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Anxiety Rebalance explained by the world’s leading recovery expert, author, TV presenter, stress and anxiety consultant and developer of the world’s only accredited recovery therapy and mental health education centre.

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The World’s #1 best-selling accredited anxiety recovery method

By the world’s most sought-after anxiety recovery expert

Anxiety rebalance audio will tell you how to quickly remove the emotional disequilibrium that perpetuates anxiety suffering!

100% effective in clinical trials – Over 10,000 5 Star reviews

Since 1997 – CPD Accredited Educational Organisation

Charles Linden’s organisation, Linden Tree Education, is the world’s only accredited educational centre for mental health recovery and practitioner accreditation with home learning, corporate, residential and workshop formatted recovery.

Anxiety Rebalance is an integral part of anxiety recovery and appropriate fear responses are our focus – Recovery efficacy is 100% due to the cientific, simple, structured and supportive nature of our programmes.

The Anxiety Balance audio is available within The TLM Portal and will show you how to create immediate peace, chemical and physical equilibrium.

BEWARE – There are unscrupulous people, even ex clients, who take what they have learned from us and try to make a ‘fast buck’ masquerading as ‘anxiety experts’. Our qualified accredited team provide true recovery through an accredited mental health educationally organisation, so just be aware that these other materials can be damaging or inaccurate.


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