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Please read this statement about HOCD and our practice

“Whether you are straight or gay, we will address your anxiety issues ONLY… nothing else.  Homosexuality can’t be cured, nor would anyone want to. It’s a ludicrous suggestion.. one neither myself nor any of my team would ever make. If anyone would like me to, I will STAND BY THEM, SIDE BY SIDE and fight ANY moron or organisation that thinks they can convert a person’s homosexuality!!!” Charles Linden

“I love it when people, especially psychologists, publicise lies about us! Why? Because it means they feel threatened by us. When advocates of other ‘treatments’ lie about us publicly, what does that tell us? In all the  years I have been helping people and tolerated constant attacks from people like this, I have never done anything to retaliate  or sink to their level. I’ve had psychologist complain that we have cured their paying clients. I’ve had threats against my family by people within organisations that provide facilities for anxious people. Again, maybe they don’t like the thousands of testimonials and clear success of our programmes. It’s a sad world where people place their own financial security over the wellbeing of their patients and are prepared to publicly say almost anything to discredit us.” Charles


To clarify… HOCD is not a term we like, agree with or have ‘created’.

HOCD/ROCD/POCD/OCD etc. are all acronyms created by ‘urban dictionary’ in psychological practice and by sufferers and have not been created by us. We use these terms to identify the condition based on openly and commonly used terms and not because we agree or endorse their use.

According to a journalist… Prof Elizabeth Peel, chair of the BPS’s psychology of sexualities section said “The term ‘Homosexual OCD’ is simply conversion therapy under another guise and something we strongly condemn as damaging,” .

How can a commonly used name for a CONDITION be a ‘therapy’? This person clearly doesn’t understand the condition nor the definition of therapy… the statement itself makes no sense and the BPS should investigate because, honestly, not sure if this professor should be a professor.

The list of organisations that talk about HOCD on many hundreds of webpages are all practising ‘gay conversion therapy’? What utter nonsense… of course not!

HOCD is a recognised term used across mental health and anyone stating otherwise is LYING – Here are examples.

OCD UK charity website website: http://www.ocduk.org/hocd

OCD Centre Los Angeles on HOCD: http://ocdla.com/gay-ocd-hocd-test

OCD Action UK on HOCD: http://www.ocdaction.org.uk/search/node/hocd

US Institute of health on HOCD: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4347158/


  • Linden Tree Corporation, the organisation that runs Linden Tree Education and our events is a corporate member of the BACP.
  • Our staff are MBACP which means they are registered with the BACP to practice their profession in any healthcare setting.
  • Our staff are LAR practitioners having gained an NCFE Level 4 qualification to practice.
  • We are an accredited NCFE Educational Centre
  • Charles Linden is not a psychologist or doctor but he is developer of LAR, the accredited, professional therapy practised by qualified practitioners. He is also a life-coach and author and an ex anxiety disorder sufferer. Charles is degree educated in Germany and England.
  • We DO NOT practice conversion therapy or agree that homosexuality can be cured. It’s a nonsense and abhorrent to us that such a suggestion be made.
  • HOCD (fear of sexuality against your natural preference) is an anxiety disorder and nothing to do with homosexuality, or sexuality/sexual preferences.
  • Our psychologist Dr Catherine Steele is a member of the BPS and they agreed to us using the appropriate logo to state this fact.
  • We are not now and have never been investigated for our practices, in fact, we have only ever been praised for the lives we change.
  • We are currently in talks with NHS organisations about how they can use our therapy in practice, so that more people can benefit.
  • LAR is the only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy qualification.

As stated above, we treat anxiety disorders and the manifestations of those disorders. We do not practice any form of therapy outside of LAR which only addresses the emotion of fear and its inappropriate manifestations as an anxiety disorder. We do not agree with the practice referred to as Gay Conversion Therapy – We find the practice abhorrent and ridiculous.

About us

We are members of BACP and AC and NCFE with good-standing

we have been in practice since 1997 and have helped 184,000 plus people with our home-learning programme alone. Millions through our online facilities.

Our psychologist Dr Catherine Steele is a member of the BPS.

We work with Treading Standards to make sure we DO NOT state inaccuracies or contravene advertsing laws.


What a journalist might say isn’t necessarily the correct ‘take’ especially when they make reports to governing bodies and then publicly state that we have been reported… Of course we have! By YOU! That’s akin to purposely crashing a car so you can make an insurance claim!

Journalists with little intelligence can manipulate facts to fit their own agenda and turn a massive positive, like the millions of people we have helped, into a circus to feed their own egos… journalism is known for it. This becomes particularly noticeable when a journalist has a HUGE and nasty chip on their shoulder. It’s so easy to post nonsense, bolstering it with ‘someone reported this organisation’ and ‘a spokes-person stated that’, when time has allowed them the luxury to create a false truth and egotistical and selfishly send it out into the world as ‘fact’… the truth always outs however, the claims and accusations are unjustified, childish, malicious and idiotic.  But when these people are advocates of a competing organisation, what does that make them? To generate falsehoods in order to undermine us? That comes from a bad place in the human psyche.

Let us make this very clear: I was an anxiety disorder sufferer once… it nearly ruined my life… but after I recovered, I vowed to make what I did available to EVERY person who needs it… you don’t have to look very far to find people whose lives we have changed… I will never let any small-minded fool or any organisation prevent me from helping people so that they don’t need to suffer like I did… if they want me too. Charles Linden

FOR CLARITY: Homosexuality can’t be cured, it’s a normal human preset just like heterosexuality… we neither want to, nor would we attempt to cure a person’s sexual preference – We WILL, however, prevent every person, regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, nationality or any other factor, from suffering from anxiety disorders… if they want us to.

Our organisation is amazing. Our staff is amazing.

Re Gok Wan, Jodie KIdd, Lady Nornington, Kate Ford, Linda Robson and references and other celebrity clients – ALL video around Charles’ participation have been filmed by Linden Tree Education and DO NOT belong to a third-party. Photographs of Charles with Gok Wan and other celebrities were taken by Linden Tree Education or have permission to be used by the originator.

ALL photographs and videos on our websites have either been filmed by us, are freely available on YouTube, have been taken by us or have permission to be used by the originator.

HOWEVER – Photographs and grabs of Linden Tree copyright protected photographs and other materials have been used without permission in journalistic articles.


Perhaps misguided journalists might like to take a look at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/culturally-speaking/201203/assessment-and-treatment-sexual-orientation-themed-ocd

OR read these books…

Williams, M. (2008). Homosexuality Anxiety: A Misunderstood Form of OCD. In L. V. Sebeki (ed), Leading-Edge Health Education Issues, Nova Publishers.

Williams, M. T., Crozier, M., Powers, M. B. (2011). Treatment of Sexual Orientation Obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder using Exposure and Ritual Prevention. Clinical Case Studies, 10, 53-66.

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