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Health Anxiety – What is it and why does it form?

The medical and psychological fraternities have named and categorised ‘anxiety disorders’ over time in order to define them within healthcare and in order to place them amongst the myriad of treatment options available.

Whilst it is always good to have options, chosing a treatment is like chosing a bus to board… unless it’s the right one, you won’t end up in the right place.

So many treatments are attemptos to squeeze a square peg into a round hole.

What is Health Anxiety?

Health anxiety is a ‘feature’ of an anxiety disorder, like agoraphobia or OCD for example, health anxiety is a response to an anxiety catalyst and in this case, instead of that being contamination (OCD) or distance from a person or place of safety (agoraphobia), it’s a person’s health.

So what do people with health anxiety think and feel?

I had this for 27 years by the way, so truly understand it from within!

Here are some examples…

  • Constant sense that they may be, or are, ill
  • Belief that medics may have ‘missed’ something
  • The need to research or gain diagnoses
  • Checking themselves for symptoms or signs of illness
  • Momentary relief post diagnosis, followed by doubt
  • Thoughts focusing on illness and trying to make links between it and how they feel
  • Need for reassurance, doctor/hospital visits
  • Limiting life in order to minimise anxiety
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Reluctance to take medication
  • Avoidance of alcohol and other ‘substances’
  • Avoidance of foods or substances that they may ‘react’ to
  • Concerns about allergens and poisons

These could give rise to panic attacks, agoraphobia and other fear responses.

The list could go on and despite every person being unique, their anxiety manifests in pretty much the same way in every sufferer… the mind and body works to very specific blueprints and emotional responses are predetermined by genetics.

Like I said, I suffered with the above list of symptoms for over 26 years and eventually ended up housebound, massively overweight and scared to walk because of the overwhelming belief that I would die from some midiagnosed condition if I did!

Why do Health Anxiety sufferers think these things?

Anxiety causes risk assessments – sufferers refer to these as ‘what if’ thoughts.

‘What if’ thoughts are the mind’s way of identifying what, in the outside world, might cause us harm during the fight or flight response… health anxiety is a manifestation of an anxiety disorder caused by these risk assessments focusing on personal health and wellbeing… the difference between Health Anxiety and other forms of anxiety disorder is only in the subject matter. The cause and recovery solution is the same in every case.

When I did what my brain needed in order to recover, within a week I was anxiety free and my health anxiety very quickly became a distant memory.

That was 17 years ago and since then, I have helped over 170,000 people to achieve the same and now my Method is used and recommended by NHS doctors, psychologists and organisations world over.

The Method I developed to cure myself is now a therapy with accreditation through the NCFE and our practice is a NICE CG113 compliant anxiety disorder recovery programme that produces results of 100% success at curing people who comply to the programme… why?

Why does it cure people?

The Method cures every complying client because it addresses the cause of anxiety disorders directly… no other therapy does this. No other treatment produces anywhere near the level of curative success that we do.

Health anxiety feels overwhelming, it reduces or even negates the sufferer’s enjoyment of life, it fractures relationships, causes conflict and destroys a person’s sense of health, wellbing and joy… but it’s so curable.

Call the centre now to discuss your Health Anxiety with one of our registered, qualified Anxiety Recovery Specialists – you will soon see that what I have said and the recovery you deserve are all true and that anxiety freedom truly is just a couple of small steps away.

Charles Linden – Director Linden Recovery

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All our Specialists are MBACP and LAR accredited professionals and Anxiety Recovery Specialists.







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Gok Wan asks Charles to cure Kyle

Charles helps Gok cure 16 year old Kyle in his new series ‘Gok’s Teens’

Watch Kyle as he tells you about his recovery from anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia

In his series, Gok’s Teens: The Naked Truth, Gok is reigniting his commitment to get teenagers the help and support they need to deal with personal issues through body confidence lessons in school.

Gok’s Teens – The Naked Truth – Watch Kyle’s Story of Recovery

Gok helps 12 teenagers to face their fears and live their dreams one of which is 15 year old Kyle Vanes from Sheffield who had become agoraphobic and suffered from high anxiety and panic attacks due to bullying and being beaten up outside his house.

Gok asked Charles Linden to help Kyle to beat his fears and working with The Linden Method, in just three days, Kyle was able to travel to London alone from Sheffield to meet up with Gok again and on 12th May he, Gok and a team of petitioners went to Parliament to meet with a group of MPs, something Kyle never thought he would previously be able to achieve.

Rupert Young, brother to Will Young (middle right), who also did The Linden Method programme and the Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreat was also there to take part in the event.

