Anxiety Rebalance & Recovery Workshops

Over the last 20 years we have helped over 330,000 people to overcome anxiety disorders

lindatweet3-300x226Our Anxiety Recovery Workshops will teach you how to quickly remove the conditions you experience systemically, without medication and without talking therapies.

Conditions addressed:

Emetophobia (Fear of being sick)
ROCD, HOCD, POCD / obsessive thoughts
Digestive complaints e.g. IBS, indigestion…
Depression and low mood
Self-harming and eating disorders
Depersonalization and/or derealization
School phobia and childhood anxiety
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Fear of dying
M.E. & CFS
Fibromyalgia and exhaustion

Our amazing team will teach you everything you will need in order to quickly recover and we will provide you with ongoing unlimited support when you need it.

Your recovery is our primary focus.

All of our team are ex sufferers with accreditation so as anxiety recovery practitioners.

Call Jackie Anderson on +44 (0)1562 702720 or email her at for more information.