndrome’ or ‘tickly throat disease’? No, I go with a cold or tonsilitis. Making specific symptoms into stand-alone illnesses is ludicrous.

Thanatophobia can be cured quickly and simply using some very simple techniques that I have shown thousands of sufferers to do over the last 14 years.