“At last! A place where someone can go to not only gather the vital life changing tools that I did, but also an opportunity to listen to others and for the first time not feel like it was just me and I wasn’t going mad. Having done the retreat life is now something I can look forward to not fear. Working in the charity sector as a director and founder around mental health I can say that if peace is what you are looking for, look no further.”
Rupert Young

In 2009 Gok presented a petition of over 50,000 signatures to Downing Street as evidence of public support for having an hour of body confidence taught per academic year in every secondary school added to the national curriculum.

The then Education Secretary Ed Balls agreed it was necessary, however following the change in government, Gok faces the new challenge of trying to get the coalition government on board.
Speaking at The Education Show in Birmingham in March, Gok explained his vision and why he believes just one lesson a year can help teens with a whole range of issues.

“It is as important as Science or English; because you can teach somebody to write but you can also teach them to respect themselves. When you’re looking at kids with eating disorders, kids that are bullied, self harming and taking their own lives, a lot of times it stems back to a really poor body perception and I think we can make a difference [in schools].

“If we get them educated about airbrushing, educated about images of perfection…Just to be told that every single one of us is subjected to over 3000 images every single week without even realising; just to have that information out there, I think kids will start building up a dialogue with their peers as with their teachers that would be invaluable.”

It is time to put more pressure on the coalition government, who so far have declined to engage with Gok over the issue. His aim is to drum up both teacher and pupil support and take the biggest body confidence lesson yet to Parliament.

Today he oversaw 10 outdoor lessons, with 10 teachers and 100 students close to the Houses of Parliament to illustrate how effective this one lesson in body confidence can be, and help teens feel differently about themselves and others.

Gok adds: “This campaign has never felt more important. The teachers believe in it. We can go to the government and tell them this is what our country wants. They have to provide [body confidence lessons] as a matter of service.”

“But I need to show them evidence of how vital this lesson is. I need teenagers, parents, teachers, pupils all saying ‘yes we want this’ so we can put as much pressure on the government as possible to address the issue and make a body confidence lesson part of the curriculum.”

Gok presented the latest figures of support to parliament today. To back his movement you just have to go to The Naked Truth’s Facebook page and ‘like’ what you see to pledge your support.

“Folks, when the series airs in July, we expect it to be viewed by over 3 million people, so PLEASE, if you wish to get on the programme or book The Anxiety Recovery Retreat… book now to avoid disappointment.” Charles



LBC’s Jeni Barnett Interviews Charles Linden

LBC’s Jeni Barnett interviews our own Charles LInden on his own recovery and the founding of the Linden organisations he now runs.

Jenni calls Charles a ‘genius’ due to the unique and curatively successful techniques he has developed to cure anxious people.


Emetophobia – Fear of Vomiting – The solution

Many anxiety sufferers (approximately 14% of our clients actually), experience an intense a fear of vomiting known as Emetophobia.

This anxiety condition is frightening but totally treatable… non of our recovered clients continues to fear vomiting

Charles Linden

My name is Charles Linden and I had Emetophobia for over 27 years and I elminated it. I have since helped many thousands of people just like you to do the same and this website and the educational organisation behind it is the vehicle for recovery that we have put together over 19 years.

I know how it feels to:

  • Use avoidance to prevent myself from being exposed to sickness and illness
  • Make excuses not to do social events or go anywhere that might make me sick
  • Avoid substances and food, restaurants, alcohol etc. to prevent myself being sick
  • Be fully focused on my phobia and the anxiety that accompanies it
  • Have a panic attack and feel overwhelmed by thoughts and symptoms.

Emetophobia is due partly, to an anxiety reaction created by experiencing vomiting and partly to the production of the inherent nausea caused by anxiety. Do you see how this cycle of ‘fear producing nausea which produces fear’ can develop into Emetophobia?

Most anxiety sufferers with this inappropriate fear of vomiting (emetophobia) rarely do, they just feel like they might and it is this apprehension of what MIGHT happen which exacerbates the symptoms.

BUT emetophobia is an anxiety symptom and not a separate condition! Emetophobia is also an obsessive condition, the sufferers makes this fear such an immense issue that it dominates their lives.

ALL PHOBIAS ARE SYMPTOMS OF AN ANXIETY DISORDER… because, if you weren’t anxious, you wouldn’t experience the phobia and you SHOULDN’T be frightened of things that don’t pose any risk to you. The same is true of Emetophobia.

So how do you stop the cycle and remove your Emetophobia?


In order to recover from your Emetophobia, you must remove the anxiety disorder that causes the nausea and the fear of vomiting (Emetophobia) and by doing so, you halt the fear cycle. This in turn removes your Emetophobia, which reduces your anxiety etc. a positive cycle is produced.

Mark lay in his bed for nearly 12 months before he started The Linden Method, his fear of vomiting was obsessive and inappropriate, Emetophobia stopped him from leading a full life or working, his relationship was ruined and he couldn’t even attempt to see a time when he could be free from his Emetophobia.

Within 1 hour of starting our program, he was back on his feet… why?

Because the relief he experienced immediately from understanding his Emetophobia and understanding his anxiety created immediate relief from his inappropriate fear of vomiting. Within days he was out and about, working and rebuilding his life.

This solution to Emetophobia works every time – Our success rate at removing Emetophobia in this way is 100%.

We can quickly show you how to stop this fear of vomiting (Emetophobia), overcome your inappropriate anxiety and return to a life NOT ruled by your fears.

Our system will show you how, by removing the anxiety, you can be free from your fear of vomiting as quickly as Mark was. Emetophobia is a symptom of your underlying anxiety disorder, we will show you how to remove it right away.

Contact us for more information on +44 (0)1562 742004

or you can join The Linden Method and access all the materials you will need to overcome your Emetophobia including unlimited support from our qualified experts.





Anxiety Recovery

Me aged 14 Months
Me aged 14 Months

From 1970, maybe even before that, till 1997, I was a sufferer. I experienced a constant sense of impending doom, a sense of frailty, a constant sense that the world would swallow me up… I was terrified most of the time. At school, I was timid, shy, looked sad and didn’t feel part of the crowd. I had chrnoic hayfever, exercise and hayfever related astham and was overweight. I knew I was ‘different’ but what was I supposed to do about it? I had no idea what was wrong with me or that something was wrong with me at all… I just thought that I was feeling what every other lad felt.

People say to me all the time that stating that we provide ‘recovery’ and ‘the cure’ is misinformation because anxiety can’t be cured, it’s an emotion… how wrong they are.


Me aged 4 Years
Me aged 4 Years

To explain this in simple terms that everyone can understand – “we all need to defecate, but no one needs diarrhoea” – Does that make sense?

Fear is an emotion… anxiety is the inappropriate manifestation of fear. So fear can’t be cured because it’s an important and incurable emotion but anxiety is a ‘disorder’ for want of a better word!

It’s so easy for people to misinterpret the outward symptoms of an anxiety disorder, to align anxiety alongside mental illness, to prescribe medication, to undermine a person’s sense of wellness with talk of ‘anxiety management’ and ‘coping strategies’.

Then there are the resources – CBT, counselling, psychiatry, online forums, charities – which of these provide curative treatments? Which move people out of negative environments, negative thought patterns, negative verbal exchanges? None. They all promote constant, conscious focus on the condition, the dilema they cause and the ‘thoughts’ associated with the conditions… but none switch off the inappropriate fear.


Me aged 11
Me aged 11

So when clients come to us desperate after years of all these, they are untrusting. They are often disconnected from the concept of change or recovery and they are often at a point where they have moved past desperation and are now resigned to a life of constant fear, medication and symptoms.

I was that person too once.

Since 1997 we have helped so many people to understand that this is not their fate and within days, have shown them that recovery is, not only, possible but also the normal, expected and definite product of the program I developed.

I have never seen someone fail to recover. Never. The only ones who do fail are the ones that don’t do it… but that’s not failure, that’s either disbelief or negativity.


Me aged 13
Me aged 13

We do all we can to show people the overwhelming evidence that what we do will help them… you’ll find some of that evidence on this website… and if they still doubt us, I suggest they go off and ask any psychologist or psychotherapist working in practice, to show them their evidence for curative outcomes… when they come back to us, we will then help them, secure in the knowledge that they not only believe in us, but will also comply and recover with our assistance.

Charles Linden









Trust is vital in any treatment model – ETHICS

trust1Who do you trust 100%?

This is such a difficult question to answer because none of us has the ability to climb into someone elses head and see the world from their perspective but there are benchmarks and traits we all perceive in others that give us vital indicators as to whether to believe in the people we meet.

In any therapeutic process, it is vital that the people involved are open and honest, that they are respectful and clear about their intentions, abilities and reassurances.

There are so many people out there in the world who are protected by their accreditations, qualifications and positions who also abuse those things, become obsessed with their own sense of self-importance and forget that the focus of any practitioner SHOULD be on the patient, the patient’s wellbeing and the patient’s future.

Do you trust people just because you SHOULD or because you have been told to… is the trust based on social conditioning or trust based on FACT?

So many people are in it for the money. Yes, they have to earn a living but they should KNOW that what they do produces results, that those results are measurable, that patients are happy and satisfied at the end of the process and that all of the positive outcomes are publicised and visible for the world to see. How many comments and testimonials do you see on Drs, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherspist websites?

You see, we live in a very ‘data rich’ world now. People are very happy to publicise their private lives online and off. Most people ‘self’ promote’ happily, with vigour, but still you see very little evidence from patients and practitioners that what they have experienced has cured them… I reserve comment on why that might be.

Meanwhile, increasingly, some practitioners have become very open, public and vocal about how they see other practitioners, practices and techniques. Just this morning I was on Twitter and saw tweets from a very respected Dr of psychology calling other practitioners/practices ‘quacks’ and writing very damaging, scathing and even, potentially litigious, comments about other people, just because what they do is disagreeable to him… because it’s better than he provides or because it’s worse??? Would YOU trust this man?


We don’t always get it right… as humans we have a responsibility to do and be the best we can be… we do sometimes get it wrong… but ethical behaviour is vital and means that trust is far easier to generate. If you get it wrong, say so and apologise (if appropriate) but never state untruths or carry on regardless when you know, or suspect that, what you are doing is wrong.

The proof all pudding is in the eating… in the same way as people say ‘there is no smoke without fire’, there is also very often a case that massive independent support for a person, organisation or offering is there because it provides people with what they need despite what others might think or say.

We, as an organisation, have a policy of open, clear values. We invite debate. We love what we do and we do it with the very best intentions.

Charles Linden

Director. LTEC



Recovery – what does it mean?

Every day we receive Tweets, Facebook messages, emails and calls from people asking why we talk about ‘recovery’ when they have been told that anxiety recovery is impossible.

The other point raised constantly is why we state that ‘sufferers don’t need support, they need curative support’… and there really is a massive chasm between the two.

What does recovery mean to you?

It’s amazing the ‘spin’ put on diagnosis, treatment and the language used around perceived mental illness and especially high anxiety conditions.

There is some very clear responsibility to me to explain the truth behind these statements so that these misunderstandings can be overcome quickly and our patients and indeed, all sufferers can find the solution they need and move on with their lives.

Here is my explanation in simple bulleted points:

With reference to support versus curative support…

  • Forums, charities, support groups etc. all provide support, but support of what? Do they provide curative structure? No, they provide forums in which sufferers can discuss and describe their symptoms, experiences and thoughts. They provide support of the perpetuation of high anxiety.
  • These environments feed back very negative data to the subconscious mind which is, in essence, waiting to ‘forget’ the anxious catalysts it is being fed within this environment – but it cannot do so in order to deactivate the fear response due to the constant feed of anxious data, talking, discussing, examining etc.
  • The fear response relies on ‘fear data’ being fed back from the senses in order to maintain its presence WHEN APPROPRIATE’ – these ‘support provisions’ provide a constant source of anxious data that feeds the anxiety response directly so the anxiety will never switch off.

With reference to using the word recovery…

  • Fear is a normal, acceptable and necessary emotion – it helps to keep us ‘safe’ – You cannot CURE fear – a)it’s a genetically pre-programmed emotion and b) why would you want to?
  • Anxiety is the inappropriate manifestation of the emotion of fear – It is an unacceptable condition of the emotions
  • Anxiety is not an illness – Anxiety is an emotional state caused by an anxious ‘what if’ feedback loop that can only be deactivated in one way – Human biology dictates that process
  • Recovery from anxiety is more than possible providing the correct process is followed
  • Talking therapy, support groups, psychotherapy, medication etc. cannot and do not address and remove the anxiety

No one can change human biology dictated by human evolution and programmed through millennia of environmental conditioning… just because psychology uses a process doesn’t mean that the process is correct, indeed, millions, possibly even billion sod people who have suffered from high anxiety conditions will openly describe their journey and the lack of curative success they endured at the hands of medication and psychological practice.

It’s not the practitioner’s fault – it’s the fault of misplaced science and people who developed treatment methodologies, not based on fact, but on saleable practice models.

The science of talking therapies doesn’t ‘add up’, it has never conformed to neuroscience or even the findings of those people responsible for the building blocks of psychology.

The proof of any process is in the outcome of the methodology used and the outcomes of what we at the Centre achieve curatively is more than absolute evidence that we have got it right!

Charles Linden

Kate Ford – Actress in Coronation Street

Coronation Street actress, Kate Ford, contacted Charles Linden asking for assistance with overcoming her long-standing anxiety and panic attacks. Kate did The Linden Method Home Learning programme and overcame her disorder. Above, Kate has Tweeted about her success with the programme which she also spoke about in newspapers and magazines